Stationeers July 13 Update Patch Notes – July 13, 2022


A new Stationeers update is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Stationeers patch notes, the latest update added improvements to Survival loops, optimizations and improvements. Apart from this, Stationeers patch also includes various bug fixes.

Recently, a major update added various tweaks and changes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing issues with the game. Today’s Stationeers update will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.


Stationeers Patch Notes – July 13, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed weather station and tweaked vane movement
  • Fixed falling through the ground when closing stationpedia
  • Removed save buttons from menu for clients
  • Add early return so we don’t make a game session for master server while in tutorial
  • Fixed erroneously sent network update causing the mining robot to be fixed in place on clients
  • Fixed about 20 instances, across the project, of potential unnecessary network updates beings sent
  • Fixed compile error from last commit
  • Changed Tutorial stripping for dedicated server to build server argument checks
  • Removed placeholder setting DeleteHumanOnDeath
  • Added actual setting DeleteSkeletonOnDecay
  • Fixed hydroponics tutorial again
  • Fixed powered water bottle filler slots
  • Added placeholder for DeleteHumanOnDeath setting
  • Added deletelooseitems command
  • Replaced Kit Sensor item mesh with a custom one that is optimized and looks far better.
  • Removed StreamingAssets/Tutorial directory from dedicated server saving 1.5GB
  • Added initial setup for localization improvements
  • Fixed exit game popup showing incorrect buttons
  • Added localisation game string to quick save and save as buttons in menu
  • Fixed error sending process message from server to client in robot
  • Changed dedicated server default save location from Environment.CurrentDirectory to Application.dataPath parent dir
  • Fixed issue where tutorial blueprints would not disappear on quit
  • Added new WaterBottle Filler. This is a powered device with an switch to turn it on and off. Its switch will flash an error if it cannot get water (either none, or too hot, or too cold). This provides more feedback to the user, as well as allowing users to toggle it on and off. Uses a very small amount of power.
  • Depreciated the old Waterbottle Filler. It will still spawn in, but deconstructing it will give the kit, which now points to the new Waterbottle filler. So existing saves should work fine, but all new fillers will be the new type.
  • Fixed SavePath setting not being respected in dedicated servers
  • Added quick save function key F5
  • Added closing pause menu instantly after save or save as
  • Removed save buttons from pause menu in tutorial
  • Fixed ice machine not outputting correctly
  • Changed Ice Crusher. Optimized by removing use of coroutines. Ice Crusher will now stop and heat up its internal atmosphere if it is too cold. Now also has a small tooltip window that tells you the pressure and temperature inside.
  • Changed Ice to Smelt at 5 degrees C, rather than 0 degrees C.
  • Fixed Smelted Ores/Ice that were inside a vacuum, their gas temperature was lerping towards zero. Now smelted ore/ice gas will come out at its defined temperature when being smelted into a vacuum.
  • Added Quick Save button in menu
  • Added Save Game As button in menu
  • Removed atmos spawn debug from shipped builds
  • Removed more log spam
  • Fixed potential null errors in tutorial steps related to character
  • Fixed Gas Mixing Tutorial getting stuck on open Waste Tank step (introduced Rev.16750)
  • Fixed Things without animators returning the incorrect Open value when reading IsOpen on the main thread.
  • Fixed autosave attempting to run in the tutorial
  • Fixed some unnecessary log span regarding auto save
  • Added info/info-verbose command to provide info about any IReferencable (command is: “thing [info/info-verbose] [ReferenceId])
  • Fixed Bug in 1st tutorial(Basic Concepts) where it could get stuck on “Wait for pressure to reach 60kpa” step due to the welder over-heating the room atmosphere to an out of bounds value in the check. Removed the temperature and molar check for this step.

Download free Stationeers update on PC (Steam).