Super Animal Royale Update 1.26 Patch Notes (1.9.1)

Super Animal Royale update 1.26 (1.9.1) is now available for PS4 and PC players. According to the official Super Animal Royale 1.26 patch notes, the latest season 9 update adds new Super Caracal, Super Blobfish, Super Komodo Dragon, and Turnip Boy. Apart from this, the Super Animal Royale patch 1.26 also includes a long list of bug fixes.

Unfortunately, since the last update, players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Super Animal Royale patch 1.26 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Super Animal Royale 1.26 patch notes – September 26, 2023

  • New characters introduced in this update include the Super Caracal, Super Blobfish, Super Komodo Dragon, and Turnip Boy from the game “Turnip Boy Robs a Bank.”
  • The Party Animal Pass offers 49 tiers of festive rewards, including animated gun skins and a Mini Croc pet.
  • Season 9 Starter Pack DLC is available, featuring Japanese folklore-inspired items like the Super Kitsune Miko Outfit.
  • Twelve new breeds of Super Animal species are introduced, such as the Super Caracal and Super Blue Poison Dart Frog.
  • A 2-week collaboration event with Turnip Boy allows players to earn Turnip Boy-themed cosmetic items through challenges.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • A soft matchmaking system has been implemented in the SAW vs Rebellion game mode. At the start of a match, teams are balanced based on player level for an improved and more balanced experience. This means you won’t get your helmet until the match begins and your team is assigned.
  • Scout I’s skunk bomb count has been reduced to 1, and Scout II’s to 3.
  • Teammates in the SAW vs Rebellion mode no longer trigger friendly Lucky Cat Mines. This will allow them to be more useful, as players often found them being accidentally detonated by allies in large-team modes.
  • The Wave emote is now a milestone reward, achieved by playing 20 team-based games.
  • The legendary BCG’s max damage has been lowered from 76 to 72. This will make it typically still able to two-shot players wearing level 1 armor, but now fairly unlikely to two-shot players wearing level 2 & 3 armor.

  • Common magnum damage at the muzzle has been increased from 51 to 53, and uncommon magnum damage has been increased from 54 to 55. This keeps them more in line with the rare magnum.
  • Up and down melee swings have been adjusted to occur within 40 degrees of north and south aim (previously, this was 30 degrees).
  • Throwables now make a sound while traveling mid-air to better alert players of their presence.
  • Sparrow trackers can now apply to Giant Emus.
  • Removed local rollback upon death, so higher ping players don’t feel like they are teleported after dying.
  • While dead, the chat field will now show a message about not being able to type (and block text input) for all-chat.
  • Added creep (walk) and creep (idle) to the photo booth.
  • Exclamation alert badges that notify about Photo Booth Scenes that are earned now appear on the main menu and the Photo Booth tab.
  • Added a support code option for email-linked players in Manage Account.
Bot Tweaks
  • Many changes have been made to the game’s bots to improve the player experience, especially for newer players.
  • Bots aim more smoothly, making them more realistic in how they look around, and with fewer abrupt snaps.
  • Bot aim has more randomization now.
  • Pursuit range, aim, and vision have been reduced against lower level players (below level 40).
  • Fixed hunting rifle bots shooting too quickly.
  • Bots will roll less while pursuing players under level 20.
  • If targeting a downed player, bots will look for new enemies in line of sight that are not downed to prioritize before the downed player.
  • Lowered attack speed of bots slightly.
Zip-and-Go Improvements
  • Carry/place limit is now 4 (6 with bandolier).
  • Zip-and-Go throwables now spawn in the world as packs of two rather than individually.
  • Deployment animation has been lowered from 0.50s to 0.39s.
  • Drone speed is 30% faster.
  • Increased minimum exit time after riding, to reduce spam [E] clicks causing accidental exit.
  • Server predicts exit position and waits based on player ping to avoid players seeing themselves stuck in water.
New Private Match Host Functions
  • Private match hosts now have a /weight command:
  • This command can be used to regenerate the loot table with various weapon spawn weightings, while in lobby.
  • Valid weight types include ‘all’, any gun class, any gun ID, and any grenade ID (with values from 0.0 to 5.0).
  • Priority is given to the most specific type, for instance ‘/weight all 0 gunhuntingrifle 1’ will allow for a match with only hunting rifles.
  • It is important to note that the weight value is a multiplier on the original weapon weight, so the minigun is still zero spawn chance in the world, even with a 5.0 weight.
  • Mole crates are not affected by weight but a weight of zero will stop a weapon from being in the drops.
  • Weight does affect rebel caches as well as grenades/bananas from grass and breakable crates.
  • For mystery mode, weights are applied after any mystery mode specific modifiers.
  • The command ‘/weight reset’ can be used to reset all weightings.

Private match hosts can also enter a ‘/mystery #’ command to change the Mystery Mode type in the lobby. One minor thing to note is that if picking Western mode, all player hats will change to a cowboy hat, but changing to another mystery type will not undo the hat.

Other functionalities have been added for private match hosts, as well:

  • Added ‘/kill all’ command for private match hosts.
  • Added ‘/nade’ command for private matches, to spawn grenades.
  • On PC, ‘/netdata’ command now shows packet loss.

Map Updates

  • Added animated jellyfish & water to some of the tanks at the Super Sea Land aquarium!
  • Added posts to many boardwalks around the map, especially at Super Sea Land.
  • Updated the shape of the sand islands at Super Sea Land.
  • Improved collisions at the aquarium by removing the rocky corals and removing collisions from tube corals.
  • The Sea Legs Restaurant’s side hut has been revamped.
  • Stage seating was updated at Super Sea Land so players can walk between rows. A barrier has also been added at the water’s edge.
  • Improved rail visibility around the Super Sea Land stage.
  • Widened some door openings around Super Sea Land and added patios.
  • Adjusted Super Sea Land stage lights and added markings where the stage TVs fell in the animated YouTube short.
  • Crates near the broken saw mill line that blocked collisions abnormally have been moved.
  • Fixed some construction walls at Beaver HQ that were able to be hidden behind.
  • Fixed a corner of the houses at S.A.W. Villas that could be seen through.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed upward melee swings not able to hit fences if right against them, and fixed downward swings sometimes not playing tree-hit sound.
  • Fixed phantom mole crate pulse appearing on the map if viewing it after the mole has left.
  • Fixed map being openable while the report panel is active.
  • Fixed the water at Nautitorium stage not being treated as water for throwables such as bananas.
  • Fixed z-order on Nautitorium rails especially with zip-lines.
  • Fixed pets sleep sound playing repeatedly in the fruit press if you died there at the end of the conveyor belt with a pet.
  • Fixed being able to board teammate emus through walls.
  • Fixed a bug where changing emus and eating a second speed mushroom would add the stacked effect to the second emu.
  • Fixed giant emu and your own mushroom speed boost timer getting mixed up when dismounting/remounting an emu while both boosts are active.
  • Healing emus no longer incorrectly contributes to the healing stat & milestone.
  • Fixed sparrow tracker position on player when riding a giant emu. Sparrow will also match the direction the player and emu are facing.
  • Fixed a bug where grenades and other throwables being tossed while becoming a Zombie Joe would end up stuck on the map.
  • Phantom respawn timer in the Bwoking Dead should be fixed now.
  • Fixed Zombie Joes spawning in the fruit press. Might have to recall those last few batches of juice…
  • Fixed a bug where changing to MP4 in the photo booth didn’t do transparent checkbox toggling in one case.
  • Fixed friends in the Photo Booth not having their proper gem level after being duplicated.
  • Fixed gem emote flipping the gem upside down in the photo booth.
  • Fixed controller bug with navigation on the Customize emote tab not showing an emote when using dpad-left.
  • Fixed random vertical flickering for controller users when drinking or taping.
  • Can no longer change the fill toggle while matchmaking (prevents desync bug).

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