Stellaris Update 4.00 Patch Notes for PS4

Stellaris update 4.00 is now rolling out for PC players. According to the official Stellaris version 4.00 patch notes, the latest patch added quality of life improvements. Apart from this, Stellaris patch 4.00 also added stability and performance improvements.


Recently, a minor update was released with minor gameplay changes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Stellaris version 4.00 will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Stellaris 4.00 Patch Notes


  • Corporate Embassy and Disinformation Center branch office buildings now require 50 pops on the host planet, and now also require the Xeno Diplomacy tech.
  • Starting with the Prosperous Unification origin now gives you the Planetary Unification tech option.
  • Juggernauts will now automatically repair themselves after battle.
  • Added extra crisis strength x10 and x25.
  • Greater Good Resolutions now trigger breach events.
  • Common Ground and Hegemony leader starts are now far less likely to be completely blocked off by their alliance partners, and will usually have direct access to at least unoccupied one system.
  • Cybrex War Forge now increases empire alloy production by 5% and allows building Cybrex Warform armies at your capital. Its active ability now converts 10000 minerals into 5000 alloys on a shorter than normal relic cooldown.
  • The Flesh is Weak assembly bonus reduced from 33% to 10%.
  • The resolution to form the galactic market now also increases resource storage cap by +10000.
  • The Rubricator Shard dragon will now wait two years before killing everyone on the planet, giving you the chance to fight her.
  • Being the president of a Hegemony now also satisfies the Imperialist faction’s desire to lead others.
  • Diplomatic Stance can now only be changed while you are at peace. (Supremacist empires will thus no longer change out of Supremacist in the middle of a humiliation war if you blow up their fleet).
  • Sentinels blocker is now a special deposit.
  • Docile Migrating Forests modifier now decreases available planet districts by 1.
  • Egalitarian empires will no longer draw leader enhancement technologies they cannot use.
  • Roboticists now have 2 alloy upkeep instead of minerals.
  • Trade Leagues now have access to the basic Wealth Creation trade policy as well, for empires that prefer cold hard energy credits to a combination of consumer goods and unity.

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed a possible OOS after hotjoin when a fleet is looking for a starbase to orbit around.
  • Fixed the AI going OOS when the military strategy needs to be initialized. Also fixes ship angles going OOS because normalization was not applied everywhere correctly.
  • Another AI related OOS fix.
  • Fixed an OOS related to victory rankings.
  • Fixed a FLEET_MODIFIER oos on hotjoin.
  • Fixed an OOS with species when growing halfspecies.
  • Fixed an OOS (POP_MODIFIERS, PLANET_MODIFIERS) when the values cached by planet (amenities, crime, housing, stability) changed but the modifiers weren’t recalculated.
  • Fixed a potential OOS when a pop joins or leave a faction.
  • Fixed an OOS when sending repair building commands.
  • Fixed technology status being read incorrectly, causing an OOS.
  • Fixed tooltip in planet view colonization tab not clearing between updates and just adding lines each update until it crashes.
  • Safed up some code that should keep a rare CTD from happening.
  • Prevent Species from creating hybrids with their own sub species.
  • Temporary modifiers added to a system are now also added to the fleet and ships inside that system.
  • Increased threading scalability for when updating the ai attitudes.


  • An interface for unassigning envoys has been added and can be opened through clicking on the envoy count in the top bar.
  • Cohesion tooltip shows how it is impacted by each law separately now to make it more clear.
  • Adjusted the decision elements in galactic community voting so the last one is fully shown.
  • The Javorian Pox Sample modifier now has a modifier icon.
  • Added modifiers tooltip to civics with custom desc.
  • Show acceptance icon and tooltip also for non-possible actions.
  • Made sure scroll bar works for city appearance and ship type in species creation view.
  • Enclaves and Marauders now show their government names in the contacts list.
  • Galactic Community scrollbar is now properly sized.


  • The AI will no longer support resolutions it is in breach of, and will now more consistently support their repeal.
  • AI gestalts should set purge policies correctly. Empathic AI hive minds should no longer use the full purge allowed policy.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed federation diplo actions tooltip when other member is rivaling/rivaled by the one you are communicating with.
  • The last selected envoy is no longer still selected when the envoy selection interface is closed and reopened.
  • Federation tutorials shows up on initially opening the window and not only when switching tabs.
  • Added missing localisation strings for d_ruin_bluelotus, part of the “Blue Lotus” event chain.
  • Clarified descriptions for resolutions to denounce Fallen Empires in the War in Heaven.
  • Blocked favor spending in the galactic community if issue is voted on and empire is abstaining or if resolution is proposed but empire is not supporting.
  • Fixed a bug where advanced empires would sometimes start with more districts than fits on their planet.
  • When unlocking new ship sizes, they will now use the best components even when auto-gen is turned off.
  • You can no longer use the Hegemon origin as an egalitarian empire.
  • All opinion tooltips show relations and the opinions of both empires.
  • The Commonwealth of Man will no longer be spawned if you start as the UNE with 0 AI nations in the galaxy setup options.
  • Added a cooldown to Migrating Forests event and made clearing them slightly less expensive.
  • Added missing ai economic plans for empires without need for food and consumer goods.
  • Fixed a case where some robot pops could be assimilated to get the cybernetic or psionic trait.
  • Fixed the description for being demanded to become a tributary so it doesn’t confuse who will become whose tributary.
  • Made the description for “Offer Protectorate”, when receiving the offer, fit on the screen.
  • Fixed some placeholder text in the “Ruins” digsite.
  • Banned users are now banned and do not start hotjoin and get stuck on savegame transfer if host accepts the request.
  • Contested systems should not be eligible to be added to a sector by any party.
  • Fixed a bug where casus belli for colossus weren’t added.
  • Fixed a case where you could get contradictory notifications about the foundation of the Galactic Community.
  • Fixed a bug where while changing species rights, jobs weren’t updated.
  • Nonstandard strike craft updated to match new strike craft balance. Note that many of these intentionally do not operate in a PD role.
  • Fixed some issues with tiny planets in the Resource Consolidation origin solar system.
  • Made sure Mean Time To Happen works consistently over its various functions.
  • Fixed a bug when envoys could be elected as country leaders.
  • Hide governor title box in celestial object display if there is no governor title to show.
  • Improved and harmed relation effects now decay separately if no envoy actively pushing them.
  • Account for favors when displaying diplo value of supported motions in galactic community.
  • You can no longer use Displacement or Neutering purge types on non-sentient robots.
  • Removed scientist skill requirements from the last few special projects needing them.
  • Hegemon Origin now starts with a 20 year term instead of Status Change.
  • Fixed incorrect DLC flagging on the Public Relations Specialists Megacorp civic.
  • Fixed the Metadata for Federations OST to feature the correct song names, same as the Original Soundtrack folder for Federations.
  • Mega Shipyard now has the correct influence cost.
  • Merchant Guilds no longer blocks Byzantine Bureaucracy.
  • Non-homicidal gestalts now have access to the Displacement purge policy.
  • Fixed a bug where you could build ships while rebuilding shipyards.
  • Fixed a bug where you could replace starbase shipyards.
  • The Shattered Ring starting system now cannot have any further megastructures in (as is the norm for ringworld systems).
  • Fixed the location for building habitats, which sometimes broke.
  • Minor Sanctions that have already been passed cannot be proposed again while they are already galactic law.
  • Fixed the bug when planned colony or fleet templates weren’t removed during starbase occupation/destruction.
  • Re-added the description of ships in the shipyard tooltips.
  • Fixed typo in Scion event.
  • When pressing the close button or its shortcut in the diplo event window, ignore dialog only event options when trying to deduct the default one.
  • Fleets with the Nanite Interdictor can now be upgraded.
  • Buried Lithoids deposit now uses the correct icon.
  • Added tooltip info about when the current federation presidential term will end on the active term length law.
  • Fixed Shoulders of Giants sometimes lacking the planets needed to progress the chain.
  • Secondary species of primary species with no preferred planet preference get the habitability of the home planet selected during empire creation.
  • Job priorities for pops are recalculated when a planet changes controllers. Important on invasions.
  • Removed a bunch of cases when we validate the government of countries that don’t use governments.
  • Made it so government restrictions respect species restriction.
  • Blocked over-trading of favors.
  • Added a restriction to the country created by the lost colony origin to exclude hiveminds and machine empires.
  • Fixed the issue when starbase retaken from enemy could upgrade into nothing.
  • Fixed the bug when ethics almost never shifted.
  • The view for unassigning envoys are updated after switching empires using the play command.
  • Fix ship design unique key (should be size + name).
  • The Galactic Bureaucracy tech no longer displays a removed tier 3 bureaucratic building.
  • Player can’t use more than 10 favors per country per resolution.
  • Fixed a bug when two research projects could be run at the same time.
  • Fixed German description for Artisan jobs.
  • The Juggernaut technology now requires Battleships instead of Titans.
  • Adjusted allow triggers so AI does not build buildings that are supposed to be destroyed.
  • Changed checksum to show the current one, coloring it yellow if the game has altered the checksum.
  • Fixed an issue where you would not be able to build habitats as Void Dwellers without the Utopia DLC.
  • Imposing ideology through war should not freeze the game anymore.
  • Robots that are released from servitude should no longer occasionally decide to use their newfound freedom to purge themselves.