Solasta Update 1.3.55 Patch Notes – May 17, 2022


A new Solasta Crown of the Magister update 1.3.55 is now available to download on PC. According to the official Solasta patch notes, the latest update added quality of life changes and bug fixes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Solasta Crown of the Magister patch 1.3.55 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Solasta Crown of the Magister Patch Notes – May 17, 2022

Important Changes

  • Fixed the game crashing when entering Fortress of the Shield (Crown of the Magister).
  • Fixed being able to bypass Laethar in Cradle of Fire (Crown of the Magister) by using invisibility, which broke the the quest flow and prevented the main story from continuing. Laethar has now been granted True Sight to catch those SNEAKY LITTLE HOBBITSES! THEY STOLE IT FROM US!
  • Fixed Shallow Grave quest breaking if you chose to denounce Charmer.
  • Fixed Rugan getting angry and attacking you if you chose to start a fight with Charmer. Friendship ended with Charmer, now Rugan is my best friend.
  • Fixed recruiting Sitenero blocking the quest “Escort the Prisoners”. And the People rejoiced!
  • In Multiplayer, the game should no longer freeze when fast travel fails because of one character is busy.
  • Dominion soldiers no longer spawn in Rebellion garrisons. Yea that was kind of akward.
  • Fixed the black screen that would occur upon arresting or killing Karelia Snowfox in the Confrontation quest (Dominion faction).
  • Giant Camp Fix – the return of the fix revengence: Hopefully the last instances of the Giants becoming hostile upon entering their camp should now be fixed. If they’re still trying to send you to the moon for some of you… send us your save files so we can find out why.
  • Fixed the Giants quest line being blocked if the party goes to the city BEFORE talking to Gartok after starting the Lost Giants quest
  • Fixed the end game cutscene sometimes showing the wrong banner if the player sided with the Forge.
  • Fixed the end game cutscene staying black if the player both killed Sitenero and fixed the major gate
  • Fixed a game over message triggering when a druid wildshapes while another character is dead (the game did not take into account the druid’s spellcasting abilities while wildshaped).
  • Fixed Fast Aim not working properly with crossbows. Down with the bow hegemony!
  • Summoning a Kindred Spirit should no longer fully heal the druid. Because that’s cheating.
  • Fixed a desynchronization that would occur in Multiplayer in CotM when giving an item to an NPC to increase faction relations.

Other fixes

  • Fixed Hunter’s (Ranger) level 7 Multiattack Defense (Defensive Tactics) granting immunity to opportunity attacks.
  • Fixed Wight Lord & Wights never using their life drain ability.
  • Fixed Dragons not having Blindsight.
  • Fixed Crismon Spiderlings portrait being reversed.
  • Fixed shelves not being placed properly in the Dungeon Maker (Woodlands environment)
  • Weapon slots should no longer be greyed out when trying to apply a spell or poison on them
  • Quest functors in the Dungeon Maker should now be able to properly select other quests for quest operations.
  • Fixed an issue where user campaigns would be locked to their creator after playing them in Multiplayer.

Known Issues

  • Errors can occur if Dominate Person is cast on an NPC Druid. This prompt the question: Are Druids people?
  • Arwin Merton’s Story cutscene triggers after failing all the secondary quests during The Missing Piece (Crown of the Magister)
  • In Multiplayer, a desynchronization occurs if a Stone Barbarian activates Rage and immediately opens their inventory at the same time. How do you even come up with those?
  • The achievement “Chaos Beckons” currently doesn’t work. Put an achivement that can’t be unlocked and watch the players suffer, chaos indeed.
  • Characters protected by Shield of Faith are unable to cast Shield. Shield overflow.
  • Greater Restoration currently does not remove Exhaustion
  • Spirit Wolves can’t climb. They need spirit surgery for their spirit legs.
  • Ctrl+S shortcut currently does not work with Dialog & Quest editors (need to save by clicking the save button).
  • Using a waypoint that has “Exit Location” enabled in a Custom Dungeon will put you on the Crown of the Magister World Map. Yea I guess the party got extra lost there.
  • The quest item “Forge Amulet” can currently be sold through the Scavenger Board. Don’t do it, you won’t be able to get it back. Scavengers don’t offer refunds.