Spelunky 2 Update 1.24 Patch Notes – Sep 29, 2021


Spelunky 2 update 1.24 is now available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Spelunky 2 1.24 patch notes, the latest update added new features, changes and improvements. Apart from this, Spelunky 2 patch 1.24 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Spelunky 2 version 1.24 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Spelunky 2 1.24 patch notes – September 29, 2021

New features:
* Reworked elixir
* Added in-game feats screen
* A lot of performance improvements of implementation-details and rendering (no gameplay sacrifices were done to improve performance)
* Added new languages: Russian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese and Korean
* Players should now be able to exit to the title screen after playing the daily
* Added button auto-repeat to some UI screens (like leaderboards)
* Added cross-progress between Switch and PC (working on the preview build, but no Steam build yet)

* Added different selectable personalities to the AI
* Players can now add one bot at a time, up to three
* Added ghost deathmatch timer
* Added DM remaining lives counter
* Added new “End Match” option to the arena
* Added skip option to end a match in case only bots are alive
* Added back button to the team selection scene
* Added player indicators during the start of the match
* Arena can now be played online
* Arena will no longer spawn generic crates on level generation
* Added new 12/12 and 24/24 bags
* Added new items to the list
* Added “Very High” crate frequency setting
* Ghosts now spawn in deathmatch even if you’ve run out of lives
* Added new arena “Final Ghost” option
* Implemented configurable player ghost breath cooldown
* Added punish balls to the arena
* Addressed arena player ghost bounds
* Arena rules won’t be set as “Custom” unless a value actually changes
* Arena level previews now correctly flip conveyor belts on all rooms

Level generation fixes:
* Dirk’s spawn is now guaranteed
* Prevented giant spiders from spawning on thorny vine ceilings
* Traps should no longer generate on top of existing cookfires (or any other items, for that matter)
* Prevented cosmic orbs from spawning right next to pipe entrances
* Sliding walls no longer spawn hovering above spikes as if these were solid floor tiles
* Duat’s special altar is now guaranteed
* Addressed issue where totem traps were being generated inside water pools
* Improved scenario where blowing up the entrance to Waddler could also blow up a nearby vault

Gameplay fixes:
* Addressed orb skip
* Addressed issue where a seemingly safe teleport could sometimes still crush the player
* Projectiles such as shotgun bullets now burst poison bubbles
* Addressed mole state on being stunned while it is leaving or entering a floor tile
* Addressed mole state after being killed by an explosion
* Addressed mole being crushed on receiving whip damage inside a floor
* Front layer players should now be moved to a safe spot when the eggship is taking off
* Enemies in the area will now be killed once players enter the eggship
* Addressed issue where tossing stuff against arrow traps immediately after exiting a layer door wasn’t triggering them
* Addressed issue where the drill at the bottom of the level was still generating weird collisions and could force bombs explode on contact
* Addressed issue when flipping over Olmec while near a wall
* Addressed issue where players could sometimes move through Olmec
* Addressed issue where hang spiders could very rarely be left in an idle state after destroying their hanging thread
* Addressed issue where mounts inside quicksand weren’t behaving correctly
* Bombs stolen by Leprechauns can now also be paste and power bombs
* Addressed issue when tossing something downwards while standing
* Falling into spikes now reset fall timers (needed when teleporter backpack saves you instead)
* Players climbing ropes and ladders now trigger bear traps
* Addressed issue where teleporting could sometimes force tossing the currently held item
* Sun challenge force fields will now be disabled on challenge failure
* Addressed caveman waking up suddenly when the player barely touches him
* Fragile stuff thrown at armored Olmites now correctly breaks
* Player ghosts blowing things such as a boomerang and hitting someone will now count as the player’s fault
* Shields and other blocks will no longer be able to push honey
* Addressed gold iframes in the hard boss level
* Prevented players from receiving poison damage continuously when they are mounting a mech and they are attacked by a scorpion
* Toggling the hoverpack will now immediately stop the player’s fall
* Opening a locked door from the back layer no longer automatically forces the player to enter (same behavior as with front doors)
* Addressed issue where hitting a magmar could tag it forever, making shopkeepers blame you on contact
* Addressed issue where the teleporter could be used downwards while standing during the throw animation
* Addressed pipes issue on destruction
* Addressed collision issues when stomping monsters that are riding mounts
* Slightly increased the size of small gold nuggets and gold coins so they can still be whipped while over thorny vines
* Held entities are now repositioned smoothly after being pushed by walls (fixes several issues)
* Prevented cavemen from continuously swapping equipped backpacks
* Addressed issue when players climbing ladders tried to jump and attack at the same time
* Olmites now correctly drop from their holders’ hands when frozen
* Shrunk giant fly’s collision shape
* Addressed turkey’s shop skip
* Addressed some issues when destroying trees or mushrooms
* Holding jump while stomping a frozen monster now makes the player jump slightly higher
* Proto shopkeepers now correctly deal damage when tossed
* Prevented crush traps from being set on fire
* Addressed axolotl not being able to enter a pipe while underwater
* Throwing a lit torch will no longer burn the rope you’re currently climbing
* Addressed issue where hugging a wall from the left made a nearby spring trap not trigger
* Addressed issue where untamed mounts could rarely squeeze into 1-tile gaps
* Addressed weapons issue where they could damage the mount of your holding player
* Addressed players receiving damage by thorny vines in some cases while wearing the climbing gloves
* Addressed issue where tossed eggplants were sometimes not damaging other entities
* Players can no longer keep walking if their punish ball is being held and the chain is extended
* Players now drop any held punish ball if the owner is too far
* Addressed teleports while having a punish ball
* Punish balls are now dropped when entering pipes as they were causing too many issues
* Addressed issue when a player with a punish ball gets bubbled
* Addressed hired hands rescued in the Gold City being carried as a corpse to Duat and the subsequent levels
* Addressed issue where Anubis could get stuck after being bubbled
* Tweaked Anubis’ ice cage and bubble size
* Players can now hang from smaller edges (reduced necessary margin)
* Addressed issue where mosquitoes pushed by orbs could sometimes get stuck indefinitely
* Olmites will now unstack if they get pushed horizontally
* Prevented the giant frog from killing some recently spawned tadpoles when closing its mouth
* Addressed player stomp check sometimes failing when colliding with monsters right after jumping
* Vendors will now anger if a player using the climbing gloves drops anything over their heads
* Prevented players from grabbing bear traps from another player’s hands
* Addressed issue where mounts weren’t letting players unmount while near a platform
* Addressed issue where players couldn’t drop items after tossing a bomb
* Bombs coming out of treasure chests will now be correctly tagged
* Addressed issue where broken eggsacs could be pushed away by blocks
* Addressed issue where shooting arrows while being held could damage your holder
* Addressed special end when players bring a land mine with them
* Addressed issue with thrown entities when ink was involved
* Boomerangs now stop following their owner on layer change
* Pangxie’s claw chains now deal damage the same way the claw itself does
* Addressed issue where being killed by a Lamassu could sometimes show a different death message
* Improved the way arrows ricochet in certain situations
* Arrows bouncing off of robots and armored Olmites now correctly play the ricochet sound
* Addressed issue when picking stuff up during the throwing animation
* It should now be harder for Anubis’ special shot to just linger in place after not finding a suitable target
* Addressed crush traps’, elevators’, falling platforms’ and sliding walls’ issue where touching them with a weapon (like the whip) would tag them to the attacker, potentially voiding pacifist runs
* Overhauled ghost opacity system so killing becomes more consistent
* Addressed issue where the sad ghost could be killed by making it leave the level bounds
* Black market shop bounds will now be more symmetrical
* Tiamat’s attack made entities invulnerable for too long
* Players should now be able to start a challenge when the merchant is on top of a door


Online fixes:
* Fix sprite flickering and interpolation flushes when playing online
* Improved player ghost position interpolation during online matches
* Addressed player position glitch when a player is rescued from a coffin on online matches
* The camera will now move to the back layer when a player takes the eggship during an online match
* Determinism improvements to prepare for cross-play support
* Protocol improvements to reduce problems with some routers
* Addressed journal page recap team size

* Addressed random crash in Arena mode, playing with bots
* Addressed crash on using repeated characters in Arena
* Addressed crash when backpacks fell on a conveyor belt
* Addressed crash when trying to start a challenge when the challenge door has exploded
* Addressed issue when an explosion occurs near the bottom of the level
* Addressed memory overrun when there were too many hired hands

* Addressed hired hands jumping into the lava on trying to reach a very far target
* Arena bots are now able to push blocks
* Improved AI dangerous detection for Arena mode
* Prevented hired hands from picking up turkeys delivered to Yang
* Prevented HHs from attacking mummies

Minor / Visuals fixes:
* Addressed visual glitch when picking up a blinded player
* Made Arena results screen unskippable until the button prompt appears
* Addressed some glitches on the main title screen fire particle emitter
* Addressed particle animation glitch while the game was paused
* Made certain graphical effects work independently from the current resolution
* Removed more texture artifacts
* Addressed whip animation frame position for a specific character
* Changed the “1” to a “2” on the dice shop sign
* Addressed issue where the torch’s flame looked weird when the torch was picked up by a caveman
* Addressed block on entering into the arena when the main character in the character selection screen was a bot
* Addressed visual glitch on the lobby scene when cancelling the “Enter Code” prompt
* Vlad’s Castle sliding walls will now use the proper chain metal color
* Addressed issue where Pilot looked taller during his entering/leaving doors animation
* Updated some Switch buttons
* Successful shopkeeper clones now play the same sounds as regular shopkeepers
* Addressed issue when whipping while on top of a basecamp table
* Addressed issue where toggling the hoverpack could sometimes still show the spring shoes VFX
* Moved daily challenge to “Online” section
* Addressed issue where a back door leading to a locked door wouldn’t show a button indicator while holding a key
* Stun birds will now disappear during door transitions
* Added invincible effect when a rolling lizard is whipped
* Opening a locked door from the back layer now correctly plays the opened sound
* Added missing tile decorations on Abzu
* Addressed very rare case where an angered Yang could sometimes speak when he happens to be near a shop while the player goes through the door
* Addressed punish ball chain visual glitch when picking it up
* Addressed eggplant child name in French
* Removed some artifacts from Colin’s ghost

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