Stellar Warfare Update Patch Notes – August 19, 2021

Stellar Warfare update 34 (August 19, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Stellar Warfare patch notes, the latest update added improvements, fixes, and much more.

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Stellar Warfare Patch Notes (August 19, 2021)

– Made scrollbar brighter in the ship editor (players couldnt find it)

Made loot drop tooltip button and multiplayer start game visible on screens with less than 1080 height (players with widescreens couldnt press start)

Made the back button in the lobby list higher for those with a screen with 768 height

Moved ship designer elements to make them less confusing

In the next patch I have increased the laser shield cooldown from 15 seconds to 30 and decreased the range from 150 to 100. The latter I wanted to do myself to make it so that they cover a less large area and thus seem more like ‘personal defenses’. This is after feedback of missile shields feeling OP to some.

Made a seperate host Skirmish, Host Coop wavedef and Host battle royale button (some players seemed to think the game only had 1 or 2 game modes)

Added bot with roles to the discord (players wanted to more easily find opponents)

Made burst artillery 5x more accurate (players found artillery too inaccurate)

Made Storage, Habitat Stations and some similar buildings less expensive

Buildings now derive their costs from the actual game objects rather than manual input. This fixes the “Plasma artillery laser cannon costs incorrect” bug @Feathy reported

I have unlocked campaign mission 2. I actually wanted to wait until I could have added the voice overs, but I also want to give as much content as possible to people trying the game. I also promised to unlock one campaign mission roughly 3 weeks and I want to make sure I stay on schedule with that too. -> I found found a bug related to this. So I have disabled this button again, sorry. Will work on it soon though, and should be able to implement voice lines soon as well!

Shipyard explosion is now bigger

Made planets less bright

Fixed community feedback: Resolutions didnt show refresh rate which made it look like there were duplicate options

Fixed community feedback: Captured zabu generators now have an orange icon if you look at them from far away enough

Fixed community feedback: ship build buttons how have a progress bar on them

Fixed community feedback: progress bar for building build buttons

Regular update / council changes. The coop related ones are indirectly also done as a result of players wanting PVE game mode options. Here’s the list:

– Changed gauss cannon speed from 200 to 300
– Changed gauss repeater speed from 180 to 280
– Changed Gatling cannon spread from 2 to 3
– Changed Mini cannon spread from 2 to 3
– Magma Cannon: increased damage to 24
– Magma Repeater: increased damage to 16
– Duo Cannon: increased damage to 32
– Cutters: reduced range to 200

Fixed bug of players start a multiplayer lobby getting the wrong team

Fixed movement command destination too high/low

Added a button for guides and the discord to the main menu

Allied surveyors now shouldnt draw lines towards the building the player is trying to place

Player projectiles and missiles now actually hit enemy ships in multiplayer coop

Players can now hit transports again

AI units in coop wavedefense should now always be red again

Zabu generators in coop should now change to the allies color if captured

Allied smartlasers in coop wave defense should no longer shoot down friendly missiles

Fixed AI healthbars not visible in multiplayer coop

Fixed projectilee colors wrong + sometimes 2 projectile visuals attached to 1 object

Coop wavedefense scorescreeen should now display everything properly
– Added coop difficulty sliders to the network lobby
– Client now reads difficulty sliders in the network lobby
– Players are now forced to be the same team in coop wavedefense
– Client team dropdown now disabled if game mode is wave defense
– Team dropdown is now visible again when switching back from wave defense game mode to skirmish or battle royale
– Custom values can now be saved per lobby for its settings
– Added a check to see if we still need to check if we can hit enemies or not. If we can already hit them then stop doing more checks; they are redundant
– Made it so that the client cant touch the wavedef settings
– New accuracy for artillery
– Made flak artillery 5x more accurate
– Made plasma artillery twice as accurate
– Made the repressor turret 100% accurate instead of ‘largely accurate’
– Made the missiledef cannon 3x more accurate
– Made plasma fortress 33% more accurate
– Fixed player projectiles not hitting AI in singleplayer
– Magma cannon is unlocked by default again
– Added the Challenger Warship
– Fixed bug of some menu buttons not working after doing the tutorial
– Removed ‘Exit Game’ button from the multiplayer menu
– Guides and Discord button now dissapears when you go to multiplayer or singleplayer selection
– The Raider medium ship is now unlocked by default. This gives new players access to 3 light, 3 medium and 3 heavy units by default
– Added the Gautling cannon
– Fixed issue with enemy surveyor tooltip bugging due to not being able to retrieve weapon and module slot data
– Made storage more expensive again, fixed an AI surveyor tooltip issue
– Coop wavedef enemy units should no longer spawn at the centre of the map
– Enemy ship colors in coop wavedef should now be red instead of the player color
– Transports no longer spawn in wave defense
– AI ships no longer have the host name in the tooltip in coop wavedef
– Reset wave defense difficulty on going back to the main menu to prevent wave difficulty desyncs in coop
– @LaOch made it so that there is no change in unit health under difficulty 10
– Made it so that singleplayer and multiplayer coop enemy units health are the same
– Each difficulty vs AI above 10 (the default) will now increase the health AND damage. This means that on 10 difficulty ships will have 100% health and 100% damage. But on 50% difficulty they will have 500% health and 500% damage. This is in addition to the extra amount of ships that will spawn
– Health sync test check for difficulty 1: done
– Fixed colors for real now in the coop wavedef
– Fixed coop wavedefense allied smartlasers shooting down friendly missiles
– Fixed coop wavedefense double tooltips
– Damage buff is now no longer applied to player units and only to AI units as intended (above difficulty 10)
– Modified the amount of ships that spawn in wavedef
– In coop wavedefense the AI health above difficulty 10 will now also be multiplied by the amount of players in the room. The damage buff is not increased by the player amount.
– Fixed “Stareater” has the wrong ship icon when u find it + in build menu compared to the ship editor model
– Fixed multiplayer lobby always starting out as wavedef
– Fixed some players not able to shoot down incoming missiles fired by the AI in coop wave defense
– Added raider + challenger ship icons (thx algor!)

Increased Daedalus speed to 78, made meta/power cost difference in Lunaria less big, reduced cost of The Brick and increased its speed to 40, changed tiamat stats to the councils suggestion (kind of a big change there dont you think? risky!), nerfed weldcannon according to the council’s decision, added The Ravager medium range anti light weapon based on The Council’s suggestion. Ignored the suggestion for the shield buff (again), other things take priority right now. Feel free to suggest that last one again in a week or two though ^^

In the next patch you will also get the following shipframes by default; Light: Discus Medium: Repair Cruiser Heavy: The Brick

Transports in Battle Royale now spawn with 1 second intervalls instead of 5 at the same time (when they spawned at the same time it caused an audio artifact bug which really bothered me)

Tweaked color of progress bars

Moved the ‘Join game’ button up in the multiplayer menu. Also put a spacer between the various ‘host game’ buttons and the ‘go back to main menu’ buttons to make the menu more ordered

Lag aim predict implemented for discus, harvester and surveyor (i hope)
– Fixed issue where if a surveyor stood still the aim predict would aim in front o fit
– Reverted gauss cannon and gauss repeater speeds, changed host/join multiplayer button in the ship editor to ‘go to multiplayer menu’
– Made minor campaign line choices and pre-recorded all voice lines myself to better help the VO artists (recorded 55 voice lines)

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