Stoneshard Update Patch Notes – November 22, 2021

    Stoneshard update is now available to download on PC. According to the official Stoneshard patch notes, the latest update addresses some bugs and crashes.

    Previously, a major update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

    Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Stoneshard version will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Stoneshard Patch Notes – November 22, 2021


    • Added the Watchtower Tavern to Brynn. You’ll be able to find it in the Old Towers quarter (northwestern part of the city).
    • The Brynn Quartermaster now sells equipment, namely high level items. You can increase the size and quality of his stock by raising your Reputation in Brynn. He now also has his own sprite, animation, and a portrait.
    • Added a respawn mechanic for enemies and vegetation. Corpses and loot in already visited locations will now eventually disappear. Respawn times depend on the wilderness factor and can range between 3 and 6 days.


    • Reduced shields and weapons’ Durability loss from blocking damage.
    • Fixed the issue with the Troll’s armor – you should now be able to deal more damage to it.
    • The Osbrook Merchant will offer a higher price for treatises (although it’s still fairly low).
    • Increased the speed of aggro reset – animals will be much less prone to chasing you after you leave their threat zone.
    • Tweaked enemy numbers in high level ambushes.
    • Siding with Odar during the “Fate of the Brewery” quest will now reward you with Reputation in Osbrook.
    • Added some loot to the Ransacked Homestead (only if you haven’t already visited it).
    • The cart with a Quality Plane is now guarded by a couple brigands.
    • Reduced the amount of leeches in rivers.
    • Reduced Bison’s Vision range.


    • Fixed the rare crash caused by issues with saving the state of NPCs.
    • Fixed the crash caused by opening the context menu of Nikos of Arpheon’s Astrolabe.
    • Fixed the issue causing certain roads to spawn incorrectly.
    • Fixed the bugs of the NPCs sleeping schedule.
    • Fixed incorrect visuals of water.
    • Fixed the bug causing the character to get stuck in the Abandoned Manor’s cellar.
    • Fixed the bug causing the character to get stuck when entering the tile with the Abandoned Siege Camp.
    • Fixed some Resistances working incorrectly.
    • Fixed the road passing through the Brewery (only affects new playthroughs).
    • Fixed the bug that allowed duplicating Pyromancy spells on the ability bar.
    • Fixed the bug causing repeated Reputation loss during the “Fate of the Brewery” questline.
    • Fixed resurrected enemies using stats of Giant Rats.
    • Fixed incorrect visuals for enemies submerged in deep water.
    • Fixed the crash during interactions with the Homestead NPC.
    • Fixed issues when learning new Ability trees from trainers.
    • Fixed the crash occurring when being frisked by guards.
    • Fixed the bug with repairing caltrops.
    • Fixed the text and the sound not being synchronized in the Prologue’s dialogues.
    • Fixed the crash in the Prologue upon reaching level 10.
    • The skulls indicating Dangerous dungeons are now colored orange.


    • Fixed “Rune of Support” not functioning as intended.
    • Fixed “Push the Falling” replenishing Health instead of Energy.
    • Fixed the crash caused by using “Skull Crusher” on objects.
    • Fixed the incorrect usage of “Raise Shield” by enemies.
    • Fixed “Ring of Fire” applying incorrect penalties to Fire Resistance.
    • Fixed “Arc Cleave” replenishing incorrect amounts of Energy.
    • “Right on Target” now grants Accuracy just as mentioned in its description.
    • Reduced the effectiveness of “Double Lunge”.
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