Stronghold Crusader HD Update Patch Notes – July 31, 2021


Stronghold Crusader HD update is now rolling out on PC. According to the official Stronghold Crusader HD patch notes, the latest update introduced a host of bug fixes and general improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with various fixes for crashes and more. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues.

Today’s Stronghold Crusader HD patch will address a few of these errors.


Stronghold Crusader HD Patch Notes – July 30, 2021

New functions and improvements:


  • Standard multiplayer speed
    • This option allows you to set the multiplayer speed to a default value other than 40. The standard speed remains at this value even after the end of a game.
  • Unified weapon order
    • This unifies the order in which weapons are displayed in the marketplace and in the armory. In addition, leather armor is now between maces and crossbows, and iron armor between halberds and swords to facilitate navigation in the marketplace.
  • Bug fixes for ladder supports
    • With the option for more resistant ladder supports, the displayed price (previously 4 gold) and the actual price (previously 38 gold) were both set to the intended value of 20 gold.
    • The AI ​​now uses ladder racks more reliably in sieges – regardless of whether its own castle is closed or open.
  • Fireball bug fix
    • We had previously taught fireballists to shoot monks on their own. This option has now been extended so that you can also automatically shoot tunnel diggers.
  • Player color changes
    • In an earlier version, the ability to change the color of player 1 was already added. However, up until now there were still some UI elements where the color was not changed – that’s over now.
  • Starting troop selection in the identity menu
    • With version 2.14 of the UCP it is now possible to change the melee and ranged combat starting units for the player in the “Identify” menu of the game.
    • Note: Currently this setting only affects the normal game mode, but not Crusader or Deathmatch, and is only active until the game is ended.
  • Strongholdify
    • For all oldschool Stronghold lovers and those who are used to the production chains from Stronghold 1, this option scales the scaled-up production in Stronghold Crusader down to Stronghold 1 ratios.
    • This affects the popularity bonuses for churches and cathedrals as well as the serving of beer, as well as the farmer spawn rates and the production quantities for resources (e.g. a lumberjack delivers 12 instead of 18 wood).

Customizable starting troops and lord strength

Note for multiplayer: The settings made here are compatible for multiplayer mode as long as they are identical for all players. Otherwise, crashes or desynchronization can occur.

  • Launch troops
    • In the new tab Start troops , a start troop configuration can be selected, which is then used for all AI characters as well as European and Arab player lords.
    • The vanilla configuration and a UCP patch configuration for launch troops are included in the patcher and can be exported for easy editing.
    • In order to create your own configurations, you can either export and edit the supplied configurations, or you can add your own to a subdirectory of the patcher.
    • The exported launch troop configurations are located in the folder resources\troops\exports. Your own troop configuration (in JSON format and with the file extension .json) can be placed in the folder resources\troopsand appears after a reload in the troop tab in the patcher.
  • Lord strength
    • The strength, type and displayed strength points of the AI ​​characters can also be changed within the starting troop file. The strength is given as a multiplier for the base hit point value of 150,000 (corresponds to the lord of the castle for human players). Either blue, yellow or no strength points can be displayed, with a number from 0 to 5.

Customizable starting goods

Note for multiplayer: The settings made here are compatible for multiplayer mode as long as they are identical for all players. Otherwise, crashes or desynchronization can occur.

  • In the new tab Startgüter a startgüter-configuration can be selected, which is then used for all human players and AIs.
  • The vanilla configuration for starting goods is included in the patcher and can be exported for easy editing.
  • The exported starter configurations are located in the folder resources\goods\exports. Your own initial goods configuration (in JSON format and with the file extension .json) can be placed in the folder resources\goodsand appears after a reload in the initial goods tab in the patcher.

Installation of AIVs

  • A backup copy of your currently installed castles will now be created every time a castle package is inserted by the patcher.
  • In order to install your own castle package with the help of the patcher, you can create a subfolder with the name of your package in the folder resources\aiv. You add descriptions in this subfolder as <Sprache>.txtfiles, where stands <Sprache>for the language in which your description is loaded (e.g. English.txt).
  • Whenever castle packages are installed, the existing castle package is saved as a subfolder with the current time as the folder name. These sub- aivfolders remain in the folder. However, when uninstalling the UCP, due to current restrictions, only the most recently backed up castle package can be restored. If you have installed AIVs several times in a row, you can restore the respective files from the sub-folders yourself.

AIC files

  • selection

In version 2.12 of the UCP you could select several AIC files for installation at the same time. This was removed in version 2.13. Version 2.14 brings this popular feature back with an improvement: If you select several AICs that contain the same AI characters, these characters will be prioritized in the order in which you selected the AICs. In concrete terms, this means that in the case of multiple selection, the characters of the AIC selected first are transferred to the installation, while characters that are ignored are displayed in a warning next to the AICs concerned.

  • format

The format of the AIC files has changed. Instead of using a user-defined format with the file extension as before .aic, AI characters are now defined with the JSON format with the file extension .json. This format is more flexible, better known, and easier to maintain. It paves the way for enhancements in future versions of the UCP.

You can load AIC files into the patcher by pasting them into the folder resources\aic.

You can .aicalso resources\aicpaste your old files, supported in version 2.13, into the folder . These are first crossed out in the patcher and displayed with a red warning. By clicking on the warning you will be offered a conversion of the file into the new format, which can then be used in the patcher. The file extension of the original file is .aic.bakchanged to.

If you have a lot of AIC files, you can alternatively download the AICUpdater and put all AIC files that you want to convert into a folder with it. With a double click you run the AICUpdater , which then converts these files in the same folder for you.


Changes to the patcher:

  • Changes to structure and content
    • This version of the Unofficial Crusader Patch introduces a new folder structure. All content files (including AIC and AIV files) used / installed by the patcher are now located in a resources\<config type>subfolder in the patcher directory. For example, AIC files go into the resources\aicfolder.
    • All content files that contain settings for game content and can be loaded as a summary of these settings in the patcher (e.g. AIC files) have now been converted to JSON format.
    • AIC and AIV packages provided with the UCP have been updated to the latest version.
  • Language support
    • A problem with the exchange of patch settings with the help of the ucp.cfgfile has been fixed, which occurred if the same file was used on devices with different system languages. Please note that all decimal numbers with decimal places are now separated by a period (.) In order to be read correctly.
    • The languages ​​Chinese and Hungarian have been added to the patcher’s language catalog.
  • There is now the option of integrating the patcher into existing mods via the command line or simply installing it with existing settings.

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