Soul Dossier Update Patch Notes – May 7, 2023

Soul Dossier update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Soul Dossier patch notes, the latest update adds brings new changes, improvements and balancing changes.

Since the last Soul Dossier patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Soul Dossier patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Soul Dossier Patch Notes – May 7, 2023

Brand new exquisite clothing is on sale at the Broken Jade Mall

The woven fabric skillfully weaves thousands of threads, and the embroidered neon clothes are made in a few days

Broken Jade Mall is particularly new! Only 96000 pieces of jade can obtain a complete set

[New fitting room added]

New additions to the Flower Candle Tears Treasure Box: Luo Fang – Flower Candle Tears · Blood Embroidery Series, Nalan Lian Dance – Flower Candle Tears · Pink Yarn Series, Jiahui – Flower Candle Tears · Boudoir Red Series

New Activity Interface: Qin Qiang – Rainbow Baby – Blue Series, Ye Luo – Rainbow Baby – Purple Series, Lingzheng Ying – Liangyi Huahe Series

New additions to the Broken Jade Mall: Sikong Star – Jinxiu Nishang · Cangshui Series, and Xiaobing – Jinxiu Nishang · Pink Flame Series

Balance adjustment

  • Reduced the duration of the auxiliary star palace effect
  • Reduced the duration and deceleration effect of the auxiliary planet Mars deceleration effect
  • Reduced the maximum number of triggering times for auxiliary star bell stars
  • Reduced the cooldown time of Lingtan Jiahui’s main star
  • Shortened the time required for Lingtan Qin Qiang to fall to the ground and start from now on
  • Increased the maximum soul value of Lingtanning Caichen
  • Slightly increased the duration of Spirit Probe’s Snow White Master Star
  • Improved the movement speed of the simulated Wrath Dracula
  • Added damage to the simulation of the Grievant Spirit Dracula realm and reduced the deceleration effect caused by the realm on the spirit scout
  • Increased the hit range of the simulated Grievance Dracula III skill
  • Adjusted the three skills of the simulated Grudge Dracula: Now, after the three skills of the simulated Grudge Dracula hit the spirit scout, the bat will be next to the spirit scout and cause the spirit scout to be perspective
  • Improved the teleportation speed of the Simulated Grievance Spoon Rampage II skill
  • Improved the damage caused by the simulation of the Grievance Spoon Demon realm skill

Problem Repair

  1. Fixed a situation where the auxiliary star heavenly officer would cause the spirit to detect fire without losing soul points when using the main star
  2. Fixed the issue where the second level pop-up UI of the exclusive gift package for Huowang did not match the actual items received
  3. Fixed the issue of Lingtan Wei Qingyu – Wei Ling’s fashion model wearing
  4. Fixed the issue of invincible points on the church map
  5. Fixed the issue where the cabinet next to the door of the pyramid map could not be opened when the door was opened
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