Tainted Grail Update 1.2b Patch Notes – October 29, 2021

    Tainted Grail update 1.2b (Oct 29, 2021) released for PC (Steam) players. According to the official Tainted Grail patch notes, the latest update resolves various issues with the game.

    Previously, a major update added various quality of life improvements and fixes.

    Unfortunately, since the last major update players are facing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Tainted Grail patch 1.2b will address a few of these errors.

    Tainted Grail 1.2b Patch Notes – October 29, 2021

    • Fixed buggy “Continue” button on Runestones Loot screen while using Gamepad
    • Switching save slots will no longer reset unlocked characters and a few other things
    • Necromancer should be able to get Wyrdness Breach card after using Ultimate in the first turn.
    • Fixed Red Death cards behavior when playing Necromancer and activating Red Death in Lich Form
    • Maneuver cards with Exile keyword should properly go to Grave after the first Exile.
    Cards and Passives:
    • Desperate Measures (Children of Morrigan’s card) should properly give Armor.
    • Explosive Force (Wyrdhunter’s mastery) heals the correct amount of HP.
    • Corpse Shield (Berserker’s passive) should always give Armor.
    • Rapid Growth (Summoner’s passive) correctly grants 2 Activations.
    • Mercy (Blood Mage’s passive) should give Energy bonus in the correct turn after an automatic overcharge.
    • Path of Death (Blood Mage’s mastery) shouldn’t trigger another Path of Death into an infinite loop.
    • Need for Abomination/Fae/Golem/Wyrm (Necromancer’s cards) will no longer summon Summoner’s version of summons instead of Necromancer’s
    • Future Shot (Watchers of Tuathan’s card) now works correctly when used with Multishot
    • Concussion (Zealot’s passive) should work even if the threshold is overflowing.
    • All runestones should display the correct rarity name.
    • Red Death and Scab descriptions tweaked.
    • Tier 2 Enemies renamed to new distinct names: Bounty Hunter to Head Hunter, and Mind-Bender to Spirit-Bender.
    • Many minor localization fixes and consistency tweaks.
    • Bounty Hunter (Tier 1 Enemy) has a distinct new model and icon again.
    • Sick Man (Tier 1 Enemy) interactions with Lich tweaked.
    • Sick Man (Tier 1 Enemy) minor tweaks to ease the higher difficulties:
    • 1. Difficulty doesn’t change the amount of Red Death cards given per Hit received.
    • 2. On higher difficulties gives additional 1-2 Scab cards per Hit received.
    • 3. Scab cost changed from 0 to 1 Energy.
    • Suffering Lady (Tier 2 Enemy) shouldn’t hide the ghost before attack is performed.

    Download free Tainted Grail update 1.2b for PC (Steam).

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