Smite Update 9.11 Patch Notes (RuneScape Update)

    Smite Update 9.11 (Slipknot) will soon roll out on PS4, PC, and Xbox One players. According to the official Smite 9.11 patch notes, the latest update added RuneScape & Old School RuneScape Event. Apart from this, Smite patch 9.11 also includes Cyber Tokyo Battle Pass, Digital Loot Pack and much more.

    Previously, a big update added new features and a long list of bug fixes. Unfortunately, players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Smite update 9.11 will fix a few of these issues.

    Read full details here.

    Smite Update 9.11 Patch Notes – November 10, 2022


    Welcome to the RuneScape Event!

    Dive back into nostalgia as you play as RuneScape characters with these NEW Skins!

    • Event Skins
      • Purchasing two or more RuneScape Skins will grant you another Cape and purchasing all Skins will grant you a RuneScape Cosmetic bundle!
      • RuneScape Skins:
        • Rune Armor Bellona
        • King Black Dragon Cerberus
        • Wise Old Man Merlin
        • Gnome Child Vamana
        • Blessed Dragonhide Neith
    • Skin Quest Description
      • There are some special RuneScape Event quests that require you to use a RuneScape Skin to complete. Completing these will also grant Capes!
    • Capes features
      • Each RuneScape Skin will come with its own Cape! Capes are new cosmetic items and can only be equipped on RuneScape Skins! There are multiple ways to collect RuneScape Capes! You can also quest for the many Skill Capes that can be found in RuneScape! Check the achievements tab or the Capes tab in the event to see what kind of Capes you can quest for!

    RuneScape Capes:

    • Smithing Cape
    • Master Smithing Cape
    • Mining Cape
    • Master Mining Cape
    • Hunter Cape
    • Master Hunter Cape
    • Construction Cape
    • Master Construction Cape
    • Woodcutting Cape
    • Master Woodcutting Cape
    • Firemaking Cape
    • Master Firemaking Cape
    • Ranged Cape
    • Master Ranged Cape
    • Magic Cape
    • Master Magic Cape
    • Defense Cape
    • Master Defense Cape
    • Thieving Cape
    • Master Thieving Cape
    • Strength Cape
    • Master Strength Cape
    • Prayer Cape
    • Master Prayer Cape
    • Cooking Cape
    • Master Cooking Cape
    • Fletching Cape
    • Master Fletching Cape
    • Dungeoneering Cape
    • Master Dungeoneering Cape
    • Fishing Cape
    • Master Fishing Cape
    • Constitution Cape
    • Master Constitution Cape
    • Slayer Cape
    • Master Slayer Cape
    • Herblore Cape
    • Master Herblore Cape
    • Attack Cape
    • Master Attack Cape
    • Farming Cape
    • Master Farming Cape
    • Runecrafting Cape
    • Master Runecrafting Cape
    • Agility Cape
    • Master Agility Cape
    • Summoning Cape
    • Master Summoning Cape
    • Invention Cape
    • Master Invention Cape
    • Archeology Cape
    • Master Archeology Cape
    • Divination Cape
    • Master Divination Cape
    • Fire Cape
    • Regular Blue Cape
    • Regular Green Cape
    • Regular Purple Cape
    • Regular Red Cape
    • Regular Black Cape
    • Mythical Cape
    • Obsidian Cape
    • Quest Point Cape
    • Ardougne 4 Cape
    • Cabbage Cape
    • Legends Cape
    • Anniversary Cape
    • Text Feature
      •  Lastly, don’t forget to check out RuneScape Music and Text, Yep, just like you would in RuneScape! Just type in the same command!
        • [color]:[effect]:text
          • Colors:
            • yellow, red, green, cyan, purple, white, flash1, flash2, flash3, glow1, glow2, glow3
          • Effects:
            • wave, wave2, shake, slide, scroll
    • Free Quests
      • This Event also has FREE Quests which reward RuneScape Cosmetics! Make sure to go back to the Quest Page to claim the reward!


    • Battle Pass: Cyber Tokyo  (600 gems)
    • Battle Pass: Cyber Tokyo Plus  (1200 gems)
    • Paid Track Items:


        • Tokyo Knight Ares
        • Spectral Oni Cliodhna
        • Mecha Empress Hera
        • Cutesy Mecha Empress Avatar (Inside Cutesy Avatar Chest)
        • Cyber Tokyo Loading Frame
        • Tokyo Knight Loading Screen
        • Tokyo Knight Announcer Pack
        • Neon Ink Recall Skin
        • Neon Ghoul Ward Skin
        • Neon Tiger Jump Stamp
        • Mecha Empress Loading Screen
        • Cyber Tokyo Level Up Skin
        • Neon Shields Global Emote


    • Free Track Items


      • Rogue Cyborg Izanami
      • Tokyo Knight Avatar
      • Neon Demon Death Stamp
      • Spectral Oni Avatar
      • Cyber Tokyo Music Theme
      • Android Player Title
    9.11 SMITE NIGHT
      • Overview:
      • Week 1 – Domination
        • The Domination Map has undergone some improvements and is BACK for SMITE Night as well as enable for custom games. See the game modes section for more details on how this map has changed!
      • Week 2 – Siege
      • Week 3 – All Out Slash
      • Week 4 – Corrupted Arena
      • Rewards:
        • Week 1:
          • Fall Leaves Jump Stamp
          • Odyssey: Soaring Isles BONUS Chest
        • Week 2:
          • SMITE NIGHT Avatar Chest
          • Pick Your Own God Chest
        • Week 3:
          • SMITE NIGHT Emote Chest
          • SMITE NIGHT Cosmetic Chest
        • Week 4:
          • SMITE NIGHT Voice Pack Chest
          • 3 day Account Booster
        • Milestone:
          • Fall Leaves Level Up
          • SMITE NIGHT Skins Chest
    • More God Avatars!
      • The following Default God Avatars will become available in this update:
        • King Arthur
        • Merlin
        • Jormungandr
        • Horus
        • Set
        • Olorun
        • Persephone
        • Yemoja
    • UI
        • Fixed an issue with the Iron Tyrant Loading Frame not animating correctly with the Masters Joust emblem
        • Fixed an issue with the Diamond DemiGod Global Emote FX not working
    • Localization
        • Fixed an issue with Jade Mountain Helm missing the + text on Magical Power in the Spanish version
        • Fixed an issue with Maui’s third ability tooltip text appearing blank in the Spanish version
        • Fixed an issue with Amulet of the Stronghold and Amulet of Silence having broken tooltip text descriptions in the Spanish version
      • General Gameplay
        • Fixed an issue where Gods could use abilities while Aegis was activated
        • Ranked Duel
          • Fixed an issue where Starter Items could still be purchased 
        • Domination
          • Fixed an issue where Gods could get stuck on collision
          • Fixed an issue where Jormungandr could get stuck inside of walls during his Ultimate
    • Gods
      • Maui
        • Fixed an issue where he could become locked out of using Basic Attacks and Abilities and wouldn’t pull enemies the full duration when using Master Fisherman at low Mana
        • Fixed an issue where he wouldn’t animate correctly at times when targets were pulled and could damage two Gods if the first God died on hit
        • Fixed an issue where he had red eye textures on his Sun Tamer and Ascended skins
        • Fixed an issue where his health bar would slide forward with his arm when using his Ultimate
      • The Morrigan
        • Fixed an issue when as transformed into Maui, dying during the pre-fire of his Solar Swing ability would lock her player camera once she respawned
      • Ares
        • Fixed an issue across all skins where his sword was not staying in its intended location during some animations
      • Neith
        • Fixed an issue where she could use Purification Beads during her Ultimate ability channel which interrupted her animation
      •  Yemoja
        • Fixed an issue where her Ultimate could move Apophis in Slash
      • Medusa
        • Fixed an issue with the FX being hard to see for the Acid Spray on her Gazing Archon skin
      • Fafnir
        • Fixed an issue where he could leap during his Ultimate transformation
      • Persephone
        • Fixed an issue where she could cast abilities while in her Passive state
      • Ne Zha
        • Fixed an issue where on minimum graphic settings he was is missing the CC Immune Glow on his Diamond skin
    • Items
      • Manticore’s Spikes
        • Fixed spike drop inconsistencies for multiple God abilities:
          • King Arthur’s Charged Ultimate ability dropping two spikes
          • Hercules Earthbreaker
          • Susano Wind Siphon
          • Baba Yaga Home Sweet Home knockback

    Smite Patch 9.12 Release Date and Time

    The game update will roll out on December 15, 2022.

    Download free Smite update 9.11 on PC, PS4, and Xbox.

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