Stranger of Paradise Update 1.31 Patch Notes – Feb. 15, 2023

A new Stranger of Paradise update 1.31 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC (Steam) players. According to the official Stranger of Paradise patch notes, the latest hotfix addressed stability issues. Apart from this, today’s Stranger of Paradise patch 1.31 (SOPFFO) also includes performance improvements.

Previously, a major update 1.23 added new features, fixes, and quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the release, many players were experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s (sopffo) Stranger of Paradise version 1.31 will fix a few of these issues.

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Stranger of Paradise 1.31 Patch Notes – February 15, 2023

Applicable to All Platforms
• Smithing and Equipment
 – Two-handed weapons with job affinities up to 270 will now drop.

• Special Effects
 – Summon blessing effects will now carry over when changing battle sets while Titan is set as the primary summon.

• The Rift Labyrinth
 – Items such as summonstones and monster food can now be obtained even if maximum carrying capacity is exceeded.

Resolved Issues:
• Smithing and Equipment
 – Fixed a bug when changing accessories that caused combo abilities to unintentionally change into other combo abilities.

• Special Effects
 – Fixed a bug that prevented the special effects “Charge Attack Damage Dealt” and “Charge Attack Break Damage Dealt” from increasing damage with the following abilities:
 – The Blue Mage ability “Blue Magic”
 – The gun combo ability “Phantom Shot”
 – The mace combo ability “Dark Nova”

 – Fixed a bug wherein certain special effects and command abilities that reference damage did not correctly take into account the decreasing damage of consecutive hits from instant abilities such as “Pelt” and “Ice Crush.”

 – Fixed a bug that prevented some chaos effects from appearing on guns and armor.

• Combo Abilities
 – Fixed a bug that prevented the multi-hit segment of the dagger combo ability “Chronostasis” from hitting paralyzed enemies.

• Command Abilities
 – Fixed a bug that could cause an application error when using “Barrage.”

• Jobs & Job Affinities
 – Fixed a bug that could cause the network to disconnect when the following attacks hit:
 – Gun Mage: Polluted Bullet
 – Marauder: Upheaval (including “Subside” and “Rapacious Strike”)

 – Fixed a bug that could cause the swordfighter (etc.) job affinity bonus “Fencer’s Soul” to target positions that enemies no longer occupied.

 – Fixed a bug wherein the summoner (etc.) job affinity bonus “Trance Soul” did not extend the duration of certain command ability effects, such as those from “Bravery” and “Invisible.”

• The Rift Labyrinth
 – Fixed a bug that would treat the dragon zombie as defeated instead of triggering the second part of battles in the Sunken Shrine and Mount Gulg.

 – Fixed a bug that caused LUFENIA-difficulty bosses to appear on floors in other difficulties.

 – Fixed a bug that caused dragon king trials to be nullified during multiplayer games.

• Enemies
 – Fixed a bug that caused an application error when performing a soul burst on elemental enemies such as fire elementals.

• Other various bug fixes.

  • Addressed an issue where using the Barrage ability can cause the game to stop.
  • Added general stability fixes.
  • Added gameplay performance improvements.
  • Other minor fixes.

The following features were added recently.


Purchasing the season pass unlocks the DIFFERENT FUTURE add-on content.

• New primary and side missions
 To access these new missions, you must first complete Wanderer of the Rift.

• New weapon type: guns
 Becomes available in the mission at the start of the main game.

• New jobs and classes
 Unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions within the game.
 *Equipment with affinity for a new job will not drop until the job is unlocked.

• New equipment replication functionality
 Unlocked by progressing through the main mission.

• LUFENIA difficulty level
 Wanderer of the Rift must be completed to access LUFENIA difficulty.
 – Further raises enemy levels and makes more powerful equipment obtainable.
 – Alters boss attacks and movements for a greater challenge beyond GILGAMESH difficulty.

• More powerful special effects with Evocation and Ultima icons
 Unlocked when class change is available.

• A new dragon king trial has been added

• New floors have been added to the rift labyrinth

Download free Stranger of Paradise version 1.31 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox.

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