Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff Update Patch Notes – July 23, 2021


Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff update (July 23, 2021) is now rolling out for PC players. According to the official Swords n Magic and Stuff patch notes, the latest Farm ‘n Forge update added brings a whole new area and a host of other new features like mounts and destructible loot.

Previously, a big update was released with new features and bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff patch will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Swords n Magic and Stuff Patch Notes (July 23, 2021)

What’s New?
The Farmlands

The Farmlands is an entirely new zone that is over twice the size of Azura Island. This place is chock full of new quests, new enemies, and a whole lot of secrets! Ride your mount around the rolling farm fields, go shopping at Moonberry Farms, or take a stroll through the bustling streets of Sleepy Haven


Carve powerful bows, forge deadly swords, and sew the coolest outfits with the all new crafting system! Blacksmithing, carpentry, and tailoring are all brand new for this update!


Head to one of the many community gardens throughout Tirawyn and start growing your own crops! This update adds a huge variety of seeds to grow to use in cooking and crafting alike! Make sure you get yourself a watering can so you can keep your crops quenched.


Take all those new crops you’ve been growing, and all those resources you’ve been gathering and cook up something tasty! Tons of new foods have been added with this update with all kinds of buffs. Eat heartily and drink deeply to become the best adventurer!

So much more…

Before we get to these monster patch notes, I have some bad news. Two days before the update we realized we had to reroll our skill system to account for all the new crafting and farming going on in the game. We needed something more robust. Due to an odd issue in transferring skills to the new system we discovered that skills were only being transferred in our editor builds, but not in shipped builds.

When we finally discovered the issue it was too late to fix without delaying the update and rolling the entire skill system back, which could have taken a few days minimum to find another solution.

What does this mean? It means that skills have been reset to 0.

I want to personally apologize for this. I know you all worked very hard for those skills and we already clamped them once on you. We do everything we can to save your progress between updates and the entire dev team has been working nonstop on the issue all night long trying everything we could to salvage the skills.

On the bright side, you’ll want to start fresh anyway back on Castaway Rock so you can pick up all your new crafting skills and learn a few recipes from the castaways there.

Once you’ve got the hang of crafting, head to the docks in Hope Harbor to help fix the ferry and journey over to the mainland where you’ll discover the Farmlands! Don’t forget to check out changes on Azura though! We’ve snuck some additional quests into Ramshackle as well as a few new baddies to bump into along the way.

Thank you for all your support as we update the game. We love Swords ‘n Magic and want to grow it into a memorable experience for everyone. Please leave your feedback on the Discord and share your videos and streams so we can watch our hard work be enjoyed.

Stay safe out there in Tirawyn! (And don’t forget to keep yourselves fed!)

Patch Notes:

  • The Farmlands zone, the town of Sleepy Haven, and a section of the Windless Woods; along with a new map.
  • Broken ferry added to the docks in Hope Harbor. It needs to be repaired by the player in order to reach the Farmlands.
  • Mounts added back into the game, which can be managed at various stables in the world.
  • 500+ new items added. This includes: crafting materials, cooking ingredients, farming seeds, new weapons, new hats, clothing items, potions, and much more!
  • Crafting – tailoring, carpentry, and blacksmithing. Use resources at one of the many designated crafting stations in the world to craft dozens of different recipes, along with new skills for each.
  • Cooking – the ability to cook various recipes at a cooking station or campfire, that increase a new cooking skill.
  • Farming – plantable seeds added to Tirawyn which players can plant, water, and harvest (either in a planter or at one of the community gardens spread throughout Azura, the Farmlands, and Sleepy Haven) to increase a new farming skill.
  • Ores can now be smelted into ingots at a smelter.
  • The ability to learn recipes.
  • Players can now equip different clothing outfits that can be acquired through shops, crafting, and quest rewards.
  • Tons of new quests to experience in the Farmlands, as well as 4 new quests in Ramshackle Reef.
  • Plenty of new NPCs in the world.
  • Several new enemies added.
  • Passive farm animals: chickens that lay eggs and sheep that can be sheared.
  • Buffs added to potions and food that give the player different stats.
  • New potions (with new effects) added.
  • (Most) NPCs now move around to make the world feel more alive. Certain NPCs also have facial expressions based on player dialog choices.
  • Renting a room at an inn now allows players to sleep in a bed to restore health, and set their spawn location.
  • Stone Golem mini boss.
  • Grid system for loading and unloading actors in the world to improve performance.
  • A clothing tab in the collections to store all your outfits.
  • Breakable pots and crates added to the world that drop various goodies.
  • Additional bank slots can now be purchased.
  • 4 New Music Tracks.
  • Shops added in Ramshackle Reef.
  • Bandits can now be found on Azura Island.
  • New tutorial NPC to teach players about crafting.
  • Time based events.
  • Kickstarter Tailor Tier rewards.
  • Blocked off areas outside of the available Farmlands/Windless Woods area to prevent players from exploring unfinished areas.
  • Time of day is now displayed on the HUD.
  • Level tracker displayed HUD.
  • New XP system and curves.
  • Cobalt chests.
  • NPCs belonging to factions can now temporarily increase or decrease a player’s standing with that faction as a result of short-term actions. (Don’t upset the town guard!)
  • Humanoid NPCs are now capable of combat.
  • A dynamic NPC dialog camera.
  • Northern lights can be seen behind the mountains of the Northest North.
  • Brand new mountain models added to the Mainland.
  • Secrets. Shh.
  • And much more…


  • Griffon egg’s model.
  • Griffon nest’s appearance.
  • HUD display updated.
  • Camera tweaks.
  • Ore nodes’ appearance changed to match the resource you will get from breaking it.
  • Bestiary has been temporarily disabled as it gets a makeover.
  • Drop rates changed.
  • Various quest improvements.
  • Improvements to the buff bar above the health on the HUD, along with new icons.
  • Changes to Castaway Rock NPCs.
  • Resources can now be picked up with a single button press.
  • Various Azura NPCs now give you crafting recipes or outfits as you complete their quests.
  • Sound effects for various things.
  • How data was handled when loading the game.
  • Performance.
  • Time manager.
  • Existing Azura quests.
  • Erma’s shop now sells outfits and tailoring supplies.
  • Azura Island guard questline reintroduced with changes.
  • Updated skybox.
  • New sky colors throughout the day/night cycle.
  • Adjusted day/night durations slightly.
  • And much more…


  • Footstep sounds.
  • Looping music issue.
  • Various typos.
  • Certain floating objects/misplaced objects.
  • Reputation groups are hidden until you unlock them.
  • Adding items to the bank will now only transfer the amount that can actually fit.
  • Weird outline inconsistencies.
  • Fiora’s house.
  • Dialog now respects the UI manager.
  • UI management refactor.
  • Chat component is properly on HUD.
  • Inventory scrollbars are no longer visible until you have enough things in your inventory to warrant scrolling.
  • Fixes for chat multiplayer replication issues.
  • Fixed up some old helmets
  • Rock that stuck out of the performance platform in Ramshackle.
  • Added a missing post to the pier in Ramshackle.
  • When the bank is at 50/50, you can now correctly add items to existing stacks in the bank.
  • Fixed various ladders.
  • Dryads no longer grow hair when putting on hats.
  • Basalt no longer takes an additional 20 wood from the player when turning in his quest.
  • Made Maggie’s directions to the cellar more clear.
  • Fixed bug where menus (inventory, journal, map) would still toggle while typing in the journal search bar.
  • Refactored Inventory open/close logic.
  • Pressing esc while inventory is open will now close inventory before opening the pause menu.
  • Palm leaf is now named “Stinky Leaf”.
  • Hitting tab while reading a note from inside your inventory will now close the note, rather than closing the inventory but leaving the note open/
  • Rats now de-aggro – no longer will they follow you to the ends of the earth.
  • Updated bone collision.
  • Fixed a bunch of mesh materials.
  • Replaced a bunch of crate materials.
  • Martin no longer incorrectly tells players to go to the construction yard for work if they’ve completed Dave’s Hammer quest.
  • And much more…