Streets of Rogue Update 96 Patch Notes – January 19, 2022

    Streets of Rogue update 96 is now available to download. According to the official Streets of Rogue patch notes, the latest update added fixes for inventory errors and Buoy delivery window freeze. Apart from this, Streets of Rogue patch 96 also includes stability fixes.

    Previously, a big update added various quality of life improvements and fixes. Unfortunately, players are still facing various issues with the game.

    Today’s Streets of Rogue version 96 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Streets of Rogue Version 96 – January 19, 2022


    • Fix for small graphical glitch when highlighting dead bodies
    • Fix for some object shadows being incorrectly positioned for objects next to walls
    • Fix for Stealing Glove and similar held items being visible when an NPC is invisible and performing certain activities like sitting
    • Fix for NPCs sometimes appearing highlighted after Body Swapper is used and their position has been swapped
    • Fix for NPCs’ shadow and light positions sometimes appearing incorrectly if they were killed and simultaneously knocked out of a body of water

    UI / Controls

    • Fix for multiplayer game sorting not working properly
    • Fix for inconsistent mouseover areas over player characters
    • Fix for in-game timers not functioning properly at very high values
    • Fix for player characters sometimes having the wrong mouse box collision
    • Player will auto-aim at NPCs hidden in bushes

    Playfield Objects

    • Fix for cases where a Bush could be destroyed but the NPC hidden in the bush is not revealed
    • Fix for cases where Mine Cart or Train could destroy vending machines at building entrances
    • Fix for fires not starting in the areas surrounding Lakes


    • Fix for player not being able to shoot the Flamethrower and other similar weapons past doors and windows that had been destroyed
    • Fix for Warp Grenade working on empty Mech Suit
    • Skeleton Key no longer appears as a potential reward in the Home Base list, since it cannot actually appear in the game. It is still available in character creation
    • If a Molotov Cocktail lands in water, it will not explode
    • Quick Escape Teleporter triggers at 10 health instead of 15 when using Low Health For All mutator
    • Fix for sleeping NPCs sometimes teleporting back to their beds after the player uses Body Swapper on them
    • When the player uses Cologne, Bouncers will allow party members to pass as well as the player
    • If the player Hypnotizes an NPC to be Friendly, the player’s followers who were Loyal or Aligned with that NPC will remain Loyal or Aligned instead of becoming Friendly
    • Fix for Oil Container count dropping below 0 on multiplayer client during laggy games
    • Fix for Memory Mutilator not taking into account NPCs who are aligned due to Random Reverence

    Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities

    • Fix for Zombie appearing to be Arrested if they are arrested as a normal human, then zombified, and then tranquilized
    • Fix for difficulties Possessing NPCs who are standing in doorways
    • Fix for Werewolf turning into a Werewolf after becoming a zombie
    • NPCs who have Resurrection while being inhabited by ShapeShifter will not still read as having Resurrection after dying
    • Fix for Alien being able to continue Mind Controlling NPCs to walk when they are being bitten by a Vampire
    • Fix for multiplayer client Alien not being able to use Mind Control properly on another player’s Slaves
    • Fix for multiplayer host not always communicating to client that an arrest or enslavement had ceased to take place, which could result in a few bug fixes


    • Fix for sound effects on split-screen cameras sometimes playing at the wrong volume

    Big Quests

    • NPCs who are being Bodyguarded will not count as witnesses for Assassin’s Big Quest


    • Bodyguarded NPCs (i.e. Musician) will not receive certain status effects during the Status Effects disaster, such as Dizzy and Shrunk


    • Player will not receive ammo-related items rewards and traits during games with Infinite Ammo mutators

    Artificial Intelligence

    • Fix for not being able to interact with Mind Controlled NPCs who were annoyed with you prior to being Mind Controlled
    • NPCs will not react to the player’s Joke if the player is out of their view
    • If a Ghost is spawned into a prison via the Boo-Urn, opening the prison door will not make that ghost Loyal
    • Fix for NPCs being able to start dancing in midair while jumping
    • Fix for cases where player could be mugged by an NPC who they had enslaved
    • Fix for NPCs sometimes attacking player immediately after being depossessed and not having dizzy stars
    • Fix for NPCs sometimes being able to open locked outside doors in buildings they do not own
    • Fix for NPCs whose default behavior is Sit/Sleep/Idle not being able to walk past certain doors in returning to their starting position
    • Fix for players being able to issue certain commands to NPCs when another player had hired the NPC
    • Fix for Hackers and Thieves not being able to perform special tasks for the player if they are Aligned/Loyal and the player re-hires them
    • Fix for instances where Musician could stop following the player and start wandering around the level
    • Fix for Musician’s fans becoming Aligned with the player instead of Loyal after player is forced to beat up the Musician for disobedience
    • Potential fix for rare cases where Musician’s followers could become hostile after the player exits through the Elevator


    • Game now makes use of Unity’s incremental garbage collection to avoid frame rate hitches


    • Fix for multiplayer client Bodyguard triggering their Musician to speak, when they are actually talking to the host Bodyguard’s Musician
    • Fix for multiplayer client data not always being stored correctly if they quit out of the game instead of quitting to main menu, particularly when client was inside a Mech, in Werewolf form, or Possessing someone


    • Updated game engine to Unity 2020.3.23f1

    Download free Streets of Rogue patch 96 on PC.

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