Stranded Deep Update 1.17 Patch Notes

Stranded Deep update 1.17 is now available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Stranded Deep 1.17 patch notes, the latest resolves issues related to inventory, desyncs, player character falling out-of-world, and more. Apart from this, Stranded Deep version 1.17 also includes version performance fixes.

Previously, a big update was released which added co-op multiplayer support to the game.

Unfortunately, since the last major patch, players are experiencing a number of issues and bugs. Today’s Stranded Deep PS4 update 1.17 addresses a few of these problems. Check out more details below.

What is new in Stranded Deep?

  • Added better error handling and player feedback if the game fails to save for any reason.
  • Fixed achievements not unlocking due to various causes.
  • Changed “Hunter of the High Seas” achievement to unlock when Boss is defeated instead of when trophy is crafted. This now matches the same behaviour on PC.
  • Improved placement of loot in shipwrecks. (This change is not retro-active).
  • Removed novelty player hat for ‘Normal’ game difficulty.
  • Fixed players not being able to craft items using materials from multiple item piles.
  • Fixed interaction getting stuck when a player tries to place a wall on a Shipping Container.
  • Fixed Coconut not showing outline highlight when selected.
  • Fixed Aloe Vera not showing outline highlight when selected.
  • Fixed players being able to build constructions outside the zone boundaries which would result in billboards being activated close-range.
  • Fixed player being able to fire Flare Gun underwater.
  • Fixed player not able to retrieve fish while holding Fishing Spear.
  • Fixed PlayStation controller touchpad triggering UI sounds.
  • Fixed scenario where crafting interaction became stuck when removing and adding pieces to rafts.
  • Fixed player being able to craft raft pieces that collide with other rafts.
  • Fixed Farming Plot texture when placing.
  • Fixed a scenario where the player would revert to dragging behaviour instead of aiming after skinning an animal while holding a projectile.
  • Fixed crafting using items in the backpack before items on the ground.
  • Fixed scenario where player would switch to first person mode when dragging an item while holding Binoculars.
  • Fixed players teleporting to roof of constructions when saving inside.
  • Fixed players being unable to place various crafted items when inventory is full.
  • Fixed boss trophies appearing to float above Life Raft.
  • Fixed all doors not saving and reloading open state.
  • Fixed unable to interact with Wood Crates after alternating between backpack and crate storage.
  • Improved furniture placement. Consolidated with PC version.
  • Fixed error when loading back dead crabs.
  • Fixed scenario where animals saved in players inventory would become invisible if Wildlife mode was changed to ‘Removed’.
  • Changed main menu to show settings screen when continuing a single player game.
  • Moved ‘Wildlife’ settings from options menu to settings screen mentioned above.
  • Improved visual feedback when saving by adding UI spinner during saving.

The following changes were added previously.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed inventory being wiped when a desynced object is stored inside.
  • Addressed desyncs caused by client joining an in-progress game and accessing a ‘Wood Crate’ previously accessed by the host.
  • Addressed host game getting stuck after client quits while host is using the ‘Shelter’ save game window.
  • Addressed player character falling out-of-world after getting revived when the player drowns and gets stuck inside a shipwreck or other structure.
  • Addressed P1’s held item not updating for P2 when auto-equipping end-game aircraft parts.
  • Addressed ‘Hog’ and ‘Giant Crab’ not spawning on custom islands.
  • Addressed rafts flipping when ‘Light Hook’ is added.
  • Addressed rafts bouncing all over the island when crafting a ‘Container Shelf’ over a ‘Light Hook’.
  • Addressed items hovering in air when dropped if another object is underneath.
  • Addressed P2 unable to retrieve ‘Seagull’ from ‘Bird Snare’.
  • Addressed ‘Bird’ ragdolls not falling to the ground when player fails to collect with a full inventory.
  • Addressed harvesting multiple ‘Yucca Fruits’ from a single ‘Yucca’ plant.

Download free Stranded Deep patch 1.17 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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