Tap Wizard 2 Update 2.3.12 Patch Notes – December 25, 2021

    Tap Wizard 2 update 2.3.12 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Tap Wizard 2 patch notes, the latest update added various gameplay changes and bug fixes.

    Previously, a big update added various quality of life fixes and improvements.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues. Today’s Tap Wizard 2 patch 2.3.12 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

    Tap Wizard 2 Patch Notes (December 25, 2021)


    -Bloated Butchers don’t shoot fireballs during the early stages of a run anymore!

    -Having Elemental Inversion will alter the Text of relevant Perks

    -Runeddicted can now also be obtained by having 50 or more Staged Runes

    -Added some support for playing on Steam and switching between two computers


    -Fixed bug with gluttons and Status Fiend and Elemental Neutrality

    -Fixed bug where going from 2 to 1 of the same Trait would sometimes cause it to stop functioning

    -Fixed Magic Die typo

    -Fixed crash if you attempted to pair on steam before mobile

    -Fixed issue where the game would not auto cloud-save upon the first time launching the game

    -Fixed critical bug related to buttons

    -Fixed bugs with some Limbo items

    -Fixed bug with Slow and Steady crashing the game

    -Fixed a rare bug where awakening could crash the game

    -Updated backend SDKs

    Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson
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