Songs of Conquest Update 0.75.7 Patch Notes


A new Songs of Conquest update 0.75.7 is available on PC(Steam). According to the official Songs of Conquest patch notes, the latest update added new difficulty levels, the ability to replay a quick battle and much more.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing several problems when trying to play the game. Today’s Songs of Conquest patch 0.75.7 will solve a few of these problems.

Check out more details below.


Songs of Conquest Patch 0.75.7 Notes – June 8, 2022


  • Added difficulty levels Normal and Hard to Song of Stoutheart campaign (Easy and Very hard will be added later and difficulties to Rise of Ashes will be added)
  • Added ability to replay a Quick battle in Manual battle if you didn’t like the results


  • Fix being able to end up with having both a two-handed artifact and an off-hand artifact equipped at once by replacing a two-handed artifact in the backpack with an equipped main-hand artifact
  • Fix sometimes not being able to remove artifact increasing the Command stat even though the wielder has enough Command without it
  • Fix issue where you could only donate one less troop than max size allowed, even if you had enough troops on the giving wielder
  • Fix artificers mines using wielder level as multiplier instead of stack size
  • Q can be used to fast walk
  • Fix the mass move button not handling stack size research correctly
  • Shaman Tents upgrade changed to 5 stone, 5 Ancient Amber and 5 Glimmerweave (Was 4 stone, 3 Ancient Amber and 3 Glimmerweave.)
  • Chelun Sanctuary’s upgrade changed to 5 stone, 3 Ancient Amber and 3 Celestial Ore (Was 5 stone, 3 Ancient Amber and 2 Celestial Ore)
  • Smoldering Cave’s final upgrade change to 30 Ancient Amber and 20 Glimmerweave (Was 30 Ancient Amber, 20 Celestial Ore and 20 Glimmerweave)
  • Remove Coral as a recruitable undead wielder from Song of Stoutheart mission 3
  • Fix Shrine of Aurelia, this effect no longer stacks and now adds 5 initiative instead of 10
Troop changes:
  • Toxicologists initiative raised to 12 (was 11)
  • Bane: Initiaitve raised to 16 (was 15), max damage lowered to 8 (was 9), price adjusted to 350 gold and 1 Celestial Ore (was 350 gold)
  • Aurelian Scholars initiative lowered to 9 (was 21)
  • Necromancers initiaitve lowered to 10 (was 23)
  • Blessed Bones price changed to 1400 gold (was 1200 and 1 Glimmerweave)
  • Dire Dreaths max damage lowered to 6 (was 7)
  • Hellbreaths max damage raised to 24 (was 20)
  • Hellroars damage range raised to 26-32 (was 25-30)
  • Storm Guards damage lowered to 3-5 (was 4-6) and cost lowered to 200 (was 220)
  • Sage’s hp lowered to 14 (was 15) and cost raised to 340 (was 320)
  • The cost to evolve dragons into Elder Dragons lowered to 900 gold and 3 ancient amber (was 600 gold and 5 ancient amber)
  • The cost of Bandit was raised to 360 gold (was 350 gold)


  • Prevent research from erroneously being shown as having been bought when quickly switching between tabs in the research menu
  • Show town/settlement names in troop overview menu
  • When clicking town/settlement names in building/troop overview menus the camera will move to that town/settlement
  • Spells: Added Tier label at top of each Essence type column to clarify tier and related skill
  • Spells (Adventure specific): Only shows spell as active if Wielder has Essence of that type
  • Spells (Battle specific): Spells in Quickbar is not sorted first by Tier and then by Cost – when using auto-populate
  • Spells: Overall face-lift on tier-based spell frames
  • Add check to see that input is valid online game code to “Join With Game Code” popup
  • Stop the “town chooser” menu on the Rally Point screen from listing the town that the Rally Point is constructed in, as well as any towns (or settlements) that are being occupied, razed or converted
  • Fix issue in pre-battle menu where it was possible to end up with multiple troops on the same hex when moving them around
  • Prevent the UI from being toggled on and off while writing in chat or bug reporting window
  • Show a troop’s Attacks stat in tooltip when it is more (or less) than 1
  • Fix bug that could erroneously show a troop ability as being activated when the troop was just making multiple attacks
  • Better wait screen when entering battle in multiplayer mode
  • Show active troop while targeting spells
  • Add tooltip with hotkey to battle spellbook button
  • Fix bug where random event menu showed up on top of “minimenu”
  • Fix issue when calculating scouting level for tooltip on entity that had zero blocking points
  • Fix issue where pressing ALT with the “enemy joining” menu open could cause error
  • Redesign of the “Hostiles want to join” menu to prevent confusion and misscliks
  • Updated some grid/path colors in Battle to increase readability for players with deuteranopia color blindness
  • Small improvements to the log in Battle


  • Fix bug in analyzing regions with wielders stored in towns/settlements (could lead to never-ending AI turn)
  • Fix nullpointer issue when looking at claimable towns/settlements
  • Fix endless AI loop that could happen when an AI wielder was trying to repair a pillaged building that was inside an enemy wielder’s zone of control
  • Fix AI wielders moving towards map entities to interact with them even though they are inside enemy wielder’s zone of control
  • Fix AI wielders moving in to attack player’s commanders but then deciding to do other things once they reach them


  • Fix troop that was missing sounds
  • Fix issue with Oathbound Legionnaire footsteps


  • Fixed crash/freeze when a team was defeated (e.g. defeating 2 out of 3 players on four corners)
  • Made it clearer when you lost against the enemy on a beacon map what actually happened
  • Renamed skills related to magic and essence; added suffix “Magic” e.g “Order Magic, “Chaos Magic”, etc (only in English right now, translations will be added)
  • Renamed modifiers that are related to essence; added suffix “essence”. e.g “Order essence”, “Chaos essence”, etc (only in English right now, translations will be added)
  • Fix exception that could happen when losing a battle and dropping two duplicate trinkets at the same time

Download free Songs of Conquest update 5 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.