Tera Update 1.76 Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One


Tera update 1.76 patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for players. According to the official Tera 1.76 patch notes, the latest update added a new 64-bit client and a long list for quality of life changes. Apart from this, Tera 1.76 update also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a major update was released with new features and bug fixes. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Tera 1.76 update is expected to fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


What is new in Tera update 1.76?

This update introduces the new 64-bit TERA client.

  • There’s no need for a re-installation. Simply update your client as usual.
  • Refer to our previous dev note about the update for more information.
  • TERA will no longer run on 32-bit systems (see the updated Minimum System Requirements below).
  • To ensure smooth gameplay, make sure you’ve updated the following:
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 SP Redistributable Package (x64)
    • DirectX 11 or higher
    • Most recent version of graphic driver

TERA Minimum System Requirements are now as follows.

  • Please reserve an additional 15 GB of Disk Space for updates.
Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 10 (64bit) Windows 10 (64bit)
CPU Intel i3-7100 Intel i5-7500
AMD Ryzen 3 1200 AMD Ryzen 7 1700
Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
AMD Radeon R9 280 AMD Radeon R9 380
Disk Space 80GB 80GB

Developer Comment
The 64-bit client update uses a different way of loading UI. This may cause slowness in some cases.

In the past, UI loading issues could potentially result in the game client freezing. We’ve introduced an asynchronous loading method which should improve the situation, but in some cases might cause UI elements to load after world objects and maps have already appeared.

We’ll continue to work on this issue and make improvements.


New Dungeon: Commander’s Residence (20-person Raid)

Located in Core Area (Exodor)

Party Matching: Lv 70, iLvl 450.

Cost: 300 Adventure Coins


  • Once per week (twice for Elite)
  • Only available from Friday 00:00 UTC to Sunday 23:59 UTC.
  • [Note] Only those who complete the Exodor Advance Base quests can see the NPC at the entrance.

Party Class Restrictions:

  • 2 to 5 healers allowed.
  • 1 to 5 tanks allowed.

Possible Rewards: Card Fragment – Maknakh, Instant Completion Ticket, Holy Zenobia’s Breeze Crate, Brooch Etchings II or IV, Pet Food, Evolution Core, Unstable Option Change Scroll (Weapon/Armor/Hand Armor/Foot Armor), Legacy Essence, Dark Shard Feedstock.

Note: Item drop rate adjusted is based on the number of party members.

Vanguard Request rewards:

Request Name Reward Item Amount
Clear Commander’s Residence XP 100,000,000
Gold 10,000
Vanguard Credits 100
Dragon Scale 1
Pure Refined Duranium Ore 10

Returning Dungeon: Rift’s Edge (5-person instance)

Located in Timeless Woods (Essenia)

Teleport scroll available from a Specialty Merchant.

Party Matching: Lv 68, iLv 452

Cost: 150 Adventure Coins

Entry: 40 times per week (80 for Elite)

Possible Rewards: Koleogg Token, Transcendence Accessory Upgrade Materials, Dauntless and Manaforce gear, Annihilation and Dark Light gear, Balanced/Dark Shard Feedstock, Skill Advancement Scroll, Transcendent Mask, Naslow’s Treasure Map, Left Half of an Intelligence Report, Voyage Map, Zenobia’s Breeze Crate, and Instant Completion Ticket.

Vanguard Request rewards:

Request Name Reward Item Amount
Clear Rift’s Edge XP 100,000,000
Gold 2,000
Vanguard Credits 50
Dragon Scale 1
Dark Shard Weapon Feedstock 1
Noctenium Solution 50

Rampaging RK-9 Kennel

Located in Spring Valley (Oriyn)

Party Matching: Lv 60, iLv 461.

Entry: Once per day (twice for Elite).

Possible Rewards: Rare / Superior Exodor Equipment, Magic Dark Shard Armor / Weapon Feedstock, Brooch Etchings I – II, Ruby, Legacy Essence, Right Half of an Intelligence Report, Naslow’s Treasure Map, Bosun’s Diary, Forgotten Card Fragment Random Box.

  • Forgotten Card Fragment Random Box contains Record Card Pieces from Thaumetal Refinery /Dark Reach Citadel /Demokron Factory.

Developer Comment
Rampaging RK-9 Kennel is a hard-core dungeon for skilled players. The basic settings are the same as RK-9 Kennel (Hard), but more intense. It is a time-limited dungeon, so please come and enjoy!

Training Dungeon: Akalath Quarantine

Enter via Training Ground Master Whurloc in Highwatch

As with existing training dungeons, training consumables can be purchased inside which last for a single entry. Players can also resurrect at the dungeon entrance if they die inside.

Available Achievements:

  • Curseproof
  • Claw and Order
  • Akalath Quarantine Expert
    Rewards: Earning the ‘Akalath Quarantine Expert’ achievement will award Dark Shard weapons, Dark Shard armor, feedstock, and a character title.

Training Dungeon: Gossamer Vault (Hard)

Enter via Training Ground Master Whurloc in Highwatch

As with existing training dungeons, training consumables can be purchased inside which last for a single entry. Players can also resurrect at the dungeon entrance if they die inside.

Available Achievements:

  • Gimme Some Honey!
  • The Sluggish Queen
  • Gossamer Vault (Hard) Expert

Other Dungeon Changes

Training Dungeon: Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard)

  • Emergency Escape and Resurrection now available at the dungeon entrance.

Velik’s Sanctuary (Ghillieglade)

  • Prime Battle Solutions no longer drop.

Class Balance


  • Increased Invincibility and Resist duration from 1 sec to 1.3 sec when Titanic Shout is triggered.


  • Rampage
    • Now triggered with MP instead of Rage with an applied cooldown.
    • Each successful hit now generates Rage (up to 500).
  • Haymaker: Resonance
    • Now increases damage by 2% for 10 seconds when successfully hitting an enemy.
  • Haymaker: Weak Spot Thrust
    • Additional effect: Decrease Flying Kick cooldown by 0.5 sec.
  • Taunt
    • Cooldown decreased by 25%.


  • Increased the max power level for Skyfall, Double Cut, One Thousand Cuts, and Chakra Thrust.
  • Chakra Thrust
    • Physical Factor slightly decreased.
    • Magic Factor increased.
  • Glyph – Empowered Smoke Bomb
    • Added evasion for party members.
    • Changed smoke visual effects.
    • Now increases party skill damage by 5% instead of self skill damage by 10%.
  • Impact Bomb
    • Sleep Bomb has been replaced with Corrosion Bomb.
      • Increases damage dealt to the target by 0.1% for 15 seconds after a successful hit (up to 10 stacks).

PvP Battlegrounds

Entry level requirements raised from 65 to 70 for Corsairs’ Stronghold, Champions’ Skyring, Gridiron, and Shore Hold.

Partner Adventure System

Fellowship Bonus

  • Adventure bonuses are now increased based on a partner’s Fellowship level


  • Added two locations:
    • Island of Dawn [Gather]
    • World Tree [Adventure]
  • 70% Stamina will now be consumed when an adventure begins regardless of partner level.
    • World Tree [Adventure] and Island of Dawn [Gather] will only consume 30%.
  • Partners now speak unique lines when completing an adventure.


  • The rewards of all locations have been adjusted. Mouse over each location’s image to check its available rewards.
  • Record Card Piece Random Box (Common) can be earned by completing Hard level locations (Adventure).
  • Record Card Piece Random Box (Uncommon) can be earned by completing Max level locations (Saga).

System Message

  • The message “Not Enough Instant Completion Tickets” is displayed when clicking on the ‘Complete Now’ button without any tickets to spend.


Rare ‘Relic’ and ‘Halidom’ Tokens Added

  • Elinu’s Relic I Token
  • Elinu’s Relic II Token
  • Tithus’s Relic I Token
  • Tithus’s Relic II Token
  • Karas’s Halidom I Token
  • Karas’s Halidom II Token
  • Dagon’s Halidom I Token
  • Dagon’s Halidom II Token

These tokens drop in many instances where items would usually drop. Use them to exchange for items you need. Tokens can be stored in your personal bank but can’t be traded or stored in guild banks.

Improved Item Acquire Animations

  • Different animations will trigger based on an item’s grade. Light pillars will appear in the same color as the drop animations, and item icons will display above a player’s head.

Zenobia’s Breeze

  • Zenobia’s Breeze no longer drops in dungeons. It has been replaced by Holy Zenobia’s Breeze, which opens a different shop with enhanced contents, but has a lower drop rate.
  • Holy Zenobia’s Breeze can be traded for the following items:
    • Enhanced Zuras’ Enchantment scroll (Weapon / Armor)
      • 100% chance to enchant select items to +15
    • Lenarive’s Rare Card Collection Crate (I and II)
      • Contains special Card Fragments
    • Karas’s & Dagon’s Halidom Crate
    • Elinu’s & Tithus’s Relic Crate
    • Amarun’s Relic Box
    • Ishara’s Halidom Box

Mystery Merchants

  • Mystery Merchants in Velika, Allemantheia, Kaiator, and Highwatch have new items:
Added Items Removed Items
Elinu’s / Tithus’s Relic I, II Scavenged Supplies
Karas’s / Dagon’s Halidom I, II Devil’s Claws
Superior Etching Box Dragon Skull
Blightoath Medalliont
Marine Ring Resizing Stone
Blazing Necklace Resizing Stone
Emergency Supplies: Haste Coin IV (10 Hours)
Emergency Supplies: Adventure Coin (800)
  • Emergency Supplies are time-limited items that expire 2 hours after obtaining them.
  • The contents of a Merchant’s Mystery Box have changed:
Added Items Removed Items
Duranium Essence Crystal Golden / Silver Talent
Duranium Shard Fragment Golden / Silver Siglo
Luminous Mana Essence Refined Lepidoptera Crystal Dust / Crystal Powder
Blightoath Weapon/Armor/Hand Armor/Foot Armor Chest Purified Ring/Ornament Fragment
Option Change Scroll [Weapon/Armor/Hand Armor/Foot Armor] Azart Force Sign
Azart Token
Exodor Superior Belt/Mask Box

Mystery Merchant Serghetto

  • Serghetto now appears twice as often.
  • Changes to shop items
Type Item Name
Removed Serghetto’s Gear Protector (30%)
Serghetto’s Safeguard (30%)
Added Greedhead’s Option Change Scroll [Ring], [Necklace]
Elinu’s Relic/Tithus’s Relic II – III
Karas’s Halidom/Dagon’s Halidom II – III
Voyage Map [Sea of Honor] [Difficulty 1 – 4]
Zenobia’s Breeze Crate


  • The following quests have changed, and all progress has been reset. You may re-claim any quest items.
  • For Anya’s Sake
  • Dementalith
  • Discredit Where Credit Is Due
  • The third stage of the Three Towers questline will now grant a Pathfinder Post Teleport Scroll.
  • The following quest items will now properly vanish when the quests are complete:
Quest Name Item Name
[Apex] Velika Banquet Velika Banquet Coin
[Apex] Impending Doom Operation: Velika Invasion
[Story] War Veteran Tamur’s Letter
  • Improvements to quest guides:
    • Added a new guide message to the final stage of Exodor Advance Base: “Talk to an NPC in Highwatch to go to the Reliquary Station.”
    • Added new guide text for the jar’s location in Velik’s Dream
    • Added direction arrows to ‘Inside Cyasma Spire’ dungeon.
    • ‘Azart Disguise Kit’ can no longer be destroyed during Verrak Fortress quest.
    • Fixed Murderwing and Mournwing aggro during The Crash quest in Essenia.

Client UI

Matching System

  • Added matching status indicators to the bottom the Dungeon Matching UI.
  • Matching for other dungeons can now be requested while waiting in the queue.
  • Single dungeons can now be selected and cancelled while in the queue.
  • Queued parties are now displayed in the Matching Lobby. Other players can request to join them.
  • Free Matching can be now be requested for certain dungeons without specifying a role (Tank/DPS/Healer).
  • Matching status indicators added at the bottom of each battlefield in the Battlefield Matching UI.
  • Multiple battlefields can now be selected at a time for matching requests.
  • Matching for other battlefields can now be requested while waiting in the queue.
  • Single battlefields can now be selected and cancelled while in the queue.
  • At the time that boss monsters’ rage is triggered, it will be visually displayed.
  • Added “Next Rage HP” next to the normal HP gauge. Only appears for boss monsters.
  • Changed mouse-over text for Partner Adventure UI Pop-Up Guide.
  • EP Settings
    • EP Page selection added, displayed at the bottom of the EP menu.
    • One page available by default.
    • Can be expanded to 5 pages in total.
    • Adding additional pages requires 50,000 Gold.
    • The ‘current page’ number will be displayed in yellow, and newly expanded page numbers are displayed in blue.
  • Random Option Change
    • Equipment UI will now show the maximum number of options when changing options.
    • Clicking on the ‘Change’ button will now instantly change options.
  • Skill Advancement
    • Additional cost options are now included when increasing Skill Advancement level.
    • New Skill Advancement items are now obtainable through event rewards:
Item Name Effect
Skill Advancement Book Consume scrolls and points to increase Skill Advancement Level.
Complete Skill Advancement Book Consume only points to increase Skill Advancement Level.

Guild vs. Guild (GvG)

The weekly limit for GvG battle declarations has been increased to ten. When this limit is exceeded, a penalty will be deducted from Guild funds (Guild funds used for battles will not be compensated)

The number of weekly GvG battle declarations is reset every Thursday at 0900 UTC.

Option Reset System

  • Items added with the ability to change equipment and accessory options:
Item Name Effect
Unstable Option Change Scroll All equipment options will be randomized. (The number of options may increase/decrease.)
Option Change Scroll All equipment options will be randomized. (The number of options stays the same.)
Greedhead’s Option Change Scroll All equipment options will be randomized. Using Option Retention Materials will allow you to keep the options you want unchanged.
Option Boost Scroll One random option will be added. The existing options stay the same.
Kalligar’s Essence: Ring Material required for retaining item options when using Greedhead’s Option Change Scroll. Can obtain from dismantling Warlord’s Bracing Ring/Warlord’s Fearsome Ring.
Kalligar’s Essence: Necklace Material required for retaining item options when using Greedhead’s Option Change Scroll. Can obtain from dismantling Warlord’s Bracing Necklace/Warlord’s Fearsome Necklace.
  • Equipment and accessory options are now categorized into four grades with corresponding colors.
  • Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls are no longer usable.
    • They have been removed from the Entropic Emblem Store.
    • Existing Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls can be dismantled.

Misc Item Changes

  • Draconis Missive and Draconis Ferris Fragments can now be stored in the bank.
  • Eternal Gear Token has been removed from the following Vanguard Request rewards and stores:
Dungeons NPC Shop Store
Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard) Free Exodor Reputation Shop
Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard) Exodor Justicar Reputation Shop
Gossamer Vault (Hard)
Akalath Quarantine
Bahaar’s Sanctum
Forbidden Arena
Corrupted Skynest
Corrupted Skynest (Hard)
  • Added Exodor Gear Refining Cubes to the Vanguard Initiative Credit merchant.
    • Combine a cube and 5 items of the same slot and type (Annihilation, Dark Light, Kaia’s Fury, Kaia’s Wisdom) to create an [Option Change Scroll].
    • Weapon Cube: 500 credits
    • Armor Cubes (body/Hand/Foot: 300 credits
  • Replaced Level 60 Scroll in TERA Store with Level 65 Scroll.

Guardian Legion Missions

  • Guardian Legion Mission points have changed and are now awarded based on roles. Rewards can be claimed up to 40 times.
  • One Guardian Legion Jewel Box has been added to Vanguard Requests for the following dungeons. (Can receive once a day for each request)
Corrupted Skynest (Hard) Draakon Arena (Hard) Corrupted Skynest
Forbidden Arena Bahaar’s Sanctum Akalath Quaratine
Draakon Arena Gossamer Vault (Hard) Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard)
Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard) RK-9 Kennel Red Refuge
Rift’s Edge Commander’s Residence Velik’s Hold
Velik’s Sanctuary Macellarius Catacombs

Developer Comment
We designed the Guardian Legion Mission to be easier and more efficient than a lot of other high-level content, but a limit is needed for players that use multiple characters.

The point acquisition ratio for each class will be adjusted over time, and we plan to add other ways to earn gold.


  • Removed Commodities Manager ‘Mistyn’ in Allemantheia shopping district.
  • Added Bank Manager ‘Jangtsu’ and Trade Broker ‘Ashene’
  • Removed the glitter effect from achievement title [Came to end this war].
  • Reaper Binding Scythes chain effect is now translucent.
  • Added dungeon entrance marker for ‘Azart Invasion Area’ in Core Area
  • Teleporting to “Commander’s Residence” via Vanguard Requests will now bring players to the Core Area.
  • Buff guide messages added to solo and group dungeons, displayed for any player that hasn’t used a battle solution.
  • Monsters in Rogash’s Garden now deal less damage.
  • Draakon Arena Teleportal marker will now display on the world map and minimap.

Download Tera version 1.62 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.