Stormworks Build and Rescue Update 1.3.6 Patch Notes – Oct 15, 2021


Stormworks Build and Rescue update 1.3.6 (Oct 15, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Stormworks Build and Rescue patch notes, the latest update added a set of new parts – turret ring bearings.

Apart from this, today’s Stormworks Build and Rescue 1.3.6 patch also bring other changes including important fixes and improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes and changes. Read more details below.


Stormworks Build and Rescue 1.3.6 Patch Notes – October 15, 2021

Feature – 3 New Turret Rings

Rotating pivots with a large central hole; designed for tanks and other turrets.

Rework – Increase cannon and rocket projectile life significantly


Balance – Refreshed projectile physics for better indirect firing

Balance – Wind now affects large projectiles less than small projectiles

Fix – Animals HP always clamped to 100 when syncing, sharks now have 500, megalodons now have 5500


Fix – Repaired batteries capacity is now restored

Fix – Added missing description for warhead body (small)

Fix – Mass of EMP warhead


Fix – Value of small / medium warhead

Fix – Only despawn vehicles from explosions when vehicle damage is enabled

Fix – Re-Added radar effective range preview after fixing associated crashes


Fix – Radar descriptions still mentioning radians

Fix – Warheads now use the correct explosion sizes

Fix – Infinite ammo glitch when activating two autocannons simultaneously on a single ammo drum


Fix – Host lock not deactivating dlc custom menu buttons

Fix – Phalanx radar editor arrow height

Fix – CTD on game exit caused by Magalls


Fix – Water plane causing swimming inside a dry but sealed compartment

Fix – Ammo belt junctions now work correctly when pushing ammo

Fix – Weapons addon flating fires – fire dynamic objects are now teleported with their parent vehicle


Fix – Missing documentation for new items

Fix – Missile radar detection angle output

Fix – Batteries now output zero charge when damaged


Fix – Increased node search radius for internal pathfinding to prevent pathing issues near sawyer island

Fix – Crash when teleporting/despawning vehicles with C4 attached

Download free Stormworks Build and Rescue update 1.3.6 for PC (Steam).