Jedi Survivor PS5 Version 1.000.006 Patch Notes

Star Wars Jedi Survivor patch 1.000.006 is available to download on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. According to the official Star Wars Jedi Survivor patch notes, the latest update resolves various issues including rendering issues. Apart from this, Star Wars Jedi Survivor version 1.000.006 also addressed multiple crashes across PlayStation and Xbox Series XIS.

Recently, the game was released with positive reviews from critics and players. Unfortunately, players are experiencing glitches, crashes and more. Today’s Jedi Survivor version 1.000.006 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Version 1.000.006 Patch Notes 

  • Crashes that occurred when skipping cinematics have been fixed.
  • Multiple crashes across PlayStation and Xbox Series XIS have been fixed, including various areas of the game.
  • Performance improvements have been made for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XIS.
  • An issue with dynamic cloth inside the Mantis has been fixed.
  • Various rendering issues have been addressed.
  • Non-raytraced rendering has been improved for better performance.
  • An issue with registered Nekko colors not saving has been fixed.
  • The issue of registered Nekko disappearing from the stable has been resolved.
  • Cinematic dialogue overlapping has been fixed.
  • Collision issues have been addressed.
  • An issue with enemy AI remaining in T Pose during photo mode has been fixed.
  • A freeze that occasionally occurred while talking to Doma has been fixed.
  • The BD-oil visual effects rendering issue has been fixed.
  • An issue where players were getting stuck inside the Chamber of Duality if they didn’t save after leaving and died has been fixed.

Download free Jedi Survivor patch 1.000.006 on PS4, PS5 and Xbox.

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