Starmancer Update 0.1.51 Patch Notes – December 13, 2021

Starmancer update 0.1.51 (December 13, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Starmancer patch notes, the latest update added various tweaks, new changes, features, and improvements.

Previously, a big update added a new faction, new creatures, new skills, and status effects.

Check out more details below.

Starmancer Patch Notes (December 13, 2021)

New Stuff
  • Every item in the game is now technically edible. And by that, I mean that your colonists can eat it and the item disappears–in exchange for liver damage. (and if you have preview off, colonist’s don’t even have livers).
  • Colonists can now drag and drop each other
  • Unconscious colonists are no longer context orderable
  • Added a context option for waking up a sleeping colonist (by shouting).
  • Jobs that should only be performed by 1 colonist now default to unassigned, such as Doctor, Pilot, and Engineer. This allows the player to more easily assign a single colonist to the job.
  • Monsters now spawn with items and drop them on death (so that you can click on a zombie to see if it has anything worth killing it for)
  • All types of seeds (except wheat) are now dropped by a specific monster: (other sources of seeds were unchanged)
    • Tomato Seeds: Zombie
    • Potato Seeds: Cuddler
    • Carrot Seeds: Slime

When a colonist is eaten by a zombie, its head will now be stored in the inventory of the zombie, and it must be killed before the colonist can be regrown (because you have to get the head out of the belly)

    • This is also true for cannibals, but you can make them drop items. Unless their morale is too low, in which case you’ll also have to kill them.
  • Colonist’s germ count is now displayed in the health tab, with the atmosphere values
  • Added a message log, which replaces most messages that appear in the center of the screen
  • The mission ship now offloads “supply caches” when it lands, allowing the ships to travel
  • Added the incinerator, for disposing of dead bodies or any unwanted items.
  • Colonists can now hide in objects, like beds and incinerators, preventing monsters from seeing them.
  • Toilets can now be connected to the Waste Recyclers with liquid pipes to automatically transfer Biowaste
  • Added context option for equipping and removing helmets.
  • Added context option for eating dead body.
  • Pressing ‘H’ will now toggle the HUD on and off.
  • Colonists can now be picked up and placed somewhere else, Rollercoaster Tycoon style
  • Colonist heads must now be manually harvested and returned to the analyzer when they die. Harvesting the head awards doctor experience
  • After a head is harvested, a “headless remain” is placed. This must be taken to the incinerator. It can also be eaten.

Dead bodies now decay after 48 hours unless they’re in a cold room. When the body decays it emits a massive amount of germ, leaving the head behind. Small chance to zombie.

  • Created a new starting station
  • Added some Winter holiday cosmetics
Fixes / Minor
  • Water Recycler now produces 2 purified water for every 1 dirty water.
  • Oxygen Emitter now spawns with 1 water and each water can produce oxygen for 72 hours (previously was 24 hours)
  • Colonists can now be interacted with when sleeping in beds (previously their “access positions” were repositioned to be on top of the bed, and beds are unwalkable)
  • Improved look of context menu
  • Fixed some issues with the cuddler and zombie animations
  • Eating biowaste now has a chance to make colonists puke.
  • Starting item caches will no longer have multiple types of items in them.
  • The knockout command is now ended when the target is knocked out. Previously the knocker outer would flee from the unconscious target for a bit.
  • Pumpkin plushie now uses the correct sprite when being repositioned.
  • Blood now has a name and icon when selecting it via the context menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the final objective (deliver high tier resources to the core terminal) couldn’t be finished.

Context menu actions now always display the name of option, and the text that indicates why the option is “invalid” is now shown next to the option name.

  • Fixed a bug where finishing an objective and then loading (without quitting the game or returning to main menu) would prevent the objective from advancing to the next message

Mountable objects (including the hauler) can no longer be repositioned while being used. This includes: Beds, Toilets, Ships, Chairs, Healing Booth (in preview).

  • Manually depositing an item to a fallback storage zone will no longer change the zone’s filter (because it’s fallback, so the item was already valid).
  • Fixed a bug where the whispers perk couldn’t drain targets correctly
  • Fixed a bug where windows could be built instantly by placing them twice.
  • Dead slimes now become “slime puddles” and must be manually cleaned.
  • Temperature values are now more consistently handled when atmosphere pressure is low (in a vacuum, there’s no temperature, because there’s no air)
  • Objects (and colonists) when selecting them for the context menu will now display their mouse over status
  • Fixed a bug where objects wouldn’t be correctly “stopped using” after loading
Added Virus Maker. Choose symptoms and make viruses with Refined Goolerium. Scan corpses of infected colonists to unlock new symptoms. Slimes can also be infected and scanned

  • Viruses have a few attributes:
    • Power: Colonists can be infected with one virus at a time. Viruses with a higher power level than the current virues will infect colonists when they’re exposed
    • Duration: How long the virus lasts
    • Stability: Chance to mutate when infecting a colonist. When a virus mutates, it replaces one of its symptoms with a random symptom. Natural viruses always have 3 symptoms.
    • Transmission: Chance to infect another colonist
  • Added many virus symptoms, such as: Bald, Undead, Tape Worm, Stinky Breath, Drunk, Ginger, and Diarrhea
  • Added a UI to show the colonist’s current disease
  • Shamblers now deal radiation damage to colonists. Radiation doesn’t affect HP and damages organs instead.
Fixed a bug where colonists would be repositioned to 0,0,0 after warping (this was related to their heart being destroyed by warp radiation)

  • Added attributes to the item tooltip. Virus syringes use this to show their symptoms

Download free Starmancer patch 0.1.51 on PC.

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