Spirit Of The Island Update 0.17.4 Patch Notes – Official

Spirit Of The Island update 0.17.4 released on PC and Android. According to the official Spirit Of The Island patch notes, the latest update added multiplayer improvements, quality of life changes, and fixes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Spirit Of The Island patch 0.17.4 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Spirit Of The Island Patch Notes – March 18, 2022


  • Improved Chinese servers – this should resolve all connection problems!
  • Improved multiplayer server region when syncing game files.

Quality of Life

  • Players will be 100% less tired, hungry, or thirsty;
  • Increased day time: 1 in-game day is around 25 minutes of real-time. We had the day starting at 6 am at was already dark at 7 pm. Now the day will begin at 5 am and will last until 8 pm;
  • We’ve had a lot of feedback about the sleep timer. We agree you should have more active time per day. The aim now is to make it ~18 hours per game day, so we will make tiredness more forgiving;
  • Hammer – we heard you loud and clear! When you press “B,” the build menu will work. Hammer is only used for fixing stuff now;
  • Unloading items from the inventory to the chest was a hurdle, so we’ve made it better! Now, one button to drop all items inside your chest;
  • We will have various balance adjustments to the different items. Some items will cost less now. We will make a list a bit later;
  • Some skills will now be easier to level up, as more actions will grant exp points. We will publish a list later as well.


  • All resource gold costs when using a hammer changed (they are more expensive now, the older values were for testing only);
  • Game is not paused anymore when using the crafting table.


  • Fixed bee hives not dropping hive parts;
  • Fixed price of all vegetables and some fruits being the same;
  • Fixed players spawning on top of each other in multiplayer;
  • Fixed crabs dealing very high damage;
  • Fixed a bug when items that should not stack were stacking up after crafting them;
  • Fixed characters starting with an item on hands, while there was none;
  • Fixed the bug with the Workbench (game freezes with the opened crafting window);
  • Fixed a bug where players are stuck in the Build or Crafting menus;
  • Players no longer get trapped inside some places if it gets dark;
  • Fixed a problem with the backer-exclusive shop;
  • Fixed a problem with the backer workstation;
  • Fixed disconnect window not showing up again if you reconnected to the same session.
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