Stationeers July 19 Update Patch Notes – July 13, 2022


Stationeers update is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Stationeers patch notes, the latest update added various bug fixes and gameplay changes. Apart from this, the Stationeers patch also includes stability fixes.

Recently, a major update added various tweaks and changes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing issues with the game. Today’s Stationeers update will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.


Stationeers Patch Notes – July 19, 2022

Bug Fixes v0.2.3456.16909

  • Fixed in game hair variant not changing correctly when wearing hats or helmets
  • Added Appliances (Microwave/ReagentMixer) and Fabricators (Autolathe etc…) are now ignition sources. They will also put out a small amount of extra heat when they are operating. Be careful using in environments that have volatiles etc…
  • Added ability to ping ui slots for tutorials
  • Fixed misc NREs when loading game on dedicated
  • Fixed CommsMotherboard exception on dedicated when joining
  • Fixed saving spinner being visible when you launch the game until a game is saved
  • Minor optimizations to logic screw audio noises.
  • Minor optimizations to audio, trading, and logicOnOff button.
  • Optimized occlusion manager handling of dynamic things.
  • Optimized batterycell flashing animation and helmet switch state animations.
  • Optimized LogicDisplay render text changes, and roadflare burning.
  • Optimized wheel rotation for stacker, vending machine refrigerator.
  • Optimizing drilling animations for the Mining Drill.
  • Optimized movement controller to reduce memory allocation for jumping and emotes.
  • Fixed mission pings not showing up for things in slots
  • Fixed Star settings were not being correctly applied to world. New Star class (may require a change by modded worlds) applied for the two star mappings. Also optimized the star rotation and material functionality.
  • Removed obsolete methods. Pointing Checkfiles to new StationSaveUtils class
  • Fixed NRE directory when starting new game
  • Added German suit voice.
  • Updated Audio processing on English suit voice.
  • Added placeholders and migration methods for new save directory structure.
  • Fixed broken seams between chunks. This is an exploratory fix, it may now allow seams to be better sealed. This allows chunks to make as many rebuild tasks as it likes.
  • Fixed normal maps too heavy for new human cosmetic pack faces
  • Added Large Passive Radiator. It is optimised for convective cooling/heating and will be most effective in environments with world atmosphere. The Device is fully passive and the liquid/Gas will flow throw the radiator in the direction of pressure.
  • Added ItemKitPassiveLargeRadiator recipe to PipeBender Tier 2 printer.
  • Updated Character Creation scene, using the same suit (hardsuit) for both masculine and feminine human species.
  • Fixed helmet added in character creation scene doesn’t match the suit.
  • Added DLC cosmetic hair to all female and male DLC characters.
  • Fixed facial expression not working for one of the new faces
  • Optimized locker handling of making items visible/invisible when closing.
  • Optimized render change assignments when being made off the main thread.
  • Optimized off thread changes for Entities, Sensors, IC Writer Motherboard, and Logic Buttons.
  • Optimized Status update (blinking notifications).
  • Optimized player suit leak system and prepared context strings for localization.
  • Fixed skybox prefabs would remain in scene when returning to main menu from a game.
  • Updated all menu scene previews for world to be more interesting, with additional prefabs and more effects, new textures, and models.
  • Replaced old UI planetary main menu Vulcan scene with an improved one.
  • Replaced in-game Vulcan Black Hole Sun with an animated and visually improved model.
  • Fixed plants were decaying when planted in a tray. Credit: Neouni

Optimized item decay. Was being handled individually (!!). Now moved to a centralized tick, on the server and client, that handles decay on items. Currently being handled on the main thread but in future can be moved to a worker system. This could give significant memory and performance improvements for bases that have a lot of decayable items.

  • Optimized Station Batteries so their flashing image was no longer generating coroutines and causing memory churn.

Optimized Chunk Generation and item out of bounds despawning to reduce memory churn and CPU usage in cleaning up, especially when lots of chunks are being rendered at once or items are falling out of bounds.

  • Optimized WaitThenInteract for all interactables. Now no longer uses coroutines that was causing memory turnover and wasted CPU cycles.
  • Optimized WallLight shadow changes. Now no longer uses coroutines that was causing memory turnover and wasted CPU cycles. This was occuring as players walked around, so very often especially if you had a lot of lights. With large bases this will reduce some of the GC overhead for memory, helping slightly for CPU.
  • Removed old LogicType.Idle functionality from ArcFurnace, as it was effectively useless.
  • Added LogicType.Idle to ArcFurnace. While return 1 while the ArcFurnace is actively smelting, and 0 once it has finished.
  • Added LogicType.Idle variable to door. Will return 1 while the door is animating, false while it is not 0.

Pulled ArcFurnace tooltip strings out into GameString so they can be localized to other languages. This will be a long process where we pull out of a lot of these strings.

  • Optimized ArcFurnace to not use coroutines for smelting. Changed from LocalGrid to GridPosition for source of smelting gas, possibly fixing arc furnace if it is the source of heat spot bug sometimes reported on forums.
  • Fixed ReagentReader next mode was reversed, causing the wrong direction to be used when getting the next mode. Credit: Risu.
  • Fixed possibility of an invalid cast of an enum for Programmable Chips for double and int. Credit: Risu.
  • Added LogicType.EnvironmentEfficiency and LogicType.WorkingGasEfficiency values to be read on the StirlingEngine, at the request of Mordiaky from discord.

Added action to motherboards and circuitboards for AttackWith a screwdriver. If you use a screwdriver on a motherboard or circuitboard, you can clear the motherboard. This will attempt to delete all references on the board, helping when they get bricked due to null devices containing a reference when deleted. Options to do this on the card will be dealt with later, but this is a temporary solution.

  • Optimized AdvancedAirlockControl and AirlockControl to no longer use coroutines giving performance gains, especially where they are used often. Also increases the speed of the airlocks significantly. Reduces the GC can CPU usage for airlock controllers.
  • Added IsBusy property to Doors to allow for faster operation of airlocks and associated systems.
  • Fixed exceptions caused by missing cosmetics data on characters during load.
  • Fixed handling of null character kit resulting in halted execution during load. Now will gracefully print an error in the console and continue loading.

Added Nitrice (Ice) item and Nitrice voxel deposits. These will only appear in new worlds, as VoxelTypes are created for your save file, to preserve save functionality during balancing and changes. ‘Nitrice’ is a form of Solid Nitrogen found as deposits. It is an inert gas that can be useful for pressurizing atmospheres. It will become more useful once O2 and CO2 toxicity is introduced.

  • Fixed a variety of strings in the Stationpedia were incorrectly using color tags.
  • Added a lot of links in the stationpedia that were missing, to help people find information better.
  • Fixed missing character kits getting stripped in build
  • Fixed server pausing on hosted server.
  • Fixed head meshes not showing up in character customization
  • Fixed missing materials in character customization scene
  • Added placeholders for improving steam cloud sync for saves
  • Fixed port being parsed as an int32. Changed to uint16 all the way down the chain.
  • removed blocked.txt in favour of new banning system
  • Improved server banning. Now adds ID to blacklist regardless if client exists. File location now respects SaveData setting.
  • Fixed LargeExtendableRadiator required a mkII angle grinder to deconstruct (now any angle grinder will deconstruct it).
  • Added Script for Large Radiator.
  • Fixed issues with player cookie being used on dedicated server
  • Fixed character dlc missing script in player prefab again
  • Moved devconfig to persistent folder and out of repo
  • Fixed character hair choice being offset by one on loading character customisation
  • Fixed missing character kits for DLC
  • Fixed character changes reverting when opening character creation
  • Fixed voice notification changes not saving
  • Added new graphic for quick save button
  • Added new human DLC pack
  • Adjusted game string formatting for localization
  • Added AutoPauseServer setting when no clients are connected. True by default.
  • Added meta server game session refresh attempt after a failture happening.
  • Added placeholder for nonsteam clientId system.
  • Changed pinging meta server to every 30s. Now silently tries again if fails
  • Fixed Localisation error for bottle slots on powered WaterBottleFiller.
  • Fixed Powered WaterBottleFiller Throws error when using smart rotate.
  • Removed Animator Component from Powered WaterBottleFiller.
  • Fixed InvalidOperationException in ElectricityManager.SerialiseDeltaState() when player joins
  • Changed RocketBinaryWriter.Position from method to property to add setter as well.

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