Swords of Legends Online Update 1.0.10 Patch Notes – Sep 16, 2021

Swords of Legends Online update 1.0.10 (Sep 16, 2021) is now rolling out for PC players. According to the official Swords of Legends patch notes, the latest update added the Hard Mode of the Xuanjiu Jade Palace Raid.

Previously, a big update was released with new features and bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Swords of Legends Online patch 1.0.8 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Swords of Legends Patch Notes (Sep 16, 2021)

Xuanjiu Jade Palace – Hard

The entrance to the hard version remains the same as the existing one – deep within the Zhongnan Foothills, below the Nine Dragon Waterfall. You’re again required to gather between 10 and 20 players in your raid to face this new challenge.


  • Unlocks Thursday (September 16th) at 12:00 server time
  • Can receive loot once per boss per week, resets Thursdays at 06:00 server time
  • Recommended Item Level: 75
  • Drops: Level 90 Gear, PvE Sealstones III, Weapon & Bracer Talisman II Recipes, etc
  • Matchmaking: you can only enter the dungeon manually; no automatic matchmaking is available.
3 More Extreme Dungeons

We’ve released the first couple of Dungeons with the Extreme difficulty in early September and will release the remaining 3 with this patch on September 16th!

The general setup will remain the same (Heroic War Souls for buffs, Hero Tokens for Loot), with a few small tweaks to highlight. Get ready to face these known enemies with their new mechanics!

Affected Dungeons

The following three dungeons are now available in extreme difficulty:

  • Frostbitten Patch (Weichuan Highlands)
  • Chou Prison (District of Jiangdu)
  • Raging River Ruins (Shanghuai Grasslands)
Settings & Limitations
  • Dungeons open starting Sunday, September 19th at 12:00 (server time)
  • Your maximum Gearscore in this dungeon will be limited to item level 75
  • One weekly drop per boss (same as hard mode dungeons)
  • The weekly reset for extreme dungeons is on Sundays at 06:00 (server time)
Weekly Limits
  • Soulforce Chests: increased to 8 per week
Talisman II
  • Talisman II for Belts, Headgear and Shoes have been added to the merchants of the Qin League, Blood Ruvia and Envoy of the Turquoise Lantern.
Book of Mysteries
  • Added “PvE Sealstone III” to be purchased for 2 “Mysterious Parchments 75”
  • When receiving “Mysterious Parchment (Current)” while the pet level is 75, you will now get 8 “Mysterious Parchments 75” instead of 6 of them.
  • For the version rewards, the third tier “Advanced Goal” has been unlocked and can now be achieved. New goals were added for this.
Weekly Quests
  • The boss for the quest “Training against demons” will now reward you with more Soulforce Chests (3 instead of 2).
Further Improvements
  • To facilitate the usage of the guild list in our version, it’s now possible to alphabetically sort by name in the alliance member list.
  • The “Status/Position” field has been improved to allow for more letters to be displayed, making it easier to identify the zone a member is in.
  • As a first step to try and adjust both performance and balancing in the Faction zone, we’re changing the limit of simultaneously allowed players per faction in a channel from 150 to 100.
Fall Event

The Fall event will take place between September 16th and October 7th. Details about the activities as well as the potential rewards will be revealed through separate news.

Pet Level

The Pet level 90 will be unlocked next week on September 23rd, for players that reached an understanding of 1000 of the pet level 75.

To gain understanding, you need to consume (buy items with) “Mysterious Parchment 75”. Once you’ve reached level 90, you’ll be able to get “Mysterious Parchment 90” from sources delivery “Mysterious Parchment (current)”.

  • Fixed an issue where the summoned companion Wu Mang’s healing specialization didn’t perform as it should when assisting in battles.
  • Ongoing improvements to localization.
  • Removed Mastery Selection from Loot Gemstones as it had no effect.
  • Autopilot for Chang’An Battle Arena leads to the correct location again.
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