Star Dynasties Update Patch Notes – October 18, 2021

Star Dynasties update is now available to download. According to the official Star Dynasties patch notes, the latest update added a list of major changes and bug fixes.


Previously, a update added various quality of life changes and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last Patch note. Today’s Star Dynasties patch will address a major changes.


Star Dynasties Patch Notes – October 18, 2021


  • Secret discovery, both passively and via Spy Network, has been reworked
  • Secrets now have an associated location, such that they can be passively discovered by the house of that location, or by a Spy Network on that location
  • Spy Network now reveals more of the petty secrets of the members of the ruling house of the target location
  • Spy Network can now be carried out on your home system and provides a defensive bonus against enemy spy networks
  • Spy Network now generates opportunities for disruption and sabotage on the target location
  • Spy Network now gradually reveals the residents of the target location, starting from the most important members of the ruling house
  • You can now extort non-ruler characters when you know one of their secrets (you can already blackmail rulers)
  • Added a suggestion listing the characters you can extort or blackmail
  • The list of secrets now highlights those that cannot be revealed by you
  • Secrets now have an icon which when hovered shows the expected honor consequences of revealing the secret
  • The action to reveal a secret now shows the honor consequence to you from doing so


  • When asked to join a side in combat, it is no longer possible for all choices to be dishonorable
  • Beneficiaries of a crime no longer get negative opinion towards the actor, and cannot be charged to avenge it
  • The charged update now tells you whether ignoring the charge has a moral penalty
  • The charged update now explains by what right the character charged you, and (where appropriate) why they in turn had an obligation to do so
  • When you are charged, you now get the opportunity to deal with the charge immediately
  • The justice panel now provides a mechanism by which you can see the direct options you have to deal with a charge or grievance
  • The justice panel now separates the charges you are obliged to deal with from the ones you are not
  • You can now offer to avenge a crime directly from the justice panel
  • Added action to fine a ruler for a larger amount
  • Added action to humiliate a noble on your system (1-sword crime/punishment). Nerve whipping is now a larger crime/punishment.
  • Rulers and nobles now resolve charges more consistently
  • It is now a smaller crime to fire someone from the council


  • Beta German Localization! (you can change language in the top right of the main menu)
  • You can now pet the dog
  • Tweaked game generation so it is less likely for your initial vassal barons to immediately betray you
  • You can now seduce characters that are part of your house
  • The “House” prefix for a house name is now mandatory
  • The star system summary now also shows unrest on system
  • Reduced cost of Spread Dissent to 30
  • Reduced per turn cost of Quell Unrest to 1
  • Many minor tweaks to UI, tooltips, in-game text, story events


  • You can no longer seduce characters in a faction with whom you are at war
  • Fixed bug where the player was not being told when a romantic partner broke up with them
  • It is no longer possible for a colony to have less than zero unrest
  • Fixed issue where a character would push a claim to rule an unknown system or faction
  • Fixed two rare causes of the end of turn soft-lock
  • Fixed soft-lock when switching to the Vassals tab while appointing a ruler to a rebuilt colony
  • Fixed bug where per turn cost of Quell Unrest was not being deducted from house finances
  • The “Cover Up” suggestion is no longer shown for secrets that are already being covered up, or which cannot be covered up
  • Fixed issue where some secrets where not prompting the “Cover Up” suggestion
  • Fixed issue where not all unmarried house members were showing up in the suggestion to marry off your house members
  • Fixed bug where sometimes you would bring along your dead spouse to a feast
  • Fixed issue where reputation and happiness bars in bottom toolbar where sometimes not drawn correctly