Smite Update 12.82 Patch Notes (Smite 11.6)

Smite update 12.82 (v11.6) is available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Smite 12.82 patch notes, the latest update addresses numerous community concerns by reverting several changes from the 9.5 update, which had impacted time-to-kill (TTK). Apart from this, Smite version 12.82 also includes a variety of balance adjustments across multiple game modes, gods, and items, ensuring a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Previously, a big season Smite update 8.9 added Shiva – The Destroyer to the game. Unfortunately, players have been experiencing several issues with the game since the last major patch. Today’s Smite patch 12.82 will fix a few of these issues.

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Smite 12.82 Patch Notes – June 11, 2024

Bug Fixes


  • HUD Editor: Removed from Adventures (Odin’s Onslaught).


  • Janus: Fixed issue with Through Space and Time proccing Alternate Timeline despite Aegis immunity.
  • Bastet: Corrected targeter size for Honey Bunny skin on Ensnaring Claw.


  • Duality: Description now correctly states the 25% Bonus Damage scales from the hit itself.
  • Blood-Soaked Shroud: Fixed rare issue causing item to proc on each damage instance.

Mid-Season 9.5 Revert

General Changes

  • Gods: Adjusted health and protections to address TTK concerns.
    • Base Health: Decreased by 28.6%.
    • Health per Level: Decreased by 4.9%.
    • Base Physical Protection: Decreased by 28.6%.
    • Physical Protection per Level: Decreased by 6.8%.
    • Base Magical Protection: Decreased by 22%.
    • Magical Protection per Level: Decreased by 18.8%.

Conquest Adjustments

  • Lane Minions: Reduced health and protections.
  • Jungle Camps: Adjusted health, power, and protections.
  • Jungle Objectives: Health and power reductions for Bull Demon, Gold Fury, Primal Fury, Oni Fury, Pyromancer, Fire Giant, and Enhanced Fire Giant.
  • Towers and Structures: Power scaling adjustments for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Towers, Phoenix, and Titan.

Game Modes Adjustments


  • Spirit Totem Upgrade System: Introduced continuous upgrades for Shaman Camp Spirit Totems.


  • All Gods: Unbanned for player choice focus.

Item Adjustments

Physical Damage Items

  • Eye of the Jungle: Added new effect for 3% Movement Speed in the jungle.
  • Bound Gauntlet, Cursed Gauntlet, Bloodforge, and others: Various cost, passive, and stat changes.

Magical Damage Items

  • Talon Trinket, Mystic Ring, Enchanted Ring, and others: Various passive effects, cost, and stat changes.

Defense Items

  • Gem of Fate, Knight’s Shield, Apprentice Staff, and others: Cost reductions and new passive effects.

God Balance Adjustments


  • Backfire: Increased cooldown.
  • Inferno Cannon: Decreased damage and increased cooldown.


  • General: Increased Basic Attack Power.
  • Heart Bomb: Decreased mana cost.
  • Flutter: Added new effect for double Attack Speed.


  • Fool’s Gold: Increased damage.
  • Alluring Spirits: Increased healing and decreased cooldown.


  • So Beautiful: Decreased mana cost.
  • Serenade: Decreased cooldown and mana cost.
  • The Moves: Increased buff duration.

Baron Samedi

  • General: Increased base health.
  • Vivid Gaze: Increased double hit damage.
  • Wrap It Up: Adjusted root and slow durations.


  • General: Increased base attack speed.
  • Trident: Increased attack speed.
  • Whirlpool: Increased damage scaling.
  • Release the Kraken!: Increased damage scaling.


  • Sic ‘Em: Decreased mana cost.
  • Crush: Increased damage to minions.
  • Sentinel: Increased cast range and MP5.


  • General: Increased base health.
  • Banish: Decreased cooldown.


  • Inspire (Repulse): Increased healing.
  • Switch Stances: Increased radius and added physical power buff.


  • Brutalize: Now deals 75% damage in AoE.


  • Phantasmal: Increased buff duration and decreased cooldown.
  • Banshee’s Wail: Increased scream damage scaling.


  • Energy Surge (Maul Prey): Increased healing.
  • Life Tap (Heavy Charge): Increased healing per hit and damage scaling.


  • General: Increased health per level and physical protection.


  • General: Increased Basic Attack Power per level.
  • Divine Presence: Increased healing per tick.
  • Glorious Charge: Decreased mana cost.
  • Dazzling Offensive: Decreased cooldown.


  • Protector’s Surge: Increased buff duration.
  • To The Skies!: Decreased cooldown.

Quality of Life Changes


  • Regurgitate: Increased projectile speed.

Yu Huang

  • Dueling Dragons: Improved firing experience and increased projectile speed.


  • Marked for Death: Can reselect target while in base. Reduced penetration and gold bonus.
  • Nimble Strike: Adjusted healing effect.


  • Soul Expulsion: Improved casting experience.
  • Stygian Torment: No longer crippled or slowed during ability.


  • Unburden: Enhanced basic attacks now proc item effects.

Download free Smite update 12.82 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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