Storybook Brawl Update 64.2 Patch Notes (Official) – Nov 9, 2021

Storybook Brawl update 64.2 released on PC(Steam). According to the official Storybook Brawl patch notes, the latest update added a new hero, a ton of balance changes, and the introduction of touch screen tech.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Storybook Brawl patch 64.2 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Storybook Brawl Patch Notes – November 9, 2021

New Cards


A full, free board of level 6s and starting health total of 50? Sound fair!

The price of losing all of your characters, including synergies and permanent buffs, is a big one. More than any other hero, Apocalypse plays for the end game. Focusing on survival and bonus XP.

Note: Apocalypse won’t randomly give you triples, so you will always have a full board when you first hit level 6.

The 9th Book of Merlin

All your mages are now monster books, sounds like fun!

Balance Changes


Old: 1/3 -> New: 3/3

Lady of the Lake

Old: 1/3 -> New: 3/3

We randomly picked two characters to TRIPLE their attacks! Oh wait, we used that joke in the last patch notes…

(Hopefully we can keep the streak going and quadruple a character’s attack in the next patch. Maybe Broc Lee?)

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Old: 1/1 Summon 5/5 -> New: 2/2 Summon 6/6

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing was simply a little weak for a level 4.

Puff Puff

Old: 6/6 -> New: 7/7

Another buff for the Puff!

Lightning Dragon

Old: 8/1 -> New: 10/1

Lightning Dragon will now have the potential to snipe key back row late game characters like Bearstein and Southern Siren.

Ogre Princess

Old: 3/1 -> New: 3/2

Ogre Princess has been introduced as a sweet new character, and hopefully this extra stat point will make it the correct pick more of the time.

Trojan Donkey

Old: 1/5 -> New: 2/6

Trojan Donkey now has a little extra kick!

Humpty Dumpty

Old: 6/6 -> New: 7/7

Humpty can now only become scrambled eggs in the spider man meme mirror match.

Tweedle Dee

Old: 4/1 Summon 1/4 -> New: 3/2 Summon 2/3

While Tweedle Dee was already pulling his weight, this change should make Tweedle Dum a little less dumb.

Wretched Mummy


A big change here. We didn’t like how the old version of Mummy would often exacerbate the lead of players that were ahead on XP, wiping out lower level player’s boards.

Princess Pea


We are not supporting Princess Pea anymore.

Grim Soul


The Slay comp has proven to simply be too much. Removing Grim Soul should make the stats of slay characters matter much more and encourage players to get slay bonuses by actually slaying. We understand that Grim Soul is a beloved card and we’ll look to bring it back in some form soon.


Old: 40 Health -> New: 45 Health


Old: 40 Health -> New: 45 Health

Hoard Dragon

Old: 40 Health -> New: 45 Health


Old: 40 Health -> New: 45 Health

We are changing the starting health on a few heroes to improve hero balance. As a note, with these change we are also removing health gain from heroes off It Was All a Dream.

Grandmother/Big Bad Wolf

Old: +3/+3 -> New: +5/+5

The Big Bad Wolf should feel like a scary endgame hero. At +5/+5, that will now be more of a reality.

Mihri, King Lion

Old: +2/+2 -> New: +1/+2

Sir Galahad

Old: +2/+1 -> New: +1/+1

Skip, the Time Skipper

Old: Level 3 -> New: +2 XP

These three heroes have consistently been in the top five in terms of average finish. These changes should help with overall balance.



Many Monsters simply didn’t work with Beauty’s ability like The Great Pumpkin King. With this change, all Evil synergy cards will work with Beauty.

Potion Master

Old: +2/+2 -> New: Your shop sells an extra spell, and +1/+1

Potion Master simply didn’t see enough spells that targeted characters over the course of the game. With this change, Potion Master hits a bit less hard, but will be more consistent.


Old: +3/+3 -> New: Scales with level

Gepetto now starts with a +2/+2 bonus, so slightly behind his old version. But scales way past that in the late game. His wish has come true, he’s now a real hero!

Book of Heroes

Old: +1/+1 -> New: +1/+2

Giving a buff to one of the lower picked level 2 treasures.

Sword of Fire and Ice

Old: +5 -> New: +6

Sort of better!

Summoning Portal

Old: Level 5 -> New: Level 4

Summoning Portal should be easier to take on spec when its competing with other level 4 treasures.

Phoenix Feather

Old: Level 7 -> New: Level 6

This will be very strong at level 6. We wanted to move a level 7 down since we have been moving some level 6 treasures up over the last few patches.

Pandora’s Box

Old: 2 rounds -> New: 1 round

HUGE potential but overall a little weak. The unboxing fun now happens a turn sooner.

Harvest Moon


A fundamental rule of Storybook Brawl is that players take turns attacking. While some bonus attacks can break this rule, Harvest Moon was simply breaking this too much. Medusas in front of Riverwish Mermaid were simply too frustrating to play against.


Old: 5 cost -> New: 4 cost


Old: 5 cost -> New: 4 cost


Old: +3 Health -> New: +4 Health

Burning Palm

Old: +3 Attack -> New: +4 Attack


Old: +6 Health -> New: +7 Health

Blessing of Athena

Old: 4 cost -> New: 3 cost

As a goal, we want spells to be more appealing and feel right to take more of the time. These changes should help with that goal.

Cat’s Call

Old: Level 3 -> New: Level 4

Cat’s Call was often too hard to beat at level 3. Making this spell show up a little later should help.


Old: Player level -> New: Character level, doesn’t use spell slot

Mixawizzle transforming things like Cinderella into upgraded level 6s was less interesting than having the target of the spell matter.



Fog should be more effective counterplay against giant Ranged characters with this change.

Loki and Genie’s Wish

Random casts from Loki and Genie’s Wish will now include a curated list of targeted spells. These spells will only come up when there are legal targets for them. Here’s the list:

  • Magic Research
  • Sugar and Spice
  • Witch’s Brew
  • Luna’s Grace
  • Flourish
  • Worm Root
  • Beauty’s Influence
  • Burning Palm
  • Stoneskin
  • Merlin’s Test
  • Queen’s Grace
  • Gigantify
  • Hugeify
  • Knighthood
  • Evil Twin

Having a wider range of spells to hit should make these cards more fun to play with, as well as making Loki a bit more balanced.


Touch Screen

Storybook Brawl now supports touch screens! This is a great step on our mission towards getting SBB on mobile.

Bug Fixes
  • Aon will no longer double reduce spells in your first shop if you didn’t lock
  • Pandora’s Box will no longer have any interaction with Mimic
  • As a note, we are aware of recent issues with disconnections and freezes and are working on improving our networking to remove or greatly decrease these issues. This will hopefully be in the next patch.
  • We will now prevent countering permanent alignment changing effects from showing up together. For example, if you have Corrupted Heartwood you will not be able to see Crown of Atlas.
  • Updated Queue Tips.
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