Stronghold Warlords Update 1.10 Patch Notes – January 25, 2022

Stronghold Warlords update 1.10 released on PC(Steam). According to the official Stronghold Warlords patch notes, the latest update added various gameplay changes and improvements. Apart from this, Stronghold Warlords version 1.10 also includes general stability fixes.

Previously, a big update was released with various quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing several issues with the game.

Today’s Stronghold Warlords patch 1.10 will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Stronghold Warlords Patch Notes – January 25, 2022

  • Added Fu Hao AI Lord
  • Added 3 new Skirmish maps
  • Windy Plains – Ideal for allied Lords to face off against another team, this tightly fit battleground atop the steppe will prove challenging for some players more than others.
  • Muddy Route – 4 players will find themselves stuck fast in the deep muds, with little space to build their economy but plenty of open ground for fighting.
  • Island Tensions – There’s no respite from warmongering neighbours in this highly unequal island. Grab a warlord if you can and be prepared to defend them.
  • Added New Skirmish Trail ‘The Trail of the Tyrant’
  • Added The Lion Warlord
  • The Lion Warlord exudes strength and leadership. Harnessing the power of the Lion will bolster your sieges, sending shivers down the spine of your enemies.

Balance Changes

  • Re-balanced all Warlord Shipment edicts for consistency
  • Re-balance all Warlord attack and relief force edicts for consistency

General Fixes

  • Fix for Campaigns screen showing Difficulty screen and placeholder UI text if the last campaign played is no longer available
  • Fixed floating walls that could result when loading a save game made during AI/Warlord wall build
  • Fixed the scribe sending “A message from” before all campaign overlord messages
  • Fixed an issue where dead players are selectable in the diplomacy map
  • Fixed crash when exiting the score screen after multiplayer games
  • Fixed warlord workers getting stuck when spawning from a wooden warlord keep
  • Siege towers as well as ladders now teleport troops to safe positions after docking
  • Fix for ranged units sometimes losing their attack targets if they didn’t have LOS once having moved into range.

AI Changes

  • AI clans will now always move to targets within short distances, even if the target requires a roundabout route which is longer than that normally allowed.
  • Skirmish AI no longer build woodcamps next to workshops, to avoid blocking off worker access to the workshops
  • Fixed some cases where AI buildings could block off worker access:
  • Weapons workshops no longer place to the right of the military academy
  • Gunpowder workshops no longer place in front of walls
  • Woodcamps no longer place in front of walls
  • Woodcamps no longer place next to workshops
  • Fix for AI siege weapons sometimes getting stuck when the rest of the invasion they’re in has been killed.
  • Improved AI for moving over walls
  • The AI now checks an extra tile north (and on each outer access tile) when designing gates in its castles, to fix cases where the AI thought it could place a vertical gate whose outer access tiles were actually blocked off.
  • Fix for AI rocket launcher clusters getting stuck if they don’t have a free space to move away from the rest of the clan to

Map Editor

  • ‘Suppress Scribe’ now works to stop the Scribe saying “A message from” before campaign overlord messages
  • Added a new scenario event trigger, which detects whether a building exists at a given marker position

Download free Stronghold Warlords patch 1.10 on PC.

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