Surviving The Aftermath Update 1.03 Patch Notes – November 23, 2021

    Surviving The Aftermath update 1.03 is now rolling out on PS4, Xbox, and PC. According to the official Surviving the Aftermath patch notes, the latest patch resolves various issues and added gameplay improvements. Apart from this, Surviving The Aftermath patch 1.03 also includes stability fixes.

    Recently, a major update added a long list of quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

    Today’s Surviving The Aftermath patch 1.03 will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Surviving The Aftermath Patch Notes – November 23, 2021


    • Added a new name and description for Gate Level 3.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the Specialists to return back to the World Map immediately after they have been sent to the colony.
    • Added a separate slider for the Voice Overs.
    • The underground deposits will now show their richness as a percentage instead of Low/Medium/High.
    • The percentage will also be visible already in the tooltip shown when the deposit is hovered over.
    • The info panel shown when a building is being placed will also now show the efficiency, making it easier to determine which deposit to utilize.
    • The richness values were also balanced to prevent deposits with very low efficiency from appearing.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the Extractors and the Auto-Extractors to calculate their efficiency wrong. This was caused by other deposits of the same type being too close to the building.
    • Added a warning to the Society panels if the Trade Center has not been built yet.

    Fixed an issue that would cause the colonists to sometimes lose their tools suddenly or cause the tools to remain in the air where the colonist had previously been working. The tools should now visually appear when they are being used and not stay in the air.

    • The Water Pump building can now be used during the Heat Wave catastrophe.
    • The Wandering Merchant will no longer offer Cricket Eggs as these are always available to be planted in the Insect Farm.
    • The game will now spawn resources gained from events to the Campsite if the Gate has not been built. Previously they would be spawned to the middle of the entire colony.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the “Low on …” notification to appear if the player only had higher-level items available.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the Storm Dome construction zone to not be selectable after being placed in the colony.
    • Fixed an issue that would allow certain decorations to be placed on barren soil despite their descriptions.

    Fixed an issue that would cause a wrong amount to be shown in the Harvestable Crops part of the Food tooltip. This amount was updated with a delay, so this could often show a much larger amount than was actually available.

    • The Radiator and the Industrial Radiator now show their heat radius always when selected and when being placed in the colony.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the Healing Outpost to not start healing if the Specialist arrived at the Outpost with queued movement or by exiting from a car.

    The “Specialists ready for action” notification should no longer be shown every time when the game is loaded. The notification will still be shown if there are Specialists with Action Points available that are not currently performing a task such as scavenging.


    • Visual updates to several info panels in the game. These include the info panels for colonists, specialists, and buildings.
    • The Medicine Icon in the top bar has been updated.
    • Updated the visual look of the different sections of the Main Menu and the Pause Menu.
    • The 3D models of the Fields and Irrigated Fields have been tweaked so that they are not as flat.
    • Event illustrations have been updated.
    • The Guard Floater has been made smaller and blue. It should now also be positioned a lot better on top of the Guard.
    • Fixed an issue with Lumber Yard’s animation.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the Large Solar Panel to remain open at nighttime.
    • Updated the Tutorial images for most of the tutorials in the game.

    Balance Adjustments​

    • The Advanced Scrapper and the Metal Extractor now produce more Metal each cycle.
    • The Shanty and its upgrade now require Plastic to be repaired.
    • The Lumber Yard and the Sawmill now produce more wood each cycle.
    • Tools now require less Metal to be produced.
    • The Level 3 version of the Gate now requires Concrete as its repair material instead of Metal.
    • The type and amount of resources required to repair different housing buildings have been adjusted.
    • The Space Junk disaster should now occur less frequently in the game.
    • The Concrete deposits around the colony contain more Rubble to be gathered by the Concrete Scavenger.
    • Specialists will now cost various amounts of Silver, based on their total skill points. Specialists will no longer accept Food as payment to be hired to your colony.
    • The Extractors now work slightly faster.
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