Songs of Conquest Update 0.75.3 Patch Notes – May 13, 2022

A new Songs of Conquest update 0.75.3 released on PC(Steam). According to the official Songs of Conquest patch notes, the latest update added various gameplay changes and bug fixes.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing several problems when trying to play the game. Today’s Songs of Conquest patch 0.75.3 will solve a few of these problems.

Check out more details below.

Songs of Conquest Patch 0.75.3 Notes – May 13, 2022


  • Fix game not creating the right kind of autosaves after completing a campaign map (fix being able to load into a campaign map after it was completed)
  • Change the size indicators of the wielders flags to small 0-15k, medium 15k-30k and large 30k+
  • Move a gallows so you can use the road in Tight for Three
  • Add more space for friendly wielders around the egg in Rana mission 3
  • Make sure Red Reed Flats is auto claimed in first verse of From the Ashes
  • Move a Tribute of Creation in the third verse of Song of Stoutheart
  • Make sure the initial treasure can be reached on the map Haven
  • Changed many atmosphere nodes to affect camera and actor instead of just actor in the campaign maps
  • Slightly lowered amount of troops in many enemy wielders in mission 3 and 4 of Song of Stoutheart campaign (Arleon)
  • Slightly lowered amount of starting troops for Unseen Society in Rana mission 2
  • The AI now auto equips stronger artifacts
  • Fix issues with wielders set to spawn with artifacts ended up having them unequipped in their inventory. They will now automatically equip the strongest ones.
  • Fix error in special AI spell casting scenario
  • The battle will now continue if the current troop is killed by an attack initiated by Blind Hatred
  • Fix issues that could happen when purchasing troops with a Wielder with maximum Command skill and artifacts that granted additional Command bonuses
  • Grammar fixes in campaign dialogue


  • Update tutorial pagination buttons to make it clearer that some tutorials have multiple pages
  • Remove timer from story texts, player will need to click to continue
  • Battle health bars are set to green instead of team color
  • Remove superfluous and possibly misleading Essence information from Wielder tooltips
  • Remove listing a Wielder’s troops in their tooltips
  • Add current movement and total movement to Movement indicator tooltip
  • Improve hit area for troop markers in troop deployment


  • Fix occasional crashes entering skirmish regarding DynamicPanels
  • Fix issue with duplicate mod maps crashed the game
  • Fix issue with FinalizeBattleUtility trying to get statistics for a troop that didn’t exist
  • Fix bug that caused exception when pressing ESC after loading a save
  • Language/localisation changes

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