Tale of Immortal Update 0.8.4036 Patch Notes (2 new Secret Groups)

Tale of Immortal update (December 31, 2021) is now available for PC(Steam) players. According to the official Tale of Immortal patch notes, the latest update added 2 new Secret Groups to the game.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

Today’s Tale of Immortal patch 0.8.4036 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

What is new in Tale of Immortal patch notes (Dec 31st, 2021)?

Added 2 new Secret Groups ( Hall of Realization and Mindsnap Temple).

Secret Groups lurk in the dark places of the World and hold some unknown secrets.

  • There is a chance to get clues about the Secret Group in the regular Dungeon of YunMo
  • Taoist Mind Pavilion has Holy Taoist Mind (special Rewrite Destiny-Supernova Sword). Mindsnap Temple has Harmony Taoist Mind (special Rewrite Destiny-Crab King Spirit).
  1. Added some of the face components of the character drawings.
  2. fixed when you have a dragon man, in some cases after death may appear stuck problem.
  3. Optimized the special effect performance of the dragon man transformation.
  4. Fixed the problem that when the sect does not have a Rewrite Destiny, the cultivation in the Cultivation Chamber may get stuck.
  5. Fixed the problem that when the marked NPC is a trace of the elemental soul, it may not be shown in the marking interface.
  6. Fixed the problem that when the marked NPC is Last Breath, it may not be displayed in the marking interface.
  7. Added new Taoist Titles ( ‘Elixir’ series, ‘Forge’ series).
  8. Optimized the display of the acquisition route in the interface of acquiring the Taoist Title.
  9. Fixed the problem that the recruitment button might appear in the information interface of NPCs when there is no recruitment authority (when the display is wrong, clicking the button will not take effect either).
  10. Fixed the problem that the skill of the Artifact Spirit Cangya (stacking shield when dealing certain damage) could not take effect correctly.
  11. Fixed the problem that when the skill of the Artifact Spirit Jiang Lingge (Art of Defense) was activated, the strength bar of the Artifact it belonged to would be displayed as full.
  12. Optimized the BUFF icon display of the effect of Rewrite Destiny(Borderless).
  13. Optimized the display of the alchemy interface.

Download free Tale of Immortal update on PC.

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