Terraformers Update 1.0.66 Patch Notes – March 13, 2023

Terraformers update 1.0.66 is now rolling out on PC players. According to the official Terraformers patch notes, the latest update fixed an exploit where you could discard the moon space project to get a bonus and add it back for free and infinitely.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Terraformers patch 1.0.66 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Terraformers Patch 1.0.66 Notes – March 21, 2023

Bug Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed blurry text on the planet
  • Fixed lose stinger not triggering
  • Made gameplay message less obtrusive
  • Quality of life: when choosing a leader, the selection is no longer reset upon closing and reopening the leader selection screen
  • For long texts in the leader and event popups, a scrollbar appears instead of making the text smaller to fit the popup
  • Made the game manual accessible directly in-game
  • Fixed the Dikes and Ocean related achievements
  • Fixed a specialization exploit where you could discard the moon space project to get a bonus and add it back for free and infinitely
  • Fixed a bug with relocating city-mines which you could not discard and get stuck
  • Fixed a flew localisation related issues
  • Fixed a bug where you would get a constant reminder to do an explore action
  • Stopped the blinking the “place HQ/Found city” button until you have hired a leader
  • Fixed a bug where Pierre Barbier Building wasn’t counting it’s bonus correctly
  • Fixed a bug where the game would freeze when trying to load a corrupted save
  • Made that playing an explore action building from a far zoom would zoom in towards the planet like leader skill
  • Fixed a expectation event issue when setting environment to 0 in Custom mode
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong save would be loaded when playing on steam offline
  • Other small fixes and polish

Balance changes:

  • Lowered the difficulty of all scenarios a little bit. Except for the expectation level 15 in custom game, this one is still the same.
  • Lowered the end-game difficulty of lower difficulty scenarios a little.
  • Increased the amount of oceans you need to have nearby before ocean projects are proposed.
  • Increased Tsvetan’s specialization to give 20 support income instead of 15.
  • Increased volcano spawn rate slightly

Download free Terraformers update 1.0.66 is now available for download on PC.

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