Street Fighter 5 (SFV) Update 2.12 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox One

    Street Fighter 5 (SFV) update 2.12 is now available for player on PC and consoles. According to the official Street Fighter 5 update 2.12 patch notes, the latest update has added new dlc, gameplay changes as well as stability and performance improvements. apart from this, Street Fighter V update 2.12 also includes fixes for input speed, game crashing, stuttering/lag, server performance, and more.

    Recently, a big update was released with input speed improvements and more. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Street Fighter V patch 2.12 is expected to fix all these issues.

    Street Fighter 5 (SFV) update 2.12 Patch Notes


    ・Playable Characters
    – E. Honda
    – Lucia
    – Poison

    ・Additional Costumes
    – Story: E. Honda
    – Battle Outfit 1: E. Honda
    – Nostalgia: E. Honda
    – Story: Lucia
    – Battle Outfit 1: Lucia
    – Nostalgia: Lucia
    – Swimsuit: Lucia
    – Story: Poison
    – Battle Outfit 1: Poison
    – Nostalgia: Poison
    – Swimsuit: Poison
    – CPT 2019: Rashid

    – Honda Sento

    ・Battle Bundles
    – 2019 Summer Character Bundle
    – 2019 Swimsuit Bundle
    – Mega Man Costume Bundle
    – M. Bison Costume Bundle
    – Zangief Costume Bundle
    – Birdie Costume Bundle
    – Vega Costume Bundle
    – Rashid Costume Bundle
    – Dhalsim Costume Bundle
    – F.A.N.G Costume Bundle

    ・Fighting Chance
    – Get M. Bison’s additional costume Psycho Miasma additional costume through
    “Overwhelming Psycho Power,” now available in Fighting Chance.

    – The seasonal “Paper Lantern” version has been added to Dojo Fortune.

    Training Mode Update

    ・ Added “Switch Guard Direction” to the Dummy Settings. Adjust the dummy auto-switch between standing and crouching guard position when attacking the dummy.

    ・ Added “Replay Interval Settings” to Set Wake-Up Actions and Set Guard Recovery Actions. Adjust the waiting frames between the ending of the wakeup/guard animation and the start of the recording.

    ・ Added to the Health and Critical Gauge settings. For both 1P and 2P Health Gauges, Auto Recover can be set to start at 50% or 25%. For both 1P and 2P Critical Gauges, starting with 1 or 2 stocks can be selected.

    ・When the training dummy’s status is set to “Playback Recording” and the player is controlling the 2P dummy under Action Recording Settings, the following dummy settings will be reflected on the 1P player character.
    – State
    – Guard
    – Guard Switch Direction
    – Recovery
    – Counter
    – Stun

    ・ The Auto Recover speed for the 1P and 2P Health Gauges in Gauge Settings has been increased. This also applies to the 50% and 25% Auto Recover settings added in this update.

    ・ “First Attack” will only be displayed once, and will not be displayed upon selecting Restart Battle.

    Battle-Related Bug Fixes: General

    ・ Recovery Immediately After the End of a Move
    On the first frame immediately after the recovery of a move ends, the player still could not move. If the opponent’s throw coincided with this frame, the player would not be able to escape the throw. This bug has been fixed. The fixes apply to the following moves.

    – Ryu:
    V-Trigger I activation
    Normal/EX Airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

    – Chun-Li:
    V-Trigger I activation
    Air throw (whiff)

    – Nash
    Air throw (whiff)

    – M. Bison
    VTI EX Head Press (whiff or guard)
    EX Double Knee Press (1st connects, 2nd whiffs)

    – Cammy
    Air throw (whiff)
    Normal/EX Fatal Leg Twister or Cross Scissors Pressure (whiff)

    – Vega
    Air throw (whiff)
    Normal/EX Barcelona Attack (landing on hit or block)
    Bloody Kiss – Azul (whiff)

    – R. Mika
    Crouching HP
    Peach Assault (whiff)

    – Rashid
    VTII Dash Eagle Spike
    VTII Front Flip

    – Dhalsim
    Crouching HK

    – Alex
    EX Air Knee Smash (whiff)

    – Guile
    Air throw (whiff)

    – Ibuki
    Air throw (whiff)

    – Akuma
    Shun Goku Satsu (whiff)

    – Kolin:
    Air throw (whiff)

    – Zeku:
    Bushin Sangoku Otoshi (whiff)

    – Sakura:
    Air throw (whiff)

    – Falke:
    Air throw (whiff)

    ・Hurtboxes During Jump Movement
    Some characters had an unintended low hurtbox during their jump movement animation. This has been fixed to give them the same hurtbox size as their neutral standing status. This fix applies to: M. Bison, Birdie, Vega, Alex, Guile, Balrog, Urien, Blanka, G

    ・Special Moves Performed by Rapid Button Presses
    For characters with rapid button press special moves, in some cases when they tried to activate V-Trigger by pressing HP+HK consecutively during a reversal, they would get their rapid button press special move instead of the V-Trigger Activation. In order to prevent this, the following two fixes have been made:

    1. V-Trigger activation given priority over rapid button press moves.
    2. Rapid button press moves cannot be triggered by releasing the button (negative edge).

    This fix applies to Chun-Li, Kolin, Ed, and Blanka.

    ・Battle-Related Bug Fixes: Character Specific

    – Ryu:
    Fixed a phenomenon where it was more difficult to CA cancel into Denjin Hadoken from VTI Hadoken.

    – Chun-Li:
    Fixed a bug where, during Rankyaku, if the simultaneous buttons presses were off by one
    frame she would not perform Ryuseiraku.

    Eased a phenomenon where, if holding down 2 buttons for over 50 frames for EX Bull
    Horn, and in a state where releasing the two buttons would trigger the move, pressing two different buttons would cause the move to be performed even if the original two buttons were still being held down.

    – Vega:
    Fixed a bug where, if the opponent was in mid-air and behind Vega, he would not be able
    to connect Izuna Drop even if the opponent was within throw range.

    – R. Mika:
    Fixed a bug where, upon the opponent reaching the corner from Passion Rope Throw, if
    she performed the inputs for a certain throw, it would connect regardless of the distance.

    Fixed a bug where if Fightin’ Dirty was performed in a certain situation, she would not be
    able to call Nadeshiko out for a second time.

    – Rashid:
    Fixed a bug where the box that triggers block remained for 1 frame after the hitbox
    disappeared for Flap Spin.

    – Laura:
    Fixed a bug where the first hit of M Bolt Charge and EX Bolt Charge would count for 2 hits
    in certain situations.

    – Dhalsim:
    Fixed a bug where, during Yoga Float, if the simultaneous buttons presses were off by one
    frame he would not perform Air Yoga Teleport or EX Yoga Gale.

    – Alex:
    Fixed a bug where, on certain stages, if the 2nd frame of EX Air Knee Smash caused a KO on
    an opponent in the corner, the stage KO animation would not trigger.

    – Balrog:
    Fixed a bug where he could cancel his standing HK into V-Trigger activation on whiff.

    – Menat:
    Fixed a bug where, if she took a hit on the 1st or 2nd frame of standing FP with the crystal ball, it would not register as a counter hit.

    Fixed the following two bugs that occurred if Menat took a hit immediately after the
    attack frames of Judgement of Thoth became active.
    1. The projectile would not move, and the hitbox would be lost on the spot.
    2. She would lose V-Timer regardless of whether or not the attack was performed.

    – Zeku (Young):
    Fixed a bug where the no-counter status continued up to the 1st frame after the attack
    hitbox for H Hozanto became active.

    – Falke:
    When using Psycho Trombe to cancel an opponent’s projectile, fixed a bug where Falke
    couldn’t cancel into V-Trigger or V-Trigger exclusive moves except at a specific timing.

    – G:
    When using G Barrier to cancel an opponent’s projectile, fixed a bug where G couldn’t
    cancel into V-Trigger or V-Trigger exclusive moves except at a specific timing.

    Street Fighter 5 update 2.12 for PS4 is now available to download.

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