Street Fighter V Update 2.01 Arcade Edition – Patch Notes


Street Fighter V update 2.01 or SFV Arcade Edition is now available for download on PS4 and PC. According to the official Street Fighter V version 2.01 patch notes, the new update includes a new character Sakura, a new Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode, Team Battle Mode and much more. In addition, the SFV Arcade Edition also comes with various character changes and bug fixes. The update size is around 13GB on steam and 14GB on PS4. Check out full details below.

Street Fighter V Update 2.01 (SFV Arcade Edition) Patch Notes


Street Fighter V update 2.01

The Street Fighter series resident schoolgirl, Sakura, has graduated high school and now sports a more mature look that reflects her current job in an arcade. Sakura is free to play for all SFV: Arcade Edition and existing SFV players.


Arcade Mode

SFV Arcade Edition patch 2.01

SFV: Arcade Edition patch introduces an Arcade Mode. You’ll choose between six different paths that each represent a main title in the series. Each path remains true to its respective title, containing the relevant characters, costumes, and music, in order to further celebrate Street Fighter’s 30th anniversary year. If you’re connected to the internet, your Arcade Score will be uploaded to monthly leaderboards where the top player will receive a unique title.

Extra Battle Mode

SFV Arcade Edition update 2.01

A new Extra Battle mode lets you obtain unique costumes, titles, Fight Money, and EXP.

Team Battle Mode

SFV Arcade Edition 2.01

Team Battle Mode can set up each local match to your liking, including the number of characters per team (up to 5), how much Vitality is recovered in between fights, if you want the matchups to be randomized, and much more. Team Battle Mode is also a completely viable option if you want to set up a team on your own or are trying to learn multiple characters at once since you can play against the CPU.


V-Trigger IIs

Every character now has a V-Trigger II, which can significantly alter their playstyles and open up potential they may not have had in the past.



Training Mode Options

  • In the Attack Data display, you can now view each action’s frame data.
  • You can now turn on Frame Advantage in Color to determine when each action has an advantage.
    • If the character is in blue, they have an advantage. If they’re in red, they have a disadvantage. Take a look at the example below.

Fighter ID and Home Change

  • As of January 16, you will be able to change your Fighter ID (FID) and Home (flag) using either 200K Fight Money or MSRP $9.99 in the store.
    • One purchase of the “Fighter ID & Home Change” ticket will allow you one access opportunity where you can change your FID and Home once.
    • Even if you change only the FID or only the Home during this access, it will still consume the ticket and count as an instance. So if you want to change both, please change them at this time.
    • All items purchased from the in-game shop and/or the PlayStation Store and/or the Steam Store, as well as play data, will not be affected when changing your FID and/or Home.
    • Updated FID and Home flag will not be reflected in some portion of the game such as previous play history (e.g. Battle Log, Replay Data, etc.)
    • Please be aware that selecting a Home has no bearing on matchmaking.

Grand Master Rank

  • The Grand Master Rank is now available for players who have League Points of over 35,000.

Overall Balancing

  • Increased active frames for Regular Throws from 2F to 3F
  • SFV Arcade Edition 2.01 increased combo scaling for combos that include a V-Trigger activation
  • Increased recovery for Command Throws
  • Made revisions to the hurtboxes for jumping attacks, and to the normal moves that are primarily used as anti-airs
  • Changed properties of moves that change the position of the character, which may affect certain combos.

You can read characters changes here.

The Street Fighter V servers are now down for maintenance. However, Street Fighter V update 2.01 or The SFV: Arcade Edition patch 2.01 is now rolling out on PS4 and PC.