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Stronghold Warlords Update 1.6 Patch Notes (Kublai Khan Update) – Sep 1, 2021


Stronghold Warlords update 1.6 (Kublai Khan Update) released on PC(Steam). According to the official Stronghold Warlords patch notes, the latest update added Kublai Khan AI Lord, 3 new Skirmish maps, and much more. Apart from this, Stronghold Warlords version 1.6 also includes general stability fixes.

Previously, a big update was released with various quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing several issues with the game.

Today’s Stronghold Warlords patch 1.6 will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Stronghold Warlords Patch Notes – Sep 1, 2021


  • Added Kublai Khan AI Lord
  • Added 3 new Skirmish maps:
    – Kings and Mountains – Any king may rule from the safety of their throne. Will you be bold enough to venture forth and hold dominion over your enemies?
    – Distributary – Open grounds are separated by three river crossings. Each player will need to manage large sections of walls to defend their space, while being wary of attacks from two fronts.
    – Entrenched – Land and resources are plentiful for each player, but the map position can be key. Battle from the high ground on two fronts or stay grounded and defend one side. The choice is yours.
  • Horse Archers now speak Mongolian.
    – Note: This only happens with the game set to English. All other languages use localised voicelines.

General Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when updating pathing for tunnels that no longer exist
  • Fix for Clothes as Starting Goods being set incorrectly in custom maps
  • Stopped Custom Missions having different starting goods based on previously selected difficulty in campaign missions
  • Stopped Traps and Castle defences from being placeable on tiles with walls
  • Fixed Tigers that would displace outside of cages when placed adjacent to other tiger cages
  • Fix for pathability of walkable but damaged walls frequently becoming unwalkable after saving and reloading the map
  • Fixed Edict tooltip formatting to be more readable
  • Optimizations to how grass and fire particles are handled
  • Optimizations for pathfinding through tunnels
  • Optimization for town builds/path regeneration
  • Fixed emigrating peasants sometimes lingering indefinitely after their owning player died and the keep was destroyed
  • Fixes for certain scenarios where the AI could block their work buildings with too many silk workshops

Download free Stronghold Warlords patch 1.6 on PC.