Spiderman 2 Cuban Flag Fix Coming After Backlash

New York City, October 23, 2023 – Spider-Man 2 is now available for players with positive reviews. However, the game has already sparked controversy and backlash over a key detail – the use of the incorrect Cuban flag in Miles Morales‘ apartment.

Miles Morales is of Puerto Rican descent, yet developers inexplicably decorated his apartment with the Cuban flag. This immediately caused an uproar amongst fans who viewed it as disrespectful and culturally insensitive.

“It’s just sloppy and disappointing that they would mess up something so simple yet so important about Miles’ cultural heritage,” said Jay Hernandez, a lifelong Spiderman fan.

This blunder also called into question the level of research and attention to detail given to Miles’ character background.

Spider-Man 2 Cuban Flag Mistake

Using the wrong flag undermines Miles’ Puerto Rican identity and breaks immersion for players by portraying inaccurate set dressing. Critics called it an act of erasure, replacing Miles’ culture with that of a completely different country.

“This was a damaging mistake that really hurts Miles as a character,” said video game analyst Selena Thomas. “It makes it seem like the developers don’t care enough to get these type of details right.”

For many fans, this lack of attention to detail casts doubt on how authentically Miles’ culture will be portrayed in the game overall.

Spider-man 2 Cuban Flag
Spider-man 2 Cuban Flag

Spiderman 2 Patch will Replace the Cuban Flag with a Puerto Rican Flag

In response to the widespread criticism, Spiderman 2 developers Insomniac Games have confirmed a patch is in the works. This will replace the erroneous Cuban flag in Miles’ apartment with the correct Puerto Rican flag.

We hear the community feedback and apologize for the inaccurate use of the Cuban flag. We are dedicated to representing the diverse cultures in Marvel’s New York authentically,” said Insomniac CEO Ted Price in a statement.

A patch is already in progress to update the flag asset and better respect Miles’ Puerto Rican heritage and the significance of flags in representing identity.

The patch is expected to roll out within the next few weeks across all platforms. Players with internet access will receive the fix automatically.


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