Tennis World Tour 2 Trophies List for PS5 [Platinum]

Tennis World Tour 2 PS5 trophies details are now available. There is a total of 31 trophies with 1320 points. Read more details below.

List of All Tennis World Tour 2 Trophies for PS4


Two-er Leader – Collect all trophies.


Five Stars at Freddys – Win all the 5 star tournaments in a single year in career.

Eurover the moon – Earn a total of 50,000 coins in Career mode.

I am the greatest – Become world no.1 in career.

Circumnavigator – Travel 40,075 km or 24,901 miles in career.

Maxed out – Reach the highest overall skill value for your player in career.

Tournamentor – Win a custom tournament on the hardest difficulty.

[Bronze and Silver]

Complete a match.

Let’s see that again
Use the replay system.

Nice fit
Purchase your first equipment item.

Big shot
Hit 15 winners in a set.

Skills pay the bills
Open your first booster skill card pack.

Complete 5 objectives.

Double the fun
Complete a doubles match.

You’re gonna be a star!
Create a new player and use them in career.

Use the force
Have your opponent hit more than 20 unforced errors in a match.

Net Benefit
Don’t hit a serve into the net for an entire match.

Dialling Up The Wins
Win an online match.

Red Carded!
Activate a skill card mid-rally and win the point.

Court Jester
Win a match on each court surface type.

This isn’t volleyball?
Win 25 points from volleys in a single match.

Win an exhibition match in career.

All set
Win a 5 set match.

She has a point
Win 200 points playing as a Female player.

Racket Man
Successfully defend 25 break points as a Male player.

Star Gazer
Win a 5 star tournament in career.

Become the dealer
Have a collection of over 100 skill cards.

This is mine?
Purchase all equipment.

Almost there
Break into the top 100 rankings in career mode.

School is out
Reach 100% progress in the Tennis School.

Get promoted in online seasons.

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