State Of Decay 2 Update 34 Patch Notes (Curveballs)

State of Decay 2 update 34 is available to download on Xbox One, Steam, and Windows 10. According to the official State of Decay 2 patch notes, the latest update 34 introduces Curveballs, which are unpredictable events with significant and minor effects. These events impact various aspects of the game, including zombies, Plague Hearts, the community, base, and world events. Apart from this, the State of Decay 2 patch 34 also includes a revamped UI system that assists in tracking and notifying players about Curveballs, adding an exciting layer of unpredictability to the survival experience in the game.

Previously, a major State of Decay 2 update 30 added the ability to continue playing with a community after completing a Legacy. Unfortunately, since the last patch 33, many players are facing issues while playing the game. Today’s State of Decay 2 update 34 will fix a few of them.

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State of Decay 2 Patch 34 Notes – September 18, 2023

Curveballs – Unpredictable Events:

  • Curveballs are new events introduced in this update, representing unpredictable and ever-changing occurrences in the post-apocalyptic world.
  • These events can happen at random or in response to your in-game actions.

Combination of Effects:

  • Curveballs can have up to three different effects, categorized into Major and Minor variations.
  • Major effects are significant and marked by a star symbol in the effects panel.
  • Minor effects complement the Majors, adding variety to the gameplay.

Impact on Zombies and Plague Hearts:

  • Zombie Curveballs can alter zombies’ damage, speed, and resistances, making them stronger or weaker.
  • Infestations may spawn zombies with unusual behaviors or effects.
  • Plague Hearts can also change over time, becoming more or less dangerous.

Community and Base Changes:

  • Curveballs can affect your community’s stamina, morale, proficiencies, and the effectiveness of base facilities.
  • These effects can vary depending on the specific Curveball event.

World Events:

  • Curveballs extend their influence to various aspects of the game, including looting chances, resource availability, radio actions, and encounters with hostile survivors.

Location and Global Curveballs:

  • Some Curveballs are location-specific, occurring only in certain areas of the game world.
  • Global Curveballs affect the entire game world, regardless of your location.

Resolving Curveballs:

  • Timed Curveballs naturally expire over time, and their effects will dissipate.
  • Objective Curveballs require you to complete specific in-game objectives to remove their influence.

Curveballs UI:

  • A new UI system has been implemented to track Curveball events.
  • The Curveball Menu records all upcoming, active, and expired Curveballs.
  • It provides details about the events, their effects, and any relevant information.
  • Positive and negative modifiers are clearly marked for easy reference.

Curveballs and the Map:

  • The in-game map has been updated to visualize where Curveballs are affecting the game world and where their objectives are relevant.

Curveball Notifications:

  • Notifications will appear in the game to inform you when a Curveball is starting soon, becoming active, ending, or when objectives related to a Curveball are completed or updated.

Download free State of Decay 2 patch 34 on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

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