Solasta Crown of the Magister Update 1.2.15 Patch Notes – Nov 19, 2021

    A new Solasta Crown of the Magister update 1.2.15 released on PC. According to the official Solasta patch notes, the latest update added new changes, fixes, improvements and adjustments.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Solasta Crown of the Magister patch 1.2.15 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Solasta Crown of the Magister Patch Notes – November 24, 2021

    • Added Lockpicks to Spy & Lowlife starting equipment
    • Fixed voice samples not playing properly in the Character Sheet outside the Main Menu
    • Fixed Loot Containers not showing all items if there were more than 15 items inside them
    • Fixed a Game Over screen wrongly triggering when killing the last non-charmed creature in a fight where the party charmed an enemy
    • Fixed Kindred Spirit not correctly using the Druid’s stats when summoned while in Wild Shape
    • Fixed a softlock that would occur when trying to resurrect an ally with a Barbarian holding the crown while raging. Barbarians can now use magic items while raging, just don’t ask them to use a spell scroll unless you want it shoved in your mouth.
    • Fixed Druid Wild Shape UI showing incorrect HP value if the enemy monster HP scale isn’t 100% in the difficulty settings
    • Creatures charmed by Animal Friendship now disappear at the end of the battle (like Charm Person)
    • Staff of Healing is now usable by druids and is a universal focus
    • Fixed Hide Armor +1 and Studded Leather +1 not displaying their proper title once identified
    • Fixed Wild Shape Badlands Eagles not having 2 attacks per round
    • Fixed Druids losing their buffs / Kindred Spirit if their Wild Shape goes down to 0 HP
    • Fixed Aid not working properly with Wild Shape
    • Fixed being able to use the major Gate to teleport to Caer Cyflen in the middle of the fight with Mardracht
    • Fixed Pilgrim’s & Zealot DoT not lasting the correct duration
    • Fixed Remorhaz not playing its Swallow Attack animation correctly
    • Fixed Counterspell Reaction pop-up sometimes not displaying the correct spell slots remaining
    • Fixed Minotaur playing its Great Axe Attack animation for its Gore Attack
    • Fixed Guiding Winds not being applied when attacking an enemy with a spell attack
    • Fixed Acolyte, Veteran, Highwayman & Guard not being targetable by Heat Metal
    • Fixed “Stop Rage” being displayed in the combat log as ActioneStopTitle (lol typo)
    • Fixed creatures not being damaged by Spirit Guardians if they entered the AoE with a charge (as opposed to moving normally into the AoE)
    • Fixed a falling column in Monastery not pushing the PCs aside when it fell, effectively blocking them forever.
    • Added feedback in the combat log when Kindred Druids use Share Pain
    • Fixed Stone Resilience temporary HP not being removed when Stone Barbarians stop raging
    • Fixed Drained status (lower maximum health) being transferred to the animal form when using Wild Shape
    • Fixed Wall of Thorns dealing piercing damage instead of slashing damage when moving inside it
    • Fixed a rare instance where the mouse cursor could disappear when an error pop-up appeared, making it seem like the game froze
    • Fixed Dimension Doors destination visual feedback being restricted by Line of Sight
    • Druids, Sorcerers, Wizards & Clerics now start the game with a spell focus equipped
    • Fixed Charm enemies not dropping loot at the end of the fight, potentially preventing quest items from dropping
    • Fixed a rare issue where characters could lose their animations if a cutscene started while they jumped (how does that even happen)
    • Fixed Minotaurs’ successful charge pausing the fight for several seconds.
    • Fixed Alt-Tabbing incorrectly switching the game from Exclusive Fullscreen to Windowed mode.
    • Fixed Carried by the Winds still triggering when the Wind Druid’s spell is counterspelled
    • Fixed Scroll Scribing not displaying the correct information
    • Fixed Bracers of Defense being sold for dirt cheap
    • Fixed dying enemies vanishing before their death animation played out completely
    • Fixed Savage Attacks not using the correct weapon dice when using versatile weapons two-handed
    • Fixed Heat Metal VFX not appearing when re-applying the effect on subsequent rounds
    • Fixed portrait not being updated when deleting and recreating a character with the same name but different face
    • Fixed Reckless Attack giving Barbarians advantage until the start of their next turn instead of the end of their current turn
    • Fixed items being too large when held in hand in the inventory viewer (those are some MASSIVE candles)
    • Fixed Twinned Guiding Bolt & Levitate being interrupted on both targets when one dies
    • Fixed traps being triggered by proxy spells (like Sunlight or Fog Cloud)
    • Fixed Rage damage being added when attacking using DEX with a finesse weapon
    • Fixed Unarmored Defense stacking with Mage Armor
    • Fixed Flame Blade not using WIS as spellcasting ability for attack rolls when cast by druids
    • Fixed Spell Focus not properly displaying their type (Arcane / Divine / Druidic)
    • Component Belt, Component Pouch, Component Bracers are now Universal Spell Focus (can be used by any class)
    • Fixed Druids playing their idle animation instead of combat animation if entering a fight in animal form and reverting to human form while in combat
    • Added sound when dropping items on the ground
    • Fixed a sequence break in the Wanderer Background Quest that could prevent the player from triggering the final fight
    • Fixed a rare instance where Druids would be stuck in the ground in animal form after loading a save (what the…?)
    • Fixed certain monster AIs not properly taking into account their movement range when deciding on an action
    • Dungeon Maker: Fixed ContentType sometimes disappearing from the .json file
    • Dungeon Maker: Fixed some doors not being compatible with Activators in Town Interior environment
    • Dungeon Maker: Fixed shadows flickering rapidly under certain conditions in Town Exterior environment
    • Dungeon Maker: Fixed the Merchant icon behaving strangely when a combat triggers nearby
    • Dungeon Maker: Fixed Entry Activators activating right as the player finished loading, even if they didn’t click continue
    • Dungeon Maker: Fixed the “Y-shaped Wooden Beam” not being correctly restricted to walls
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