TFT Legends Tier List (Updated) – November 2023

The release of Set 9.5 has introduced new challenges and opportunities, making the TFT Legends tier list an essential tool for both beginners and advanced players. This guide will delve into the latest rankings and strategies, helping you climb the ladder in TFT’s latest patch.

The TFT Legends tier list for Set 9.5, as analyzed by experts, categorizes legends into various tiers based on their abilities, strengths, and overall impact in the game. This tier list is a crucial resource for understanding the current meta and optimizing your gameplay strategy.

TFT Legends Tier List Overview

S-Tier Legends

  • Twisted Fate (The Gambler): A top choice for its unique strengths and abilities like Pandora’s Box and Latent Forge.
  • Ornn (The Forgemaster): Known for its exceptional crafting abilities.
  • Poro (The Imporoble): Stands out for its flexibility and adaptability in various compositions.

A-Tier Legends

  • Vladimir (The Hemomancer): Offers a strong transfusion rate and consistency.
  • Lee Sin (The Playmaker): Renowned for its impactful playmaking abilities.
  • Urf (The Emblem Collector): A solid choice for collecting and utilizing emblems effectively.
  • Master Yi (The Wuju Master): Known for its combat power and consistency in battles.

B-Tier Legends

These legends offer unique combat powers and abilities but are considered average compared to higher tiers.

  • Veigar (The Caster)
  • Aurelion Sol (The Ancient)
  • Caitlyn (The Peacekeeper)
  • Ezreal (The Item Collector)
  • Pengu (The Tactician)

C-Tier Legends

Generally weaker and less effective in their assigned roles.

  • Draven (The Executioner)
  • Bard (The Traveller)
  • Tahm Kench (The Glutton)

The TFT Legends Tier List for Set 9.5, Patch 13.22:

Tier Score Range Description
GOD TIER / S+ TIER 91.49 – 100.00 The absolute best legends in the game, offering unparalleled advantages.
STRONG TIER / S TIER 83.84 – 91.49 Very powerful legends with high win rates and top 4 rates.
GOOD TIER / A TIER 80.44 – 83.84 Solid choices with good overall performance and reliability.
FAIR TIER / B TIER 74.53 – 80.44 Average performers, suitable for specific strategies or compositions.
WEAK TIER / C TIER 73.41 – 74.53 Below-average legends, potentially useful in niche situations.
BAD TIER / D TIER 0.00 – 73.41 The least effective legends, generally not recommended for competitive play.

This tier list is based on a comprehensive analysis of millions of TFT games, considering factors like average placement, win rate, top 4 rate, pick rate, and gold cost. It’s a valuable resource for players looking to optimize their game strategy in TFT Set 9.5: Horizonbound.

Conclusion – November 19, 2023

To excel in TFT Set 9.5, it’s crucial to understand the current meta and choose your legends wisely. Refer back to this tier list regularly as the meta evolves, and use it to guide your team compositions and strategies.


What Makes a Legend S-Tier in TFT?

S-Tier legends possess unique strengths and abilities that make them highly effective in various compositions, offering significant advantages in gameplay.

How Often Should I Refer to the TFT Legends Tier List?

Regularly checking the tier list, especially after patches or updates, is essential to stay updated with the evolving meta.

Can B-Tier and C-Tier Legends Be Effective in Certain Situations?

While not as powerful as higher-tier legends, B-Tier and C-Tier legends can still be effective in specific compositions or strategies, especially in niche scenarios.

Is the TFT Legends Tier List Different for Beginners and Advanced Players?

The tier list is a valuable resource for all players, but advanced players might leverage it differently, focusing more on nuanced strategies and synergies.

How Does the TFT Legends Tier List Change with New Patches?

New patches can introduce balance changes, new items, or mechanics that can significantly shift the power rankings of legends, necessitating updates to the tier list.

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