SURV1V3 Update 1.0.3 Patch Notes (September Update) – Sep 14, 2021


SURV1V3 update 1.0.3 (Sep 14, 2021) released on PC (Steam). According to the official SURV1V3 patch notes, the latest update added tons of new functionalities and enhancements.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Survive patch 1.0.3 will address a few of these errors.

SURV1V3 Patch Notes (September Update) – Sep 14, 2021

New features & tweaks:

– weapons: new tactical revolver
– weapons: increasing base arrows damage by 20% so players will be able to headshot zeds playing at nightmare level
– weapons: bow draw length is now dependent on the players height
– weapons: desert eagle slide can move back 1.5 cm further
– inventory: players can store empty mags back in their pouches
– inventory: new stacking logic
– inventory: increasing arrows inventory capacity
– nowhere: performance optimizations (phase 1)
– survival: difficulty levels
– survival: xp points and chances to drop rare objects depending on difficulty level
– survival: raising XP points cap to 999.999 (was 99.999)
– survival: restoring leaderboard hack check
– graphics: adding an option to enable VR tunnel effect in order to reduce motion sickness
– options: new option to disable crouch button
– gameplay: player won’t take damage when the headset is not tracked / isn’t worn / steamvr/oculus dashboard overlay is shown (10 seconds cooldown)
– graphics: new idle player animation when the headset is not tracked / isn’t worn / steamvr/oculus dashboard overlay is shown
– graphics: increasing size of on-screen damage indicators
– tablet: enhancing sessions’ navigation
– tablet: removing white circle marks from the map for “backpack expanders” to not confuse players
– tablet: adding a 2.5 seconds delay before quitting the game or going back to the main menu map, so players can get their weapon back in survival
– options: adding more options to the first boot wizard (eg. multiplayer session enabled, smooth turn speed/snap turn angle, …)
– Santa Carla map: JFJ tombstone (thanks to Swanie)

Fixed bugs:

– core: the game process doesn’t close on game shutdown when using oculus sdk
– melee: when hitting at a higher speed no hit is tracked
– melee: zombies helmets freezing for a moment when hit by a melee
– melee: machete causes no damage when hitting with its blade
– weapons: L86 and bow don’t cause zeds hit reaction
– weapons: special stunning shotgun doesn’t stun at all
– input: fixing a bug causing player not being able to move
– input: cosmos controllers movement input fixes
– input: removing tick dependency for locomotion and smooth turn
– input: opening car doors or drawers may not be 100% reliable
– teleport: players can reach the second floor/rooftop of buildings
– inventory: can’t grab some items accurately
– inventory: using realistic assisted mag grip setting, shotgun shells are placed in the wrong slot
– dialogues: fixing a bug causing the dialogue engine to freeze, not playing any dialogue until the mission is restarted
– graphics: flickering green “safe house” writings
– graphics: should always show pc skin once died, even with semi-transparent/transparent option
– multiplayer: players shouldn’t able to join sessions in the main menu map from their tactical tablet
– survival: Jeremy shouldn’t explain survival mode once the player has reached level 5
– menu: changing language setting shouldn’t require a game restart
– Nowhere mission: it’s possible to enter the school without triggering the dialogue about reaching the school, bricking the mission
– Nowhere map: the bathroom sign on the ground floor of the police station is not attached to the wall
– steam: “life saver” achievement shouldn’t be triggered outside survival mode
– steam: fixing a typo in the “Cowabunga” achievement description
– gameplay: collectibles can be grabbed even if they’re invisible (e.g. in survival mode)
– minor bugs

Download free SURV1V3 update 1.0.3 for PC (Steam).