Steep Update 1.13 released with minor fixes – Changelog


Steep update 1.13 now available all platforms. The latest Steep version 1.13 has increased the difficulty level on some Olympic events. Now, event offers a more challenging experience. Previously, version 1.12 was released with new controls and other bug fixes to the game. Check out more details about Steep 1.13 update below.

Steep 1.13

Steep Update 1.13 Patch Notes

Increased the difficulty level on some Olympic events. In this way those event will now offer a more challenging experience and it’ll be less easy to get those medals. Complete list below:

  • Big air (Gold)
  • Slopestyle (Silver, Gold)
  • Downhill (Gold)
  • Giant Slalom (Gold)
  • Slalom (Gold)
  • Super G (Gold)
  • Half pipe (Gold)

Check your game update and download latest Steep update 1.13.