Patch Notes

Spelunky 2 Update 1.15 Patch Notes for PS4

Spelunky 2 update 1.15 for PS4 is now available for players. According to Spelunky 2 1.15 patch notes, the latest update added various balancing and bug fixes. Apart from this, Spelunky 2 version 1.15 also includes general stability fixes.


Previously, a big update added various quality of life changes and fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Spelunky 2 version 1.15 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Spelunky 2 1.15 patch notes

  • Prevented pets from entering through closed doors.
  • Fixed crash when a pet touches the closed eggplant world door.
  • Fixed “Start with bots” and “Quick Select” button icons on the keyboard.
  • Fixed blocked path in a certain tidepool level when playing coop with a dead player.
  • Mounts should once again fit into gaps easily.
  • Fixed single-gap taming animation.
  • Fixed some interactions that made Vlad’s Cape hover not trigger correctly.
  • Fixed issue where a certain veteran hunter would miss a crucial shot.
  • Olmec bombs will no longer spawn in such a way that they squeeze against a wall and end up on top of its head.
  • Fixed infinite jetpack fuel on brushing up against the corner of terrain while flying.
  • Entities tossed with the pitcher’s mitt will now lose their flying effect on contact with shields.

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