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Soulcalibur 6 Update 2.30 Patch Notes (Soul calibur 6 2.30)

Soulcalibur 6 update 2.30 patch notes released on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Soul calibur 6 2.30 patch notes, the latest update added a new added DLC 13/14 and other fixes. Apart from this, the latest Soulcalibur 6 version 2.30 also includes stability and performance improvements.


Previously, an update added DLC 11/12 with a new stage, Setsuka’s classic costume, and a new Grøh episode.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s soul calibur 6 version 2.30 will fix a few of these issues.


What is new in Soulcalibur 6 version 2.30 Patch Notes (Soul calibur 6 2.30)

Compatibility Support of the paid DLC 13 (PS4/Xbox One/STEAM)

DLC Pack 13 adds Hwang as a playable character.

Hwang will be available from December 2nd.

Hwang is included in Season Pass 2. Please be careful not to purchase the same content more than once.

Compatibility Support of the paid DLC 14 (PS4/Xbox One/STEAM)

DLC Pack 14 adds Character Creation Set F

Creation Parts Set F will be available on December 2nd.

Character Creation Set F is included in Season Pass 2. Please be careful not to purchase the same content more than once.

Additional Creation Items (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

The following equipment will be added and available to all players.

[Seong Mi-na’s creation parts from the previous titles]

  • Long Blade
  • Peony Headband
  • Peony Earrings
  • Peony Hair Accessory
  • Peony Tunic
  • Peony Armlets
  • Peony Wrap
  • Peony Socks
  • Peony Boots
  • Peony Undergarments

Additional Creation Items [Compensation] (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

As a means of apology for the issue of the rank points going back to the previous points in the STEAM version, the following creation parts will be available for everyone after installing this update.

*Apart from “Short Untidy”, the following parts were gender exclusive parts but will be specially made applicable to both male/female characters this time.

(New parts for male characters)

  • Short Untidy

(Parts for male characters made applicable to male/female characters)

  • Partial Shadow Visor
  • Cyclone Earrings

(Parts for female characters made applicable to male/female characters)

  • Warlock’s Tricorne
  • Destruction Mask
  • Strategist’s Masquerade
  • Dvapara-Yuga
  • Redemption Long Stole
  • Destruction Necklace
  • Truth-Seeker Stola
  • Warrior’s Prayer Beads
  • Raging Seas Wristband
  • Destiny Gloves
  • Cataclysm Gauntlets
  • Purge Gauntlets
  • Truth-Seeker Gauntlets
  • Allegiance Gauntlets
  • Allegiance Pauldrons

Additional Stages (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

The following stages will be available for everyone after installing this update.

  • Motien Pass Ruins

We will also add 4 arranged stages, which are time specific version of the following existing stages which change depending on time:

  • Shrine of Eurydice (Evening)
  • Master Swordsman’s Cave (Evening)
  • Silver Wolves’ Haven (Daytime)
  • Murakumo Shrine Grounds (Night)

Battle Adjustments (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

  • A change will be made to prevent parts on the middle of the body getting destroyed with a specific input while Kilik is being soul charged.
    *For details regarding the command, please see the “Kilik” section here.
  • An icon that indicates whether “Wind Bearer” is activated or not will be added to the battle screen display.
  • Performance fixes and balance adjustments will be made for certain actions in battle.
  • Due to the balance adjustments, the contents of “Fighting Style Lessons” in “MUSEUM” will be updated.
    *For details, please check here.

Additional Functions (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

  • Mitsurugi and Nightmare’s new side stories will be added to “Story: Soul Chronicle”.
    *These stories will be unlocked after completing particular episodes.
  • The “5 bars “setting will be added to the “opponent’s network condition” when selecting the matching condition in “RANKED MATCH”.
  • In “RANKED MATCH” and “CASUAL MATCH”, a player will be able to go back with the cancel button when selecting a menu during consecutive battles.
  • In “CASUAL MATCH”, we will change the sound when entering rooms to make it more noticeable to players.
  • In “CREATION”, a number will be displayed to the slider that adjusts the position of the sticker.
  • In “TRAINING”, the health setting section will be added.
  • In “TRAINING”, a player will be able to check the move list of the opponent’s character.
  • In “TRAINING”, an icon will be added to the move list menu.
  • In “TRAINING”, the timing to start replaying the registered key record will become faster.
  • In “TRAINING”, a player will be able to go back to “TRAINING” carrying over the data of the previous character and stage if a match is played from the standby setting.
  • In “TRAINING” and “REPLAY”, “Command input history” will not disappear even if a player opens the pause menu.
  • In “REPLAY”, the display “To the Next Round” will not be erased even if the winner is decided in the round being played.
    * This change will be made to prevent players from knowing whether or not the match will end during the round.

Game System Adjustments (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

  • Some text errors have been fixed.
  • Stability has been improved for certain actions, etc.


  • The settings of some creation parts will be changed to disable wearing them together with certain parts.
    • “Tiger Lily Gauntlets” will not added to Inferno’s equipment lineup.
      *While we try our hardest to avoid limiting possible customization options, we feel such a change is necessary to prevent character models from displaying incorrectly. We kindly ask for your understanding.
    • The “Wretch’s Helmet” and “Harmit’s Hood” can no longer be worn together.
      * Since this is a combination that does not display both parts when worn together, the change will not affect the variations of appearance that can be created.
  • The settings of some stickers will be changed.
    • We will fix the issue that the sample image color and the default color of the sticker “Motif 115” are different.
    • We will fix the issue that changing the second color of the sticker “Motif 126” affects the color of the entire sticker.
  • The following issue will be addressed.
    • We will fix the issue that the appearance of the character’s eyelids becomes unnatural when they wear “Pegasus Sallet”.

BAN policies for players who violate the EULA (End User License Agreement) 

We will enforce bans on players who have been confirmed to have violated the EULA that is agreed upon when they first play the game. Please note that players who are repeatedly reported to have violated the EULA are subject to the ban once we confirm such violation has actually taken place.

We are continuously checking and investigating other unexpected issues. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Full Details


Added DLC 13 and DLC 14 to the game.

Added a new playable character Hwang. (You must purchase DLC Pack 13 to use this character.)

– Character Features

Hwang is a character who excels at close and mid-range with his long-reaching podao strikes and swift kick attacks. He is equipped with a variety of horizontal attacks that can control opponents’ movements and can go on the offensive in virtually any situation.

In SCVI, Hwang can now employ “lifeforce techniques” using Taoist talismans to instantly close distance from far away, activate special effects, and perform high-damage combos. Using these techniques too often, however, comes at the cost of his lifeforce.

– Lifeforce Techniques and Lifeforce

Hwang can use talismans to unleash special “lifeforce techniques”, which allow him to attack opponents from afar, chip away at opponents’ guard stamina upon hit, and more. Every time Hwang uses a talisman to tap into superhuman power, it consumes lifeforce.
Lifeforce is displayed as a number below the health gauge.

It can range anywhere from -9 to 9, and slightly recovers at the beginning of each battle. Hwang can perform lifeforce techniques even when his lifeforce is at 0 or below, but he will start the next battle with
lower health.

The key to victory is knowing when to risk using lifeforce to attack and when to play it safe and preserve health.

– Auras

Lifeforce techniques can be used for more than attacking – Hwang can also stick talismans to himself to imbue his body with special auras to power himself up. There are four kinds of auras available, and they all carry over between battles, so it’s important to consider your overall strategy when using them.

Battle System

+ Damage = The amount of health taken away when an attack hits
+ 1 frame = 1/60 of a second. Also a unit used to indicate the passage of time in the game.
+ Attack startup = The time at which an attack’s hitbox becomes active.
* This list is written from the perspective of when you hit the enemy or with the move in question (or make them guard).
+ Move level = the level of strength of an attack when pitted against another attack. There are three levels: weak, medium, and strong. Move levels affect battle in the following ways:
1. When two attacks land at the same time, the attack with the higher move level is more effective. When there is a large gap in move levels, the stronger move hits without interruption.
2. They influence characters’ behavior when their attack is deflected by a guard impact. Attacks with higher move levels have less of an opening after being deflected.
3. They affect the amount of guard stamina that is chipped away when the opponent guards an attack. Attacks with higher move levels reduce the opponent’s guard stamina more.
4. They affect the amount the character’s soul gauge fills when attacking and hitting the opponent. Attacks with higher move levels fill the soul gauge more.
5. The only vertical attacks that can crush an opponent’s guard are those whose move level is “medium” or “strong.” For horizontal attacks, it is only “strong.”
6. Attacks do less damage when the opponent’s health is low and scaling is higher with “weak” attacks and lower with “medium” and “strong” attacks.
(The above points cover the general tendencies of the game, and exceptions may be created as part of balance adjustments, e.g. an attack with a move level of “strong” may become unusable as a guard crush, etc.)

Made various adjustments made to the battle system and existing characters’ behavior, etc.

– Battle System Changes

While all characters deal more damage while soul charged, using soul charge sometimes ended in very one-sided fights, so we’ve lowered the damage increase percentage on soul charge. We’ve also adjusted the properties of certain soul charge moves for various
characters to prevent them from limiting opponents’ options too much.

If a character is attacked before the defensive properties of a guard impact or reversal edge become active, it is now treated as an impact counter. We’ve also added combo damage scaling to reverse impacts.

These changes were done to make it easier to attack

than in the previous version and to prevent creating even more cases in which defensive options were too strong, discouraging players from attacking more proactively instead of waiting and watching. For a similar reason, certain characters’ unique abilities also
underwent balance adjustments.

– Changes to Vertical Attack Tracking

To make it easier to be proactive in attacking, vertical attack tracking improves when certain conditions are met. However, this resulted in certain high-damage, combo-starting vertical attacks to be unavoidable by moving to the side, making other characters’ moves harder to read.

To address this, we’ve adjusted the conditions required for vertical attacks to have improved tracking.

Characters heavily affected by this change have undergone further balance adjustments, such as improvements to their close-range horizontal attacks.

– Changes to Unique Commands for Reversal Edges

Some characters have commands like that can unleash a reversal edge. This was meant to be an easy command for reversal edges, but based on feedback, this resulted in players often using a reversal edge when not intended. To fix this, certain moves that combo into reversal edges no longer do so (this applies to Voldo, Ivy, and Tira).

Add stage

The following stages will be added so that anyone can use them.

  • Ruins of Matenmine

In addition, among the existing battle stages whose time zone changes, we will add four arrangement stages with a fixed time zone.

  • Temple of Eurydice (evening)
  • Kensei’s Cave (evening)
  • Sanctuary of silver wolves (daytime)
  • Murakumo Shrine precincts (night)

Battle-related function additions / specification changes

  • When Kiriku’s soul charge is activated, the middle part parts will not be destroyed by a specific input.
  • Add an icon to the battle screen display of Talim to indicate whether or not “Wind Matoi” has been activated.
  • In addition, some behavior corrections and balance adjustments will be made during the battle.
Behavior adjustment of game contents
  • Some texts will be revised.
  • In addition, the stability of some operations will be improved.
Behavior adjustment of “CREATION”

Set not to be equipped at the same time.

  • “Tiger lily costume (small hand)” will be changed to a form that does not line up with Inferno’s equipment lineup.
  • * As for development, we will avoid changes that reduce the variation of appearance that can be created, but please understand that it cannot be overlooked that the character model is not displayed correctly.
  • The “Immoral Helmet” and “Hermit Hood” will be changed so that they cannot be equipped at the same time.
  • * Since it was a combination that is not displayed even if equipped at the same time, there is no effect on the variation of appearance that can be created.

We will change the settings of some stickers.

  • Correct the phenomenon that the color of the sample image and the default color are different in the sticker “Motif 115”.
  • Fix the phenomenon that changing the second color on the sticker “Motif 126” affected the color of the entire sticker.

Other items will be changed.

  • Fixed the phenomenon that the eyelid display becomes unnatural when equipped with “Pegasus Sarrit”.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed some text errors.
  • Made some stability improvements for certain actions, etc.
  • Fixed some of the text related issues.
  • Various under the hood fixes

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