Tale of Immortal Update 0.8.4025 Patch Notes – November 30, 2021

    Tale of Immortal update (Nov 30, 2021) is now available for PC(Steam) players. According to the official Tale of Immortal patch notes, the latest update brings improvements, fixes,a and tweaks.

    Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

    Today’s Tale of Immortal patch will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Tale of Immortal patch notes (Nov 30, 2021)

    1. Added a part of the English text (the translated text is the first version of the translation, and will be adjusted and corrected in future updates to make it more uniform and relevant to express the original meaning).

    Up to version 0.8.4025, 80% of Sect·Heaven Chosen(updated on October 22, 2021) text translation has been added to the game. The text of the content generated by this new version(0.8.4025) is still being translated.

    1. Added a new special sect Dragon Mountain Hamlet (need to create a new file and select the Destiny(Nature) Elder Dragon Aura to generate it).
    2. Added a new Taoist Title function.
    3. Added the dynamic effect of Jingwei.
    4. Prop drops in Chaos mode have been changed to double drops.
    5. Up to 9 Destiny options can appear when breaking through in Chaos mode.
    6. Improved the contribution rewards of sect missions.
    7. Fixed the problem that the probability of certain quests in the Mission Hall would become significantly lower when the player became the sect leader.
    8. Optimized the problem that some of the sect missions were refreshed at locations too far away from the sect.
    9. Adjusted the output of some sect adventures missions.
    10. Fixed the problem that in some cases, the game will be stuck in the archive upgrade interface.
    11. Fixed the problem that the game may occasionally lag when using Lightning Manual.
    12. Fixed the problem that the branch of your own sect would support the enemy sect when launching a sect war under certain circumstances.
    13. Fixed the problem that the results of the battle between the participating NPCs and true disciples were incorrect during the Promotion Duel (Disciple).
    14. Fixed the problem that the logs of sect war might be recorded in the enemy sect.
    15. Fixed the problem that after a sect’s branch was destroyed, its headquarters might still transfer personnel to that branch.
    16. Fixed the problem that magic treasures obtained by Destiny(Nature) (Forging Apprentice) did not fuse with the Artifact Spirit.
    17. Fixed the problem that when multiple Energy Pond is stacked in the same place in a battle, the disappearance of one of the Energy Pond may cause the effects of the others to disappear as well.
    18. Fixed the problem that losing a sparring match may trigger the Artifact Spirit dialogue.
    19. Fixed the problem that when rescuing NPCs in certain Dungeon, you can repeatedly give elixirs to get Righteous Points.
    20. Fixed the problem that relocating the sect would cause the game to get stuck under certain circumstances.
    21. Fixed the problem that the sect recommendation letter had no effect when entering the Sect Duel.
    22. Fixed the problem of incorrect display of the resource selection screen when relocating sects under certain circumstances.
    23. Fixed the problem that the first time you enter the Manual Library and the treasure Pavilion after triggering the dialogue of the Junior, the player does not get the reward.
    24. Optimized the text of the monthly refreshing when unable to participate in the sect competition.
    25. Fixed the problem that when the sect competition was launched, choosing to refuse to participate may still lead to the competition.
    26. Fixed the problem that the reward screen would be blocked by the plot dialogue when the items were produced in the plot.
    27. Optimized the special effects of Rewrite Destiny (Water Burst).
    28. Optimized the guidance plot of the Sect beast’s Spirit Transformation function.
    29. Optimized the text of some sect logs.

    Download free Tale of Immortal update on PC.

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