Squad Game Update 2.12 Patch Notes (Official) – February 9, 2022

    Squad update 2.12 is now available to download on PC. According to the official Squad patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes, gameplay optimizations and more.

    Previously, a major update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

    Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Squad patch 2.12 will fix a few of these issues.

    What is new in Squad February 9 Update?


    • Complete rework of Squad’s approach to dynamic shadows. Standard and Far Shadows have been replaced with more optimized Cascade Shadow Maps.
    • Updated Shadows now render out to 1km at all graphics settings. In addition to improving the visual fidelity at all settings, this also ensures that Low settings no longer give a significant competitive advantage for spotting targets.
      • The one exception is Fallujah, where shadow render distance has not been extended, pending more extensive map optimizations.
    • Updated Terrain shadows to now render out to 8km.
    • Implemented infantry player and infantry weapon Capsule shadows as a performance optimization at low settings.
    • Improved Distance Field Ambient Occlusion (DFAO) and enabled at all quality levels. This effect simulates the dimming of ambient light in enclosed spaces like buildings and forests.
      • The effect has been significantly optimized at all quality levels, which has allowed us to force it on for visual consistency.
      • The effect has been visually improved to eliminate most graphical artifacts and preserve visual detail in dark spaces.


    • Complete overhaul of the technical and artistic approach to lighting.
    • Switched to more physically accurate parameters for outdoor lighting. This achieved brighter highlights, deeper shadows, greater contrast, and more accurate colour. Some layers will continue to receive tweaks and improvements in the future.
    • Improved Ambient Lighting: Converted the Skylight to work with HDRI skyboxes, and removed the old Ambient Cubemaps. This gives the ambient lighting much better colour and contrast, which ensures that it fits the sky colour, and greatly improves the quality of the sky.
      • While all layers benefit from lighting changes out of the box, transitioning to a new HDRI sky-spheres is a very time-consuming process. More map layers will be upgraded with the HDRI sky spheres gradually in future updates.
    • Added subtle Volumetric Fog to all maps, which reacts to light more realistically.
    • Added Atmospheric Scattering to all maps, which improves ambient lighting and the shading of distant objects such as mountains.
    • Removed most artificial colour-grading. We now achieve the desired look using lighting alone, which preserves detail.
    • Removed Eye Adaptation from all layers to reduce exploits and allow for balanced gameplay in all areas.
    • Most night layers are now brighter in general.
    • Tunnels are now darker in general, to better represent these CQB areas.
    • Relit all tunnels with artificial lights and atmospheric effects, especially on Mestia.
    • Created a new shading pipeline for all grass and foliage, ensuring a more consistent and physically-accurate response to light. Fixed hundreds of foliage visual issues.
    • Overhauled thousands of materials, textures, and 3D models to react to light in a more physically accurate way.


    • Optimized the sky textures, which previously could cause system hitching on older hardware.
    • Updated textures of most infantry weapons and HMG’s, to bring them in line with a more realistic metallic look.
    • Fixed ambient reflections failing to save properly, which resulted in some maps missing pre-rendered reflections.
    • Adjusted most soldier clothing materials to be more consistent with each other and to respond to light in a more physically accurate way.
    • Fixed thousands of legacy assets that exhibited visual artifacts in the new lighting and fog.
    • Fixed incorrect shading on several landscapes.
    • Adjusted how Mesh Distance Fields work in the game engine, especially for subterranean spaces like tunnels. This addressed a number of visual bugs.
    • Fixed Ambient Occlusion artifacts on thousands of buildings, environment objects, and foliage assets.
    • Fixed issue with shiny roads on several maps.


    We noticed that there were still some untapped areas to improve performance, as well as provide better scalability options across the board – including for users on lower-end hardware – in our graphics menu options. This will continue to be iterated on following 2.12, as we look to improve optimization and offer better scalability options.

    • Added a Tessellation graphics toggle. This feature is currently enabled on the following maps: Anvil, Gorodok, Manic-5, Mestia, and Yehorivka, greatly increasing the close-up detail of the Landscape. Tessellation itself has also been significantly optimized.
    • Added a Material Quality graphics setting. Currently, this primarily affects the complexity of the Landscape. This is intended to give low-end hardware more performance options.
    • Added Dynamic Mesh Quality setting: Scales the quality of distant skeletal meshes, including soldiers, vehicles, and weapons.
    • Added GPU Occlusion toggle: Enabling this feature may help improve performance by reducing occlusion query times. This may not provide a benefit on all computers. It can cause objects to pop-in after one frame, such as when rapidly turning a corner.
    • Added Low Quality Environment toggle: Aggressively reduces maximum allowed quality of foliage and small rocks. This is intended for very old systems for which Low settings are still not sufficient. Note that this setting is currently not affected by graphics presets, so remember to turn it off if you decide to stop using it.



      • Added improved Client Performance Stats to better review game performance on machines with a more data-driven approach.
      • Updated point capture speed to scale by the number of players.
        • Capture speed will be shortened if one team has significantly more players in the point, relative to the other team. Scaling starts when one team has an advantage of at least 4 players, which will provide a 1.1x speed multiplier. This increases to 1.2x with 5 and 1.3x with 6, up to a maximum of 1.5x.
        • This allows a 120s AAS flag to be captured in as little as 80s.
        • Initial Neutral flags have an additional 1.3x speed multiplier.
    • Updated the backend of FOB Radio deployment, to reduce the possibility of clipping/glitching the FOB Radio into buildings, to prevent glitchy/exploitive FOB Radio placements.
    • Updated Main Protection Zones projectile destruction logic to now always destroy projectiles, even if there is no owning player.


      • Updated the infantry “Buddy Boost” feature to be easier to use, which allows a soldier to climb on top of another soldier to boost over a wall. More details below:
        • Removed the force which previously prevented infantry from standing on each other’s heads.
      • Updated soldier stamina to no longer regenerate during vaulting and climbing. Soldier stamina regeneration will be paused until these actions complete. Stamina cost for these actions has also been increased.
      • Designers Note: The intention with this change is to incur a more noticeable effect on soldier stamina when navigating obstacles, to bring more nuance to stamina management and navigating terrain.
      • Updated soldier ragdolls with several quality of life improvements and to fix some long-standing issues:
        • Updated ragdoll collisions to create fewer spasms and to allow ragdolls to settle into place more easily/smoothly.
        • Updated ragdoll motors to create a more realistic death with the pose being maintained.
        • Updated ragdoll ankles to be stiffer, to create a more realistic death but also to prevent soldier feet from twisting up in weird unrealistic ways.
        • Fixed an issue with ragdoll momentum, where previously the ragdoll would not maintain its forward momentum, this momentum should now be maintained.


    • Note: All three of the following critical issues are linked to a common root problem within Unreal Engine 4 regarding exported NetGUIDs and Seamless Travel. This fix will force the server to re-acknowledge the data, which means there will be increased bandwidth usage after a seamless travel (map change). This has been a difficult fix for us to track down, so far with the fix in place we have yet to reproduce this bug. However, if you experience any of these 3 bugs still in v2.12, please report on the Discord/Forums.
      • Potential Fix for the critical issue of players occasionally not seeing Logistic Vehicle’s construction supplies (“Logi Bug”).
      • Potential Fix for the critical issue of players occasionally suddenly getting sent to the spawn menu screen when entering certain vehicle passenger seats (“Passenger Seat Bug”).
      • Potential Fix for the critical issue of vehicles occasionally missing their turrets at the round start. When a player attempts to enter the vehicle’s turret seat, it will cause a game-breaking state (“Missing Turrets Bug”).
    • Fixed the long standing “FOB Double teleport bug”. This was a semi-rare issue where a two-step teleport sometimes occurred, seemingly out of nowhere. This usually resulted in putting a soldier up in the air, followed by a fall to their death. This is linked to the moment a FOB starts getting de-shoveled / HAB deactivated. This is a long-time legacy bug that has been difficult to reproduce reliably. The fix attempt involved removing some problematic systems that attempted to move a player before they became trapped within a deployable, which is suspected to be the cause of this issue. If you encounter this issue after this fix, we appreciate all player reports through discord, forums, etc. We have not been able to reproduce this issue since the fix was implemented.
    • Potential Fix for a client crash related to audio and gun sounds. This crash is currently not reproducible.
    • Fixed a client crash related to attempting to apply suppression effects due to an invalid projectile type, likely crashing most if not all clients on the server. It should no longer crash, but we will be monitoring client logs.
    • Potential Fix for a client crash related to network messages when joining a squad.
    • Fixed an issue with large jitters happening in the Vehicle Commander Seats of IFVs and Tanks. This occurred when the stabilizer was enabled and the gunner would move the turret while the vehicle commander would move their periscope/HMG.
    • Fixed the issue with modded custom factions causing an infinite loading screen. This should hopefully remove an annoying issue that some users have with our in-game mod browser.
    • Fixed an issue where excessive landscape DFAO was applied to meshes intersecting the landscape, which manifested as a harsh line in the distance.
    • Fixed a potentially exploitable issue with server fire projectile IDs.
    • Fixed a potentially exploitable issue with server vehicle hits to ragdoll soldiers.
    • Fixed a gameplay issue where in some circumstances, projectiles were dealing double damage to vehicles. This was a legacy issue that has been tough to isolate. This issue occurred when a projectile damage trace would hit both the vehicle turret and hull, applying damage to both of them, and when the turret was set to transfer received damage to the hull, it resulted in dealing double damage to the hull, which was not intended. GB FV510 IFV was particularly susceptible to this issue. The root cause of this issue was addressed by a change to the way penetration is handled.
    • Fixed an issue with projectiles like hand grenades not showing VFX or audio (debris sounds).
    • Fixed an issue with different projectiles having non-muffled vehicle impact sounds while inside the vehicle. It should be much easier to tell when getting hit by projectiles now when inside a vehicle. Also adjusted the volume of 50cal hit sounds against a Minsk.
    • Fixed an issue for outside metal hit SFX on vehicles being too loud and sounded too far out from projectiles.
    • Fixed a gameplay issue with single-use vehicle spawns not working as intended in certain circumstances and spawning vehicles when they should not.
    • Fixed an issue with back blast VFX, where the bounding boxes were making these effects flicker off at certain angles.
    • Fixed an issue with multiple vehicles’ turret armor meshes, which were not synchronized with the actual gun and shield movement.
    • Fixed a potential exploit with the vehicle repair tool that allowed for infinite vehicle repairs.
    • Fixed a gameplay issue with vehicle spawns not respecting spawner allocation rules after their first spawn and then stealing spawners from other vehicles. This was related to the v2.0 layer overhaul vehicle spawners vehicle type authorizations. If you encounter any map layers with this issue after this fix, we appreciate detailed player reports thru discord, forums, etc.
    • Fixed an issue with vehicles sometimes floating when they first spawn.
    • Fixed an issue on several Invasion/Insurgency map layers where the Defenders would have the wrong intro text & staging phase text.
    • Fixed a gameplay issue with the ACOG Scope stadia line widths not corresponding to the soldier’s shoulder widths at range. This affects the following scopes: USA M150 ACOG Rifle Scope, GB L129A1 6x Rifle Scope, GB/USA/CAF M2 Browning HMG Scope. Also adjusted the reticles to be more readable with higher Anti Aliasing settings.
    • Fixed a gameplay issue with the MIL T62 MBT turret component, which had 500 less hp than intended. Increased the turret health to match the INS T62.
    • Fixed an issue with Kornet Emplacement, which was not taking HAT damage properly.
    • Fixed an issue with RUS Tigr and GB LPPV where the open turret hatches were transmitting damage to the vehicle hull, this will no longer happen.
    • Fixed a minor issue where ticket values would sometimes appear in the negative at the end of a round.
    • Fixed a minor UI issue with inconsistent vehicle icons between the vehicle card menu and the map icon for the following vehicles: Simir MG3, Simir Kord, Modern Technical UB32, MEA BRDM2 UB32.
    • Fixed a minor issue with the INS Hab lacking bullet collision on the backfaces.
    • Fixed a minor issue with the MEA BRDM2’s hubcaps using the wrong colour.
    • Fixed a minor issue with the MEA BRDM2/MTLB UB32 rocket pod turret using the incorrect texture.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with the UV normals on the MEA MTLB APC not looking correct.
    • Fixed a minor issue with the GB helmet scrim appearing too dark at longer ranges.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue for helmets with the CAF Pilot’s helmet LOD being offset from the character, resulting in a floating helmet.
    • Fixed a minor audio issue where the INS faction was missing the Commander and Adjutant voiceover lines.
    • Fixed a minor issue with the name of the MIL Logistics Technical from “Transport Pickup Truck” to “Logi Pickup Truck”.
    • Fixed a minor issue with CAF SL Pilot & CAF SL Crewman not having tracers for their rifles.
    • Fixed a minor error in text with CAF Grenadier C7 using C8’s item description.
    • Fixed a minor issue with the GB FV107 Reconnaissance vehicle using an inconsistent icon on the map screen versus the vehicle info card menu. Both locations will now use the IFV icon.
    • Fixed a minor UI issue with the INS/MIL Modern Transport Pickup Truck being called “Technical”.
    • Fixed a minor UI issue with a typo for the kit limit warning for Auto Rifleman, it should read “unlocked” and not “unclocked”.
    • Fixed a minor UI issue with the MIL MTLBM 6MB vehicle info card entry, the icon was inconsistent with the map icon (it was using APC rather than IFV).
    • Fixed a minor issue with team tickets going into negative value space under certain conditions on the match end scoreboard.
    • Fixed an exploit where players were able to manipulate their speed during games to gain an unfair advantage.



    • For certain Seeding layers (mentioned below) we added Restriction zones which are outside Main Base Protection zones. Restriction zones don’t block projectiles, but will kill enemy players in 8 seconds, similar to the outer map bounds. All infantry inside the restriction zone can take damage from projectiles and anything else that causes damage.

    This is intended to restrict the fighting on seed layers to the central capture points and mitigate main base camping, while still allowing players to damage the enemies that they can see. In the future, restriction zone functionality may be extended to some of our larger maps as well.


      • The Seeding game mode is a work-in-progress game mode to help server staff get enough active players to jumpstart their server’s play for the day. It is intended to be a more action-oriented type of gameplay focused on infantry fighting with less downtime and a focus on a smaller fighting area. Please don’t hesitate to offer your feedback on this game mode (including the ones with experimental features)!
    • Updated “Seed” Map layers to now show the game mode in the server browser, as well as adding the game mode’s description to the team select menu.
    • Sumari Seed v1 has been updated, and we have added 5 new additional seeding layers to help server staff seed their servers in a more hands-off manner:
      • Al Basrah Seed v1
      • Fallujah Seed v1
      • Tallil Seed v1
      • Tallil Seed v2
      • Logar Seed v1
      • Sumari Seed v1
    • Special modifications to seeding layers include:
      • Match time increased to 4 hours
      • Round start delay decreased to 30 seconds
      • No staging phase
      • No team change cooldown timer
      • Vehicle claiming disabled
      • Capturing an enemy-held flag requires having at least 2 more soldiers on the flag than the enemy (instead of 3)
      • No ticket gain from capturing flags (normally +60). Ticket loss from losing the flag is still the same (-10 tickets).
    • Some of the new Seed layers have experimental features added to try out various scenarios to see how they play out
    • Tallil Seed v1 is focused on light vehicle combat, the rest of the seeding layers don’t have offensive vehicles
    • On Tallil Seed v1, Logar Seed v1, and Sumari Seed v1 the Mercy Bleed rate for losing your last flag has been increased to -300 tickets per second (essentially instantly ending the round)
    • Al Basrah Seed v1, Fallujah Seed v1, and Tallil Seed v2 have Restriction zones limiting the fighting to middle flag(s)
      • At the moment, these restriction zones stay in place until the end of the round
      • We intend to add a “staging phase” functionality in the future, which will automatically remove restriction zones once a critical player number has been reached and staging phase ends.
    • Al Basrah Seed v1 features:
      • 1 center flag in the middle of the map
      • Restriction zones are in place that prevent enemies from coming close to forward spawns
      • No kit limitations
      • Weaponized emplacements are removed from the build menu
      • No ticket bleed
    • Fallujah Seed v1 features:
      • 1 center flag in the middle of the map
      • Restriction zones are in place that prevent enemies from coming close to forward spawns
      • No kit limitations
      • Capturing the center flag does not cause any ticket loss or ticket bleed.
    • Tallil Seed v2 features:
      • 2 flags in the middle of the map
      • Restriction zones are in place that prevent enemies from coming close to forward spawns


    • Yehorivka Overhaul
      • Added a new landscape shader and new landscape textures
      • Added various mini POI’s across the map to fill in areas that were a bit barren.
      • Added a brand new POI: “Alekseivskiy Posad”, located between Mogiliovo and Kropy.
      • Added various types of additional cover to various central locations.
      • Added all-new lighting.
      • Added new road texture.
      • Added 4 new Yehorivka RAAS layers with re-configured CP routes, for improved variability and less predictability. These layers use a regular RAAS flag lattice instead of the RAAS Lanes flag lattice, which should be far less predictable / more variable.
        • New layers: Yehorivka RAAS v6 (USA vs RU), Yehorivka RAAS v7 (GB vs RU), CAF Yehorivka RAAS v3  (CAF vs RU), CAF Yehorivka RAAS v4  (CAF vs RU)
      • Updated minimap with the intent to make height more readable, minimap now also features trees.
      • Updated grass to be thicker.
      • Updated Lower Mogiliovo POI.
      • Updated Yehorivka to use a new road material.
      • Increased undergrowth in forested areas.
      • Improved the micro terrain across the entire landscape.
      • Expanded the road network northwest of Mogiliovo POI.
      • Expanded the road network around Kropy and Zolata POIs.
      • Expanded Novo Ridgeline POI.
      • Adjusted all Yehorivka map layers’ helicopter altitude threshold to be decreased from 600m to 400m. This is intended to help mitigate visual anomalies from high altitudes, as well as reduce abuse of excessive helicopter spotting by exploiting LODs/landscape render issues at high altitudes.
      • Adjusted river grass and cattail foliage to better match the rest of the autumn look.
      • Fixed a stone wall clipping into a corrugated metal fence around a western edge homestead.
      • Fixed vehicle spawner issue on several Yehorivka layers that would cause the incorrect vehicle to spawn at a given location.
      • Fixed an issue with a compound building’s floor and ceiling incorrectly displaying metal sheeting material at grid O5-5-1.
      • Fixed an issue with some fences culling at too short-range at grid H10-3-5.
      • Fixed a minor issue on Yehorivka Skirmish v2 where a RUS Ammocrate was spawning on top of a shed at RUS Main.
      • Fixed a minor issue with a floating rock at grid D13-8-9.
      • Fixed some floating grass at grid F5-5-8.
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