Stormworks Update 1.5.3 Patch Notes – July 1, 2022


Stormworks Build and Rescue update 1.5.3 details released on PC (Steam). According to the official Stormworks patch notes, the latest update added re-engineered train signals so that they are an add-on rather than being baked into the world.

Previously, a big update added a long list of quality of life improvements and fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. Stormworks Build and Rescue patch 1.5.3 will fix a few of these issues.

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Stormworks Patch 1.5.3 Notes – July 1, 2022

Changes that include a #NUMBER relate to fixes or features submitted by the Stormworks community via ‘’ which can be accessed via the ‘Report Bug/Request Feature’ button in-game.

Posting a submission to this tracker ensures we review your suggestion/report since we may not see reports submitted via other channels.

Feature – #2181 Train Signals Addon

The default train signals have now been converted to an addon, with an updated default signal. This conversion much like the other default playlists makes it very easy for players to replace with their own and upload to the workshop to share with the Stormworks community.
Additionally, in this update we have reworked ropes and winches to fix several longstanding issues including crashes, freezes and unexpected rope based deaths.

Fix – #3360 #8720 Winch lengths reverting to default length on vehicle load (sometimes crashing/freezing the game)
Rework – Winches now auto spool back to their max length and winch max length no longer includes the attached rope’s current dynamic length
Rework – Slightly increased winch rope max lengths to compensate for the above change
Rework – Players can no longer detach ropes that are longer than the first-person-rope maximum (40m)
Fix – #5016 Held ropes no longer detach when a vehicle spawns

Fix – Damage rendering desync issues for clients when loading vehicles
Fix – #8391 Fixed Host voice chat not working
Rework – #4903 #9022 Greatly improve multiplayer fire sync

Rework – Rail signals now toggle their state client-side to improve sync
Rework – Added size=null tags to certain default ocean path nodes to prevent bad paths generating under diagonal train bridges
Rework – #8185 Updated workbench disabled messages to indicate if the setting is disabled or the client is unauthorized
Balance – #1829 Rebalanced the repair speed of the handheld welding torches

Fix – #258 Vehicle editor undo not remembering sub-component colours
Fix – #7749 #8972 Updated some default mission zones that were too close to terrain
Fix – Path node tags are now correctly combined for overlapping nodes that get merged
Fix – #7737 Flares black square graphical glitch
Fix – #8052 Moon glare rendering issue
Fix – #8156 Lightning intensity visual glitches
Fix – #8194 Buttons no longer trigger the lua event when the player is out of interact range
Fix – #8394 Updated logic node descriptions for coaxial rotors
Fix – #8419 #8689 Fixed several issues around floating geometry
Fix – #8742 Fixed Nataera ruins physics mesh height issue
Fix – #8716 Passive sonar hits no longer have a projected y bounds of 5m
Fix – #8731 Fixed turret ring mesh issues
Fix – #8781 Fixed search light odd coloured mesh
Fix – Fixed additive rendering as yellow in the component inventory
Fix – Fixed train-line geometry at Terminal Trinite
Fix – End effector no longer triggers onButtonPress when releasing for all dynamic components

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