Spellbreak Update 3.10 Patch Notes for PS4, PC and Xbox One


Spellbreak update 3.10 is now available for download for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. According to Spellbreak 3.10 patch notes, the latest update added new features, fixes, and quality of life improvements on all platforms. Apart from this, Spellbreak version 3.10 also contains gameplay optimizations.

Previously, a game update added various quality of life changes and fixes. Unfortunately, players are experiencing several problems with the game. Today’s Spellbreak version 3.10 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Spellbreak 3.10 Patch Notes

Custom Matches

  • Accessed from the gamemode select screen. Select Dominion and select “Custom” as the type.
  • Must be a party leader of a party of 3 or more players to join or host a custom Dominion game.
  • When the host creates and confirms the match settings, a match code will be generated and displayed on the play screen. This code can be entered by another party leader to join the custom match.
    • On PC, players can choose to hide the match code with an option in the Account menu (so, for example, a streamer doesn’t have random folks joining their games) and use the copy button to get the code.
  • Custom matches don’t grant match crowns, XP, chapter rep, or quest progress.


  • A new Banehelm map has been added. Watch your step!
  • Added animation to the score bar to better show when players earn points via exile.
  • Added animation to the score bar to show when points are gained by controlling objectives.
  • When a player is exiled in game, a number showing how many points the team got for that exile will appear in-world at their last location.
  • Updated level up alerts in Dominion to make them more noticeable, better communicate the time that the skill was granted, and what the newly gained skill does.
  • Alerts stating that a zone has been captured are now much more noticeable.
  • Added Minor Mana and Armor Blessings that give +5 Max Mana and +5 Max Armor respectively.
  • Fixed end of match Dominion scoreboard incorrectly breaking ties on team ranking. In the case of a tie, it now prioritizes Exiles, then Exileds, and finally Damage.
  • A large number of accolades will now show their proper values client-side.


  • Revamped the class & talent selection screen to be much cleaner.
  • Refreshed the visuals on the in-game map and portal selection screen.
  • Polished the in-game notification feed that shows match exiles.
  • Polished in game UI at the bottom of the screen that contains spells, sorceries, and runes.
  • Added monospaced type for timers.
  • Cooldown timers now show the tenth-decimal if the duration is less than 10 seconds.
  • Added a notification to the play screen when a friend invite is sent.
  • Added a countdown to the Chapter Screen quest panel that counts down to when Weekly Quests reset.
  • Polished up the quests screen to better communicate which quests have been completed.
  • Friends that are not in a queue or a match are now shown in the friends menu as being “In Menu” (previously displayed as “In Game”).
  • Offline friends are also no longer as eye-catching on the friends screen.

Class Unlocks

  • To better onboard brand new players, classes now need to be unlocked by increasing your mage level:
    • All players start with Pyromancer unlocked.
    • At Mage Rank 2, Stoneshapper is unlocked.
    • At Mage Rank 3, Toxicologist is unlocked.
    • At Mage Rank 3, Conduit is unlocked.
    • At Mage Rank 4, Tempest and Frostborn are unlocked.
  • Existing players will not have their classes locked by this update, even if they are not the required mage rank.
  • Mastery screen, class selection screen, and mage rank rewards all updated to reflect locked class statuses



  • Sorcery cast animations no longer trigger mid-air hover.
  • Adjusted aiming heuristic for nearby characters to make aim more important for targets that are very close.


  • Athletic now also adds “Run Speed +1/2/3/5” in addition to “On reading Body Scroll: +1 Character Level”.
  • Gilded now reads “On reading Spirit Scroll: Upgrade 2 random equipped items by 1 Rarity”, instead of upgrading all of your equipped items.
  • Increased Fellowship shared healing radius to 12m (from 8m).
  • Foresight no longer “pings” Vowguard in Dominion, making it easier to see players on the minimap and get audio notifications when they are nearby. Ditto.


  • Teleportation
    • Movement/falling is no longer locked while casting, but movement while casting is slowed to “potion drinking” speed.
    • Aiming will still hover.
  • Flight’s amount of turn “friction” has been reduced by 50% to make it smoother and offer more control.

Conduit / Lighting

  • Removed windup animation from Lightning Bolt.
  • Increased Lightning Bolt cast speed by 5%.
  • Reduced amount of aim assist on Lightning Bolt.

Pyromancer / Fire

  • Firefly’s amount of turn “friction” has been reduced by 50% to make it smoother and offer more control.
  • Increased Firewall cast animation duration to 0.8s (from 0.6s).
  • Reduced duration of Flamewall to 6s (from 15s).
  • Reduced collision size of Fireballs by ~30%.

Tempest / Wind

  • Increased Tornado cast animation duration to 1.3s (from 0.9s)

Toxicologist / Toxic

  • Increased Poison Cloud cast animation duration to 1.2s (from 0.8s)
  • Reduced electrification duration of toxic clouds to 2s (from 5s).
  • Toxic Spray
    • Reduced spread by 17%.
    • Reduced pellet physics size by 50%.
    • Spray dissipates after 0.65s in the air (prev 2s).


  • Added bots to the practice map that will move around and fight the player when attacked.


  • Added new gate structures at the edges of Hymnwood.
  • Updated the Lux Vault POI.


  • New outfits, artifacts, cloudbursts, afterglows, and emotes have been added to the store.
  • More emotes now include sound effects.

Nintendo Switch

  • Increased joystick deadzone while on menus so players don’t accidentally select things they didn’t mean to.
  • Fixed an issue causing low texture resolution when playing in TV mode.
  • Fixed misaligned league tier number in the inventory screen.

Sony Playstation

  • Reverted 4K support for PS4 Pro and PS5 as it was causing blurry visuals.
    • Sorry for this! We’ll be revisiting it in a future patch.
  • Fixed misaligned league tier number in the inventory screen.

Microsoft Xbox

  • Fixed an issue where getting resurrected by a blocked teammate unblocks them upon resurrection.

Bug Fixes

  • Primary gauntlet now appears on the correct hand in gauntlet selection.
  • Fixed a bug that caused parties to disband when the party leader changed the gamemode.
  • Chapter pack prices are now listed for the correct price in Chile.
  • Fixed invisible Spellstorm rifts that sometimes appeared in Battle Royale.
  • Parental restrictions on PS4 that restrict voice chat now properly block in game voice chat.
  • Fixed Fortitude talent description on boon screen to not run out of bounds.
  • Fixed Runic Fluency Talent text overlapping with its icon in the Talent Selection screen.
  • Fixed a number of floating chests around the map, as well as some chests that were partially submerged/buried.
  • Fixed a number of floating bricks and greenery around the map.
  • Fixed a few floating brilstones in various places around the map.
  • Fixed a number of misaligned collisions around various parts of the map that caused players to be able to walk in the air.
  • Fixed snow not appearing in some areas around Banehelm on PS4, XB1, and Switch.
  • Fixed an issue where players that were blocked/reported on the inventory screen remain audible and cannot be muted.
  • Players can now turn on/off the “Voice chat enabled” option in a match.
  • Fixed an issue where Teammates or enemies could not be muted/unmuted on the victory/defeat screen in Dominion.
  • Fixed an issue where typing an “e” in the Spellbreak friends search bar would cause the game to tab out of the friends screen.
  • Party invite notifications now correctly appear on the shop screen.
  • Long names no longer get cut off in notifications related to friend and party requests.
  • NPCs spawned in Battle Royale matches are no longer added to the remaining players counter.
  • Fixed issue where the player did not receive HUD notifications for accolades related to leveling up.
  • Teammate’s avatar no longer persists in the Play menu upon restarting the title after leaving a match.
  • Player’s card no longer persists on the Chapters Menu after leaving Chapter Rewards Screen with the player’s card displayed.
  • Fixed new players appearing in league Iron 3 instead of Bronze 10.
  • Fixed a bug where the prompt to exile bots in Battle Royale would display with the revive icon instead of the exile icon.
  • Pinging a brilstone now correctly shows the brilstone icon instead of a white square.
  • Fixed Burning Corsair and Underworld Titan vfx remaining visible while disrupted.
  • Ice trails created by ice lance now correctly extinguish toxic flames
  • Fixed players being brought to the news screen after selecting the Dominion game mode through the news screen.
  • Fixed party invite notifications occasionally not showing player names.
  • Fixed steam vfx occasionally appearing yellow when active in a captured zone.
  • Flame walls now correctly turn ice puddles into steam.
  • Fixed a soft lock caused by losing internet connection during server transitions.
  • Fixed default background color appearing for a moment when switching between the collections screen and mastery screen.
  • Sound effects on the login screen now correctly play.
  • Fixed belts sometimes giving full armor when picked up from exiled enemies in Battle Royale.

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