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Starbase Patch Notes (Major Update Build 572) – August 26, 2021


A new Starbase update (EA Build 572) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Starbase patch notes, the latest update added a health bar, a new market station, and much more.

Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes and changes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. Starbase patch will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.


Starbase Patch Notes (August 26, 2021)

Major Features
  • Health Bar
  • Players gradually heal when inside a Safe Zone
  • New Market Station added over 300 km deep into the belt, includes:
    – Auction House and very low 2% tax. This AH is not connected to Origin AH’s.
    – All ship shops
    – Easy Build Hall
    – Ship Design Workshop
    – Refill stations
    – Insurance transfer with limited 100 km range
    – 50 km permanent safe zone
    – Notes:
    – This station does not buy ore or items. It’s only meant for player trading.
    – The station is located in the bottom area of the belt. You need to be mid-way from Origins to get the transponder to show, at approximately 200 km out.
    – There will initially be asteroids inside the safe zone. This is intended, as players seeking a brief refuge for mining can mine in safety until the asteroids are depleted. Note that you need to first get to the station to benefit from this. Also the station is not located in the highest tier asteroid zone.
  • Addressed 1st person Pipe Tool fire animation not activating correctly
  • Addressed animation not activating correctly when removing a weapon from a Tripod
  • Addressed legs not animating correctly during movement when firing the Shotgun
  • Addressed sprint animation looking wrong when equipped with Tripod autocannon
  • Added UI sounds for Pilot Chair bind menu
  • Added missing sounds for Auction House UI
  • Addressed incorrect window closing sounds when the Research Tree hadn’t been visible
  • New Audio Signal Device sounds
  • Toned down environmental noise when player is working in an in-game editor
  • Addressed an issue that caused creating company ranks to fail for new companies
  • Added “Frames” sub-category under the “Station modules” category
  • Added Hinge B 48×48 CM to hinges & hatches node
  • Categorised all current station modules
  • Addressed not being able to craft Full or Refill versions of Propellant Tanks
  • Addressed not being able to craft Solar Panels or Solar Panel Light Sensors
  • Prevented crafting in Ship Designer test mode
  • Crafting from Crate requires Resource Bridge flow in and out
  • Addressed refunding Ore when crafting from Crate fails
  • Addressed Utility Body bolt profile issue where it couldn’t bolt properly
  • Plasma Thruster base propellant consumption reduced from 290 to 248
  • Players gradually heal when inside a Safe Zone
  • Addressed an issue that caused the player to spawn in an incorrect position after death
  • Addressed an issue where Ship sell confirmation was incorrectly visible on Ship spawn or Ship sell terminals
  • Now only custom items which include Ore should be blocked from inventory
  • “Despawn Ship” -text was changed to “Store Ship” in the ship despawn menu
  • A few changes to Settings menu description texts
  • Added Health Bar
  • Added new moon terrain, rotated the moon and raised the City above the ground
  • The city should now have longer “beam legs”, i.e. it shouldn’t float
  • New moon 1 ground level, ground shapes and textures
  • Moon city now has three limited range (100 km) insurance transfer terminals, located at the city main entrance, at the main flight port and at the tournament memorial
  • Addressed anyone being able to manipulate company owned ships in Safe Zones
  • Changed Tengium beams to Bastium on The Mako
  • Added description for:
    – A-Frame
    – Akantha EVO
    – Apis
    – Barrow40
    – Blood Hound V2 Auto
    – Blood Hound V2 Laser
    – Blood Hound V2 Plasma
    – Buzzard
    – Cyclone
    – Dart MKI
    – FRS Smooth
    – Fal-4F3L
    – Fire Scarab
    – Huginn
    – K9-Kalman
    – Leoforeio
    – Mantis (1)
    – Mantis (2)
    – Muninn
    – Svafa A
    – The Mako
    – UMT.1.0 “Badger” Standard
    – Workhorse Advanced
    – Workhorse Supply
  • Updated:
    – Croc
    – Pincer has been updated:
    – Control layout has been reworked for the ship
    – Ship now comes with 2 batteries and has new generator adjusting script making the ship more fuel efficient
    – EcoMode button also has a note to turn it off before using Cargo Lock Beams
Ship Designer
  • Added some additional info to the error message when an error concerning failing to load scene file data is shown
  • Addressed a crash when joining a group session in test mode
  • Addressed an issue where snap points were visualized incorrectly
  • Prevented F5 test mode toggle while the scene is saving, loading, buy custom ship dialog is open, or a state transition is already in progress
  • Prevented closing the buy ship dialogs while the buy operation is active
Ship Easy Build Mode
  • Addressed Easy Build created ships flipping when re-entering
  • Addressed name for Basic 2 T1 Fuel Rod & Rack module
  • Addressed resource containers sometimes emptying when module is placed for the first time
  • Addressed ships duplicating if ship’s thrusters are separated from the ship
  • Addressed welding in Corner 1 Ore Crate module
  • Toned down environmental noise when player is working in an in-game editor
  • Addressed Factory Hall Areas saving properly
  • Addressed Station Foundation’s rotation while placing
  • Addressed an issue that caused the first Easy Build Mode module being placeable anywhere inside the Easy Build Mode area instead of next to the Station Foundation module
  • Addressed an issue where devices did not properly power off when a Factory Hall Area was deactivated around them
  • Prevented devices working on stations outside Factory Hall Areas
  • Updated new trading station name to “Trading Station Markka”
  • Durability errors can now be viewed in game by hovering your reticle or cursor over them
  • Addressed an issue that caused the Building Tool to not repair
  • Added camera distance binds to tutorial hints
  • Added a Quickbar Edit tutorial
  • Addressed Repair Job ship respawning not always working during the last phase of Repair Job tutorial after logging out and back in
  • Addressed an issue during Crafting tutorial where the game showed the amount of ores owned incorrectly
  • Addressed quickbar highlight during tutorial to not highlight any non-visible quickbar and to select the quickbar that has the lowest position on the screen
  • New Mineral Discovery messages now work outside tutorial mode
  • Added short descriptions for handheld weapon magazines
  • Main menu updated with new Starbase logo
  • Addressed typo in Mounted Weapon Barrel locales: “Elelctricity” -> “Electricity”
  • Addressed Tripod weapon reload animation not playing
  • Improved locales for Tripod Autocannon:
  • Better explaining how to use the weapon and showing basic stats similar to what mounted ship weapon barrels have

Download free Starbase patch 20.8.2021 (EA Build 556) on PC.