The Crew 2 The Hobbies Feature Details


The Hobbies are now available in The Crew 2 Inner Drive. This brand-new feature allows PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC players to unlock exclusive rewards like emotes, avatar outfits or vehicles, by carrying out a range of thematic actions in-game. These actions are distributed across 3 main Hobbies: The CollectorThe Explorer, and The Racer.

Completing actions will award you Stars towards the Hobby in question, and you can see how many Stars are needed for each reward on the left-hand side of the interface.

There are two different types of actions: Weekly and Lifetime. Weekly actions are time-limited and will rotate to provide regular variety in your Star-hunting. Lifetime actions are persistent – some will take into account your life-to-date achievements, others will start tallying when the Hobbies launch on May 27 (e.g. number of km, number of events…).


You can access the Hobbies tab directly through the main menu, and also pin specific actions you wish to track in the same way as Contracts.


“Maxed vehicles, maxed followers, maxed parts… The glass can only be full to the brim.”


“Mountains or valleys, dirt tracks or pro circuits… Motornation holds no secrets.”


“First place is the only acceptable outcome.”

Focus on just one Hobby, or complete them all, and reap the rewards for doing what you love in Motornation!